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March 2, 2000
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July 21, 1954
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u{. 1553 " - Approved For Release 2005/07/.?XdIA-RDP80-00809A000500590041-9 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT 25X1 25X1 Q:J-B M M 0 0 1. .. 0A FOl. 0 9 I TMl u01TI0 ITAT1/. .1.MIM TMC 91A010ii u1 '.II.I I1. 9ICT.OOI 111 M0 79.. 01 TMI I,.I. CODI. Al .9[0010. IT1 TIAMIMI^/109 01 M91'i. ?7400 01 ITD C00T1.TI TO 0. .ICIIIT IT ? u.AJTM0I4IID 7(9909 1/ 25X1 NO. OF PAGES 3 NO. OF ENCLS, SUPP, TO REPORT NO. 1. The Belcgradohik CBcoliya administration is located in the center of the town, at the lower side of the square in a new building built during 1943. The State Security in also located there. The chairman of the Bel adohik akoliva Peoplea Soviet is 1 The chief of the State Security in kJal= from Clreshtete in Bel adohik Ckoliva.1 Yvan Pa-2 10 ZM dQgaut Or the State Security in Belogrudchiki " Lozan" tiiie is his ni jo%ame) is an agent the ate Security and lives in Bel adchik but his town of origin is not known. Aleksandur is the chairman of the Be ogre chile urban Peoples Soviet. Ivan Wmay Ab%Ua is a secretary of the Ccoliya Ccam.ittee ci the Communist Party. The chairman of the village of Rabisha Rural Peoples Soviet In Bel aaohik Ckoliya is Oeorgi Todctrov tasks that are given to him such as having arms stored in his house. These arms include pistols, carbines, submaohine guns, and one light or heavy machir..e gun, an well as hand grenades. Pevetko Ivannv ie a former member of the Bulgarian National Agrarian ibiicn. The authorities wish to discharge him bt:i cannot find a substitute. One cannot count on him to fight agsinat the Communists. However, he does not treat the peasants badly. He comes from Rabisha, Belogradehik Qkoliya. Stamen Petrov is a secretary and collector in the rural Peoples Soviet. He was a collector before 1944 and is about 47 years old. He wished to J?1+~ he caa+ ~y uut was not aceep o-d, ti'Ca a- the puasante wail anti is a good persona. Yordan Iliev is an official in the community, works for the Rural Peopi.s Soviet, is friendly with the emmun. eta but himself is n C haves very well. CCNFIDNNTI&L Ar-7-'A MOM 25X1 2. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 DISTRIBUTION 4 (STATE 1FV lARMT NAVY AIR FBI This report is for the use within the USA of the Intelligence components of the Departments or Agencies indicated above. It is not to be transmuted overseas without the concurrence of the originating office through the Assistant Director of the Office of Collection and Dissemination, CIA. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-00809A000500590041-9 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP8"09A000500590041-9 CCNF IDL:N TIAI.4 25X1 25X1 25X1 3. Before 194.4 the Communist Party in Rabiaha had only fow- members, but these are no longer members. After l94? 150 members were re;,risLered, but this number has now been lowered to 46 members. The reason for the decrease in membership is that some have left the Party, while others have been excluded. Dimitur ygy is the secretary of the Party organization He has a third grade education and is a farmer. Weapons are stored In his house. He hands them to Boyni Grupi (Combat Groups), to Party members, and to DOSO members when these go into ambush near the border. He leaves an impression with the peasants of being a ,,ood man, but he is an informer and tells everything to the Chief of the Frontier Guard in the neighboring village. RnyAn'r.rtai also in Bel eadchi.L C:,,,,. The following are armed ~Canmunists and members of the Boyne Grupa~(combat group): Petur Tit3mtkov, Dimitu: Stovanov, Stefan S ovanov, Stefa.-i U Tril=a , Mayden N Mishkov, Stoyan Yankov, Ivan Yankov, Dimitur Petkov, Fbtur Mitjcgy, Kosta Petrov, Dimitur Markov, Stoyan Todcrav, and Stancho onnv. This group of Communists participates actively in collecting the grain delivery quotas from the peasants, participates in arrests in the village, participates in secret night observations and defense of important military places, as well as in the persecuting of opposition members. Such groups are attached to all Party crganizacions in frontier places, they have their technical instructor, but are under the Party Secretary. The Party has meetings at least =as a week, but these meetings are not attended even by the Communists. Much propaganda is made about the Suviet Union and the Red Army in frontier villages. All peasants up to 45 years of age are required to study Russian. Courses are given by the Bulgarian S o.'iet Friendship Society or by the Father- land Front Committee and by the Party. 4. The cooperative labor farm in the village was formed by force during 1948. A i 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1. 25X1 t f rst the Party obligated persons to join the cooperative labor farm, but later the private farmers or kulaks were deprived of their land. Of 400 farms, only 280 became members of the cooperative labor farms while the rest are still struggling against them. These private farmers who are struggling against the labor farm system are helped by members of the cooperative labor farm theaselves, who are dissatisfied. The cooperative labor farm has very good land, but the production of crops is unsatisfactory. The equil..nent of the cooperative labor farm is gathered by or from the oooperativ! members themsel-vda. In case of great need, agricultural machines are borrowed from the Machine Tractor Station in Alekeandr ovo in Belogradohik Ckoliya. Thin Machine Tractor Station has the following tractors: Stalinets, the British Fords=, the Swedish Muntel, and the US Deecring. This Machine Tractor Station also furnishes thrashers. Naydon N ish ov was tho chairman of the cooperative labor farm, is a member of the Communist Party, but is c.gainat the rough methods of the Part ~} As a result he was' removed from the TKZS - the labor cooperative farm. I~ farm. He wag designated to this poet in 1951. At the time that he was made chairman almost all pov.aants who were cooperative members wished to resign. As a result of this Najden Mishkov was discharged from the e cooperative labor farm. of the Machine Tractor Station in Aleksandrovo, Bologradchik Okoliya. This Machine Tractor Station was formed in 1947 and equipment of the v rious peasants was put into it. Later on tractors and other agricultural machines were received from the USSR and Czechoslovakia. The Machine Tractor Station has thrashers of which 116 were tAken away from private farmers. It has tractors, combines, and disc grain drills. There are insufficient machines in this area as the result. nt' which the olsns are not fulfilled. The resistance of workers and cooperative members Is great because they know they are working for the "OUR and their Bulgarian agents. The Credit Cooperative in Rabiaha carries out bank operations, gives credits to the cooperative labm,farms, and in rare cases to private farmers who are not members of the labor farm6. The Cooperative fuss two consumer stores and C0MFID1 fr.In 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-00809A000500590041-9 Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP80-Ofi"A000500590041-9 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 CCNF.C)17NTIAL 3 Includes a dairy which receives all the milk from the cooperative labor fa^mo and from private farmers, as well as from shepherds in the locale. The Cooperative also includes a lime section for the preparation of lime for the oonstruotion of various frontier projects, as well as for building houses 'to. The Cooperative also has a fishing section. Dimitur Georgi Ivanov ~Ly 6. During 1950 the f ollovino peasants who were against the labor Qormerative farm were imprisoned and are still jailed: Vuloho Sto_ nov, Omomber of the Bulgarian National Agrarian Union, intern somewhere now Srednororieto (Sredna Gore Mountains); hosts. Zuiohev Stoves (the son of Vuloho Stoyanov) and a member of the Zveno group, put into the Kutaiyan camp at the same time hie father was imprisoned, but changed after one year and now his whereabouts are unknown; Todor .~ or y, n teacher, imprisoned somewhere in the Sredna Gore. Mountains; encho joay, imprisoned during 1951 and later biis entire family wan imprisoned in the vilLge of Glozhevo, Kubrac L,pia7 Okoliya; Georgi a'-: imprisoned with his family during 1951 in the same village L vloatlevo Kcsta jay and his family were imprisoned in the same village. 7. I ing 1952 and 1953 six other families were imprisoned because they had relatives who fled abroad. Those families are in prison somewhere in the Ldogorio area of Dobruja. . S. The frontier is defended by the Frontier Guard, which is under the Ministry of interior. The frcntisr ?s especially well defended in those areas where it is )mown that divereionarios pass or where underground and illegal persons are hiding. The frant