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December 15, 2016
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January 23, 2004
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June 23, 1951
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Approved For Release 2004/02/10 : CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010032-1 CLASSIFICATIQN JL1 1T 11 1116 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY 1JL SR/Germany SUBJECT 23rd Tank Regiment, 9th Tank Diviffiion: OB. Training and. Subply DATE D STR. 02 3 J,,2n I9jl NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. +t11'1.?Y~ll t-C~~T~1/i ~U~1T T1~%irttc?~u THt 1.lu etrtnt U 710 15111! tt#Tta 11+11. tt, .nu.t U tltl. 1{I tteN... 7.7 1t1 754?/'./ ?Ilt 1.1. 1..., t% #5.111.. I.. Tnlt11ll1.t .1 lilt. 1 #TI7Il~/) ITl C11T.5t1 t1 .1,1.Clltt .? #1 1t#1tM.111tt ?11111 1. CLASSIFICATION SLICF.T T a NAVY DISTRIBUTION T uc I.? I ~_.._ .. ~. .. -----f- A ARMY BITV'I 01MI 00. its 1"I brigade, with wr_aponL, of various calibers, was fcr?ned in Melxssen as part of the First Guards aaIs formed in Koenigsbruck. I do not know 911" 12th Guards Me.'z Division It at Brest 1. The 23rd Tank Regiment to stationed in Oschat.z. The other regiments of the 9rh Tank Division are located in Meissen, Riesa, Zeithain, 2. No new major units ;have been brought into Germany from the TBSR, but; a new, artillery warning order is given and the movement order requires Immediate :>o;upliar.eti.. At . present, the entire 9th Tank Division is located in the Koenigabruck Maneuver Area along with the rest of the First Guards Meo Army. Seventy men of the. 23rd. link Regiment are le:f:i in .the winter kasernes as a housekeeping detachment when the regiment moves to Koenigsbruok. 6. Recruits from the USSR were last received by the 23rd Tank Regiment in. -the Fall. of 1950. The 9th Tank Division has not gone on any maneuvers or problems at Plauen.. Through- out the year, it has gone to Koenigsbruk for firing and. training. Moves *0 Koenigsbruck are by rail and. 'truck and contstitutr. training In themsel.vess., No Members of the 1.927 Class are being sent home from Gersoany for d.emc'bilization.. 0 F_ I This demobilization in.- c m: eis all members of the class, both privates end PICO 1 5, Re1'p1a cements for these men are expected in the future, 8,, In the USSR, cl.asserj were previously ind:ulsted at, age 22, but are now being Ind-acted at age ld Tn the Fall of 1950, recruits for the 23rd. Tank Regilnttnt were from the Belodgo (phonetic) Oblast, 9. Present strength of n, Tank Battr.1' ion is 18 T-34 tanka and. tometh.ing over 90 men, five men per tank, plugs a :Pew headquarters personne.d. . Strength of the 23rd, Tank: Regiment it 68 cfficers and 700 men. Strmngth of for 9th Tank Division i!s 12,,OGOP 25) Approved For Release 2004/02/10 : CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010032-1 Approved For Release 2004/02/10 : CIA809A000600010032-1 U 10. The 23rd Tank Regiment is equipped with T-34 tanks, some of which mount I22= guns and othexa moulting 85's. It also has JSU-152'a and SU-100's. Trucks include 48 US trucks and 18 ZIS-5'a. ZIS-.151's are not used by Soviet troops in Gerry, but would be in Lull of combat. No armored pertunTme1 narrierw xre beer... The Rnrrtme t 'hPA 100% WE equipment. Many tanks and trucks are ordinarily kept in dead storage, but these vehicles and weapons do Areompn the '-:cgiment to Koenigabruck. 11. The 9th Tank Division includes eight regiments of all types. One of these ie an artillery regiment. 3.2. When the 2-)rd Tank Regiment moves to Koenigabrack, it maintains a three-day supply of rations on trucks, plus an undetermined amount of ammunition. It is not necessary to return to .Tinter ksaernes for any supplies when the regiment is in the training area. Some supplies come from the USSR and. others are procured in Germany. 25 SECRET Approved For Release 20f 0 : CIA-RDP80-00809A0006000'10032-1