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December 15, 2016
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May 24, 2001
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October 7, 1952
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COUNTRY USSR SUBJECT INDICATIONS HOW PUBLISHED WHEREI DATE PUBLISHED I LANGUAGE THIS DocurtMT CONTAINS INFORMATION A--ICT1111 Till MATIOnAI DI-IM5I OF 'rill ' uNITID STATIS MIITMIN TN[ MIANIMD OF SSFIOMADI ACT SO W `~{. IA "0 ",AS AMINDID. ITS fRAM5015510M ON T119 REVILATIOIS ~(>t if TTARTS In ANT NANMSM TO AN UMAOTNOR125u PINION IS P50 1 T D d A. RIFRODUCTION or THIS FORM II FNONIEITlo. SUPfiLEMENT TO REP9RT NO. CPW Report No. 51 A--USSR:' (2-15 Septemberl'11952) PARTY ACTIVITIES ...:''.'....... ... .. 1 Personnel Selection ......... 1 Contact with Masses ....~. 4 Intraparty Democracy .. 6 IDEOLOGY ..................... MISCELLANEOUS ..... ......... FOR OFFICIAL USE'ONLY STATE NAVY NSP,d ARMY AIR &F81 Approve tffS~~pqReleas0 (11A1 uP500740147-5 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO STATINTL INFORMATION FROM FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS CD NO. STATINTL :DATE OF - - ---- - -- INFOIkMATIOIi~ Approved For Release 2003/10/01 : CIA~RDP80-00809A000500740147-5 urt~z,Asl'z> STATINTL Approved For Release 2003/10/01 : CIA~RDP80-00809A000500740147-5 Reports on oblai:t;, e;nd city ftrty conferences, all of them preliminaries to the '19th Party Ccngresev p.adomina'.;- the broadcasts on Party life. The ostensible purpose of these ?_onferan.ces i.s "1: c 'promote the discussion of materials" (razvivat obsuzhdenie matey i..lov) contained in the erl ra; Statue which is to be considered by the Congress early in October. M meclti.c~ Zea is she preri.oue t;PW report, hcvever, such discussions are invariably preceded by eu "lZna-.trio's ,ipprn-a?" (edinoduthnoye odobrenie) of the proposed Statute by the cor_ferexrce, orcaF,.o;~a11 'fiollaai'ed by waggeetior of mirror hanger in the phraseology of minor c'.ausea. The ;1121Fc cc of the :nenticned Party I eetiugs, it appears, is a last minute 51 L':?s???13L.:'~~?a of _..:t:=al arty vices and v'irtyu,,s, achievements and failings presumably to be .:c