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December 19, 2016
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~ i ,~R? ~~. _. _~ Approved For Release 2006/11105: CIA-RDP80-00809A000500790056-0 ~~X,FOUNTRY or r+[ u+i*ea ST.f[1. [I TtlI+?wr ..u~i.c o[ ri n[ ;[. s[cT?o.^ n[ ?bD /N. OI T..[ v ?. CCO [. ~s .u~VD[O. iif T. +. 1Y1!l1~M ~+ .[VI? uno. ar itf cov[un Ta o[ +tt; ~.* ?. [v UM.UT..ORII[D .ufo. ;[ ----- --. _- __ ..... ...,... .. ..e.aunc. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION DATE DISTR. .Z ~ DeC S3 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO REPORT N0. 1. Groundwork for the 13rge scale production of phenol was carried out during October 1953 .n the Leuna wcrks a+, i+ierseburg. `Phe purpose is to overcome the bottleneck .u~ t;ne plastics ir_duatry, especially the Soviet 'Lone production of urea, carbamide and other molded rest.-> plastics. A great increase in the production cf Duroplast resin is planned. 2. Along xith this large gt~antitffi of fiberglass laminated material are being manufactured. 't'his is required primarily by the Soviet `Lone automobile and shipbuilding inaustries, on account of its resistance to high temperatures. A :iew pressure compression method for molding fibers for this manufacture was developed b~T the h1EWA works. The machines are capable of exerting pressure up to 5,000 tons. A pressure of at least 350 lcg per square centimeter In shaping parts is called for. For the sheets a pressure of 70 lcg per square centimeter is satisfactory. 3. 'rhe Leuna works have beer_ making pk?e:?:ol since 1946. In recent years special attention has been directed to tk:e synt:~etic resins. .The production ho~:ever was ir_ large part for r?eparatians wor:c. llurirg .*.he past year, for example, a mica substitute has been develcped, whirl: k~owcver has not been made available to