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December 15, 2016
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January 23, 2004
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February 8, 1952
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CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY !~0 ~OI~ 11II,~T1 O Iol R EPOI~'i" SUBJECT Transportation and 'Pransloading of Uruniuui' Ure at N0. OF PAGF_S z Brest-Litov slc N0. OF ENCLS ~ ILISTED BELOW) ~) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT N0. . ... ~ ,..o ,,......~..~. ,......~..a ,.~. ~., ..~.~o.~ ~.. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMA710N Most oP this incoming freight consisted of war materiel., ropura ions ma~eria an comet^rcial oargo freigata At?the same Limo rail transports arrived in Brost with uranium erne Uranium m1313S :il'@ local?~l in Connur_y near the cities of Vismuth and ;';ue, and are wholly ~_tnder tine con.~_rol of the Soviet Uniono Trunsloading of the uru:ti~un ore from European carriers to Soviet carriers occurs at the RP. station ?,uhovotz--I,tili'c:~ry (Mul'iovotz=Voonnih) and is done by military working bu'ttalions, at a.ciied to -i;he Di recta rate of i;ia~ Part of the transload- ~ng nl' ? me is ncco:nolisii~?c1 u,,, '~,r,~t: ii]r ,,ep...u'u, ~~o ,,inl; ?ailali~n, iuc::.tcd neatr P~4uhoveta-Nilitn.ry station, n~^ar tits iirest fori:iiicai:iuns. iuc iviuiiu'vcitZ^ hiilitarv Station is i.n i.tseli a RR sidir_g, in'tonded nrimariiy for conducting loading operations 20 The uranium ore from Vismuth and Aue arrives in sealed, covered wagons under the protection of military forr,os of the MGB. 29te uranium era transports aro under con- stm t protL:c tir,n throughout ~bhe trip, from the nlaoo whore the wagons aro loaded until they reach their dcstinationa The head of the security group is an oi'ficor, also of the military forces of the MGB. 3o According to normal procedure, an authorized officrr of the MGB takes charge of Fhe uranium transports i'rom th? momon't transloadi'.zg comntenres at Bres'to Isis duties con- sist of accepting the transport, organi::ing the transloading, and doapatcl'>ing the uranium to 'the USSR The transloadinp; and despatch is given the highest ;priority and -the mairtenanco of records of the uranium transports is i.n the hands oP the ,dGB. 1o The uranium ore 1ool~s lilc~ dark-broom crushed store of various sizes and shapes and s sent 'Lo the USSR in loose form and i.n packed containers. In 'the luoso form it is literally poured into the vragons ancl, i.n the packed form, it is nr:.ckod ~n metal containers vrith ap. roximately the follovring dimensions; ~'s~i ai-~-~ 70~ ,,, CLASSIFICATION SEr,B~T^ r,,w,r_ 11_ oisr~ieuricrv __L.__~ nla ~ IC -- EU-- -- ~ 25 25 25 25 Approved For Release 2004/02/10 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010153-'~ I '?' ~` ~'~'" Approved For Release 2004/02/10 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010153-7 to ~~Iuhovctz-c4ilitary St _tion 2. Tiarehouseo of tzo ex-~loit:~-t-ion section of tho Drest Garrison 3. I,oca?ticn cf ~L-h_rd Sop-:rate 4forlc.~n~ battalion 4. City Pourer sta?~.ion L_1CLOSUI2E (A) c Diagra.,1 of the lad out of tho ~:Iuhovctz ~$ilitary S~CRE 1' Approved For Release 2004/02/ - - 0600010153-7 ~, *?~ ,,, ...;