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Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP' 25X1 INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Latin American Transmitters SUBJECT Propaganda of Anti-.emerioan Tendencies ,.ORIGIN 25X1 DIST. 15 Me r 1947 PAGES SUPPLEMENT 1o ARGENTINA Argentine propaganda broadcasts in recent weeks-in fact, since the appointment of Dar. Messersaith au Ambassador--have been at the worst only mildly critical of the United States. There is a decidedly more friendly tone in transmissions referring to the United Status for Latin American consumption since the return of Hr. Braden to Washington. b'Iuoh of the "anti-United States propaganda," if it may be so called, is by implication. Thus while paying lip service to democracy as we interpret it, the Argentine Government has removed from its Supreme Court judges whose decisions are not in accord with the Poronist conception of de,r.oracy. Nowspapern which are acknowledged to be among the outstanding ones in the world are suppressed for objecting to the impeachment of the Suprame Court Justiceso The tone of Argentine radio broadcasts during the month has become Increasingly nationalistic, with emphasis on the new "Five"Year Plan" of Peron, which is designed to matte Argentina "independent of foreign imperialists," although again, the attack on any PANAU specific nation is by implioationo There is, throughout the period covered, an inoreas- ingly more evident appeal to neighboring countries to join forces with Argentina econom- ically, and to enter into the Argentine orbit politically. Newscasts continually refer to pending commercial treaties vrit;h neighboring Latin American countries, and continually speak of the "Hispanic" bond among Latin American nations. News of the United States, by contrast, is becoming lose frequent in ehova_raonitnredo During the week of the Court's impeachment Vittorio t9:esolini made a public appearance in Buenos Aires, and, according to broadce.atsr, was "given a fanfare of weloomeo" on April 28, it was reported, Vittorio led a mass meeting of Italian-Arg.ntinos in a memorial tribute to his father. 0 Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 - - --------- -- United Stsatea +rithiu t:T0 rCi it and the repionagc .)Lrv, , ._..~_. 32, as ,r, nc1~:3. Heroes an ccntent2 in - a oa, the ro"J.,,inn c- : any rarncr to r un::ctl:orized p"- Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 25X1 RESTRICTED There has boon during the past month considerable anti-American senti.nont expressed over the Chilean radios, but it may be laid directly to statements by the Communist Party. Typical comment, following the standard Moscow line, is to charge "Yankee imperialism" in Latin America, to praise Henry Wallace, and to emphasize nationalistic desires. It should be noted, howevoro that the opinions are those of one partyo Official government broadcasts and statements tyre of a decidedly pro-United States character. 3o CHILE 4o VENEZUELA During the past month, thorn has been noticeable a good deal of material of an anti-United States charaoter. This has consisted mainly of charges that "North Amuricans" have boon active in attempts to overthrow the government of Venezuela? and that certain "North American" circles have been active in supplying arms to Venezuelan revolutionary groupso Particularly antagonistic was the stand taken in Venezuela against the United States ambassador whose picture appeared in newspapers showing him standing with an "enemy" of the present government. 5. GUATEMALA The situation in Guatemala is in many respects comparable to '.:iat in Chile.. "Yankee imperialism" is assailed and Henry Wallace is championed? again by the Communist Party. However, there is no indication of anti-United States sentiment other than thia~ It must be emphasized that these observations and the following appendix are based on newscasts only. RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A0005007 30011-5 Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 ^^ 3 m RESTRICTED- "A long manifesto of the Commmnist Party blamed Chilean olipaiohy and Yankee im e i li p r a sts for the changes in the Government. It expressed the opinion that the new Cabinet lacks sufficient political and socialist bases to face the great responsibilities of the present times successfully, but it said that the Government must be defended against reactionary and imsrialistic pressure.." 021174 Santiago in Spanish toy Phile at 11:00 p.m., Thursday, May 1, 1947 ICI Santia^,)--During today's Commmiet demonstrat?:on in celebration of Labor Day, a very noticeable feature was the virulent attacks made by nearly all the speakers gainet the United States and President'Truman. The speakers' insolence on this subject mashed the point where one of them declared that Prraideat Truman is the head of a fE:;cist and imperialist clique, Lt CE=180 Santiago is Spanish to i Ch.;.i;0 at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, May 1, 1947 Text Santiago--Great enthusiasm waetehown by the workers in the Capital today who attended the Labor Day demcastratione organized by the two factions. Socialiet and Communist? of the Oh'-lean Federation of Labor, (C.T.C.H.) Two thousand five hundred workI epa assembled in the Plaza De La Constitucion, where they were addressed by Don Bernardo Araya, the Communist Leader. imother crow) o' unestimated size athered in the Plaza Ercilla, to hear an address by Don Bernardo Ibanf;s, the Socialist Chief, Several violent (incidents) occurred in connection with the Plaza Constitucion Rathering, when.,. denaunced what was called "Yankee imper?.alism," and (condemned) President Truman's policy. CE1180 Santiago in Spanish to Chile at 10:30 p.m., Saturday, April 26, 1947 Text Santiago--The President of thei'Alienza De Interesados do Chile. N Don Anel (Cruzada) Santa Maria, writrr and poet, his sent a telegram to the former Vice-President of the United States, Senor Henry A. Wallace, inviting hire to visit our country. The invitation note reads as follows: "Informed of your possible trip-to Buenos Aires, we beg to visit Chile, whore democracy rLuognizos your finejefforts in favor of the peace. Pollewers of Roosevelt, we (adhere to the four freedom hered to by that great statesman. Cordial greetings," LQA Buenos Aires, Associated Press, in Spanish Morse to Latin America at 10:44 p.m,, 1Fridey. April 25, 1947 I Buenos Aires--LA HORA, organ of:~the Argentine Communist Party, publishes an Interview with Chilean Communist Deputy Co Fpar Godoy ttrrutia, who maintains that the nets in the cabinet of Gonzalez Videla to duA to the fact that there was a disparity in the forces composing it, since while the Communists represented the progressive factor, "the reactionary liberal sector (was;carrying out a two-faced policy which in reality sabots-gad) the government. q Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 BESTBICTED Then Godoy points out that the anti-communist devioos are being agitated "aa & pretext for fighting demooracy,,' LQR7 Buenos Aires, United Press? in' Spanish M,rso to Latin. Aunerica at 8:33 pre, April 24, 1947 Aontevideo--Chilean Deputy Eduare'o Frei ;dontalva, in an interview with EL PLATA, said that the "political situation in Chile is confused in matters relating to the rightists. The two big forces disputing the power continue being the rightists and the leftists" He added that in Chile "the right is gaining ground in public opinion on account of international causes;," which in the opinion of Frei ;dontalva "represent & worldwide capitalist roar:ion, which has started a war on Communism based on anti -democ ratio procedures. Communism itself is awakening such a fear in some classes of society that they c{nd up by aiding thu right. These factors are taken advantage, of to bring about A. real rev-.17a.1 of Nazism ar3 Fascism, which, conquered on the battlefield, still live in some spirits. I RESTRICTED CE1180 Santiago do Chile? in Spanish to Chile, Apr. 11, 1947, e00 p.m. EST-?-?P Tpvt "(Caracas)--After a protracted and violent debate that lasted until dawn, the Constituent Assembly agreed to grant the Government greater authority (mayores facultades) to proceed in an energetic manner against those who try to undermine public security. During the debate Communist Delegate Juan Bautista Fuenmayor accused North Americans of conspiring (estar oonspirando) against the present Government of'Venezuela: "The U~ S? Ambassador, who had witnessed the debate from the' diplomatic section? left the Assembly Hall, accompanied by the President of the Assembly." LRS, Buenos Aires,, in Spanish to Argentina, April 13, 1947, 7sOO pom. EST--P "It has been proved that the former Venezuelan President participated in a plan to over- throw the provisional President 1,statomsnt was uublished today in Caracas which was signed by former Presid?,int Lopez Contreras in which he seeks, the support of Minister of Defense Chalbaud-" TGWA Guatemala City, in Spanish to Caiatomala, April 15, 1947;, 900 p.m,, EST--W Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 25X1 "The political commission of the Communist Party made an appeal to the public that they be mobilized (for a fight) in order to crush the reactionary, maneuvers which tend to over- throw the Communists from their positions in the Government..' "Ton policeman were proLoo-cing the offices of the Socialist and anti-Communist newspaper, LA OPINION. "The Communist appeal contained a statement, attacking Yankee Imperialism and Truman, referring to the brilliant figure of Henry Wallace as the chief of the democratic move- ment in the United States." RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 RESTRICTED 25X1 London? in Spanish to Mexico and Ceantral. Anerioa, Yhy 1, 1947? 9300 EST-'N "73ueno.: Mires-?-Throo judges of the Argentine Supreme Court, along, with the former Attorney General.,, convicted on the charge of obstructing justice and of not having fulfilled their obligations, were removed from their posts by the Argentina Senate. The accusations were cionnected with alleged interforonoa in political questions after the uprising of 1943" LRS Buenos Aires in Spsnieh to Argentina at 8300 p~m,,? Friday,, April 25, 1947 "''he parliamentaa.ry activity of the day was intense., The Senate, as was announced, mot in oeoret session ae a court in orde7 to continue c;rnsidDring tho antecedents of the politioal trial against the members of tho Supreme Court. It de:lih,,ratcd with its President, L:r" Quijaano, presiding and with the attondanoe of all its members,. Later? it decided to adjourn at 8145 until tomorrow at 5, when tho (final. verdict) will bo givono LRS Bumnoe Aires, in Spanish to Argentina, April 18, 1940", 8x00 p.,mo EST--P f9A ember of the Canadian Para iament, Hurry Duckman, maintained that the country should join the Pen American Union. is colleague.-was opposed!; saying that it is an organisa- tion direoted by the 140.ted states and he did not believo it neonssary to get under UPS. domination.," LQB2 Buenos Aires, ts,asooiated Press, in English Mnrso to Latin America at 10130 P.M. Saturday April 26, 1947 Buenos Aires='?--Th.e STANDARD? (. newspaper which appears ir. the English language,, published an article entitled "A Great President?" sayings "Anyono at home or abroad who has the sligh':oat doubt as %o the existence of freedom of the press in this country can be well advised to read VA24GUARDIA.. Our left eying cottemporary has seen fit to use its columns for publishing an attack 'on the President which can be regarded as not only in doubtful t:Astee but also as an examplo of the freedom of the press converted into press lic'ence', 00ur intention is not to deal with VANGUARDIA,? Wa prefer to reject utterly the point of view that inspired it4, General Peron is the President of. the Argentine Republic and being freely elected by free people he oeaeses to be a more political loader but is head of a state and entitled to be respected as such." Finally, it saida "We need not enter into futile diecusaiors as to whether individualism,, collectivism or controlled economy is a better syetemo All that does matter is that the world is moving somewhat faster than the orthodox thought and uoneral Peron and his associates realize that they have not created a now heaven in Argentina but have eliminated avory yawning hell or economic dicastor that confronted the dispossessed. That is why we deplore attbacks on the President whose name is already ';nehri,ned among the greet leaders of the Argentine Republic." Buenos Aires, Associated Presss,, in Spanish Morse to Latin America at 10s40 p.m. Monday April 22,. 1947 ,Buenos A.ires'in the golden room of the Chancellory was held the scheduled meeting of members of the Antarctic Commission to welcome the chief. of the Argentine Naval Mission which has just returned from the expedition to the frozen, regions of the south, Commander Luis Miguel Garoiao RESTRICTED Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5 25X1 RESTRICTF.D Laster a luncheon was served, given by Chancellor Dramuclia in honor of Commander Garcia and high officers of the expeditionary ships. At dessert the Chancellor spoke, saying that "Argentina, on aaoount of her geographloal poeiiion, which made her the nation closest to the polar lands, could not be absent from all the activities other countries are carrying out in the Antarctic." Bramuglia also said that "although there can be no doubt tout the clear, firm, and many rights which Argentina has to the sector which belongs to us, we rear demands from other nation= whose titles will never be placed ahead of ours because they (The Argentine titles--EP) are well based." LQB2/LSC2 Buonoe Aires, Associatod Press, in Spanish Mores to'North and South America at 5800 p.m. April 24; 1947 Buenos Aires--The newspapers feature the praiseworthy words for Chile in the impromptu speech by President Peron when he welcomed the Argentine expedition which returned from the Antarctic. The President saids "I wish to' make special mention of the presence, in this expedition, of a Chilean comrade who brings word of that, noble people.. By his presence, he is showing the world that there is' no disagreement between Argentina and Chile with regard to the Antarctic and that together they will defend the rights that carrespond to them." HOXA Panama City in Spanish to Panama, April 14, 1947, 6xO0 p.m. EST--W Text "New York--NBC correspondent David 'leilson, in a broadoaat from Buenos Aires, reported Saturday that the Paraguayan Government of President liiginio Morinigo was trying to buy military equipment and munitions in the United States to use them in suppressing the rebellion which had broken out against his regime in northern Paraguay. In well- informed circles of Montevideo,, the correspondent reports, has been disclosed that the Paraguayan Minister of Defense is trying to acquire from the U.S. four suitably armed pursuit planes, a certain quantity of machine guns, and 200,000 shell cartridges.." HOXA Panama City, in Spanish to Panama? April 24, 1947, 6,15 p.m. EST--W "Lic- J. M. Quirozy Quiroz, Consul General of Panama in Liverpool, declared to LA HORA that the American threat to abandon the Panama Canal and construct another through Nicaragua is nothing *lea but a bluff, inasmuch as it would be a violation of agree- ments, Iurthermore, if euoh would happen, we should ask ourselves, says Lion Quiror:s if the Panamanians are not quite capable of assuming the responsibility of administration "fie also spoke of Wallaoees idea to internationalize the Canals "I maintain that no should not ourselves decide any one of the matiures without previously analyzing all possibilities and (alternatives),. The matter is so serious',; he conoludod, 'that it seems wise to me to create a Junta of former Presidents and notables to advise on suc'x an important subject~?" HCJB Quito, in Spanish to the Americas & the World, April 19, 1947, 7,00 a,.mn SST--N "Sant ia o---The Government newspaper,, LA NACION, said that Bernado Araya, Communist chief of the Federation of workers of Chile and union leader, arranged the strike of the miners of (the cost of Visoun) as a protest against the elimination of the ,. ommunist bdinisteyrs from the Government. 't stated that Arayre had told the President that the workers would continue their enthusiastic support of his Government. Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500730011-5