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December 22, 2016
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January 20, 2011
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February 26, 1952
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011101120: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010243-7 .. 50X1 -HUM COUNTRY DATE DISTR. 2 Fob 52 SUBJECT Bre Ra.i.Lr PLACE ACQUIRED DATE ACQUIRED rue:,, :,",,:-cI :1 ' '1',:" ' oP: a ide of the 'Sr'inic L 'She, Poe] ;*.?` Clrflt .1. 0. III ?*CI$4It 00 NO. OF PAGES '7 NO. OF ENCL. ?~z (LISTED BELOW) (eq(U) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION SECIuT/SECURITY IMFORt1.TION r; 'l1r ~u t-Polcsskiy Station ha. about 14 tracks, four of wh:Lch ..~..~ .u . ~,au5e. At this :taticn the transchippinC op' rationu arc for ;Lb moot o.zr t + n retried out by t.h' l :borer; and machinery of tho 6th Division oti;: Cru!;1;1 Buof the i.1TS ldinistry of Armed Forcos__________ and partly b- railres;d. fraiCnt handlers; The capacity of transshipping opcratinns could ho ]deer::, by railroad labor~ra. u the en of 1949, the 4th Diviai ~n of thc+ 'ea -a' Bac of MVS, USSR, which had four cranos, was opera'tin;; Trro or the crane. r;r ra electric Mortal cranoa of 175 tons and 75 toni capacity, aril tl'c o h^r two were railroad. Dieeel cranes with a capacity of ].5 tone each0 :Lft~.r t. - doactivatiin of this divisjnn (for tho namo reason as the 5th Divician) rt. of these cranes weal transferred to the Enginoer Park of Brost~Severnv S:.i;ion, :t pr"cent, uraniu.u o'?a i> the main freight transshi od at , pp D1ul:hov'ts-Voyennj~t Ste. rLon. This is a sthb-station with eight tracks, four of which arm El;;c,r,eer: _nuj;e. The trtranshid in6 capacity of this station is four to five "trc;ii l r dry and .'t pr ?r 1,000 carloads per month are a transshipped by "i:,]1^ of Centru.l and 100-150 carloads per month by railroad rior1:.^a' ~ Th. :)resa-3lpndnyy !"t:.'ti:n ha. about 10 tracks, half of which arc Ear^r,'a;; 1'5 cervco o a lay ov:-r Point. All trains crossing the border in ' itb' r )'_r"'ciu;i IOU. S and 1O cuato?nin.; oction her. Tranashi inr o erati.or c a ' o , or. 'lad out Pgrit,, Lh rae ;,lion of coal coming from Poland to the ,. USSiI. i7't~. .,: ni~s.? s1LiLl 'ia. cord, a spacial rant with a conveyor a ste to, y m having its own :.tub ha: be?u built. In ad'ition to b;lia, coal i.c transshi ed on two ?othrr (iiToa 1 and 2) of the a.ati n by means of Diesol and steam-opornUed erica*uLa;,.of which li a about 1?. lve:rat;o trams}lippin6 time for one c:: r 7s Il~-?r(1 minut?>. irrnschlp inn L;mc for a train of up to 60 cars (coal) in e,Lii r lo',.l.ion is u.bolr5 L:^ro hrur:. 71, .C.,. _ ; .11 n;',-J1 r ? n,: co. ': i. 0:1 1L ,. bor(l'r h. r,re a P oJ.rn' and She USJ_, on u v ?r. 1 r i 1 v t cl ~o. :tr.!:'p_c ao:n;. In u^ 'Sera lcc.i.a - ' (C.. r W .. Lllla r1..: L.;C vorJr)e Tao P:''. r,ai]r. L L'_~.:~~ !,.. :.s0 ,.,, '0110,1 0' rr.".i7.rri:-:.:lo.clns; L:?."!aa1.rl'"r. 13rr::_ 1 .ccinfl?, ,; :,CJ.rc..yoI .:.i'r, dr et._Sarrn~rd tl [f',''Ian... i;o'_n-I - Lino t 'n': (inrida'rn'y ~.arlr k}lo'!ctG~. , ,,. y / ?il .,_ ,.n7 P.11 o_ d? ,, . anLo,uroc^d t ~Si ,.1: i lterc,onnected ). ,r 'Li ? ll} I ... ..., :,i t.., a. 01 follow: CLASSIFICATION! Ii'rro p CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT INFORMATION REPORT /riJSSR 1:. `1 Vrr;J 1 a c-nS: 1 . . er? .rtaL_.a, r c. o,'a hauler ( r'U;: C:!cr l an Lull UI ul Cpl- stn, ?. ?~ _. ?-,...... ... lard U1 : ~... , . Irnl.1 cyp S"SSati.ul 111.1 _. f:.CPr, 'l;ltf of which are E- oOz) . ac:p_c - s, pa rUi.n, r . '.rations i'r . ;h. rand fort "n .I.,... L.._i^d 1.'G ,....a ,. .iP. 'n1. The ,.'Ua.b.l rn wren; n,Ir rularly in 1a.; '"' ,U P i.on . ai b' v:?]"bar1 'Sc ova:'t banal $ 11 ..1' 'far, r10- "..C _j:. ?a u.i P11 ?11':1 Leas Tile main . ~~ ;i'Uc:u.n" 1ol c; c.. . yard L}1D ,. _C Ltlii:~d 'C1 O' , ;'.1 ~'.acar: ..deer. I.._e eii,r^ '.rcr- five electric part,, cr't.n P l:h ]", 'ii, ]f, wild 15 1;o~;?.a Jbno erams. ..,''.rrrd be P; Ol' La'' 7 z . ~ . C . f3t,;o O~r~. t-Pol.esr;,_1 ~ sl ' :A? UP ~,~; 1.0,111'111- 1'1r!? _arr i'ark a"b Br.:t-guv"rayy St:,'ti,.rl 1711^,'r` i;i1C;r VT;lf(" ,,uS at .i1 -- :, .::''10,l Still "'.lo Ai ',relent, 'SranzriLip 'I l ~ ti:,nr :lrc :, 1,., c; r , aia :,, Pr i~ rrarchourres, and a Cull ,,, slaU>o aro Li ri Lr ..'L a ro of 150-200 mfrs a month. CLASSIFICATION 1 r?J'orrr..> rill n::' Li,'; frci'l:'l, ap r- i;_,:n: for c.1.]. .acL, "aII of ~i1- ,~u: r.. ilb l' P1 r ' ,U,._.1 each sevi t. a ;ion c ',il? n,aluaiE Lu ;hr ra. ;. .1..1 ? L_.ior: lu' about iS Srac':a, a: :c u2 10 :1011 ...?e of u6ll'o: lo,t .rc,l 19? ? Li' 5Lb iDial11.1 n of the entrn1 t' w SECRET SEi]PliT/SECURITY INF01gA3]:Ifl DISTRIBUTION I -__i-jli 30 1^]thou 11 1S is JJ,tibla .to proccs> up to 12 trainloads of coal xcr as 1. rv'rk. of c'niy ; J. 1 ~ J U 1r.i;h L train; per duy arc being prows,^c'. l,1, t';r :r , Siine dc endin th p rp u; an e nurnbr of ti ran; arrvng ii Train; w'! lb . , for tills c 5 S I "n rr,.i"t their 'turn for dispa?tclung 'be this or eno"tit" ' s a.'i i :' far transship yin' ooorr;tien a. 9a The Brc.t-Sevrrnty eLi Sion h.'.;c ore sections, Brest,.Sovernyy and ;roct-.S rri:,.'?,. Enpinerr Purl:. Aa its name implies, Brest--Severnyy is a station like C,reot'? Zapa'lnyv with tllr exce 'ticn that abcolutoly no freight operation: ad ? ''l re. The ,rn:incer Part: Is a large train transshi pin 'Ll ,r - p- g point a. S , .lc 'oc, l :; 'S110 Trons>hi.n?;inC Ba:.e of i'VS USSR. .I , 0 At present, the 1Lt. aal Pr divicion.? of C'tn'trc;l 13a '1e are operating at the EnCinocr r:?'1,3 i0. Thy. Encino - r IS oh .i'. an area rrlth a well developed ne'tvrork of Lrac!:s :;urroundai by a barbec1 Dire t;ro me"bars high. The park is about five 1:11om:t"rs lair and fro;e 600 'Lo 1,000 m wide. In 1949 a large ordnance-toclmical bard,:' of Ira MVS, US;;R?Vrla lon,;.ted in the '1rounda of this par. Entry 'to the; En) in t p ' is uf`' ct,ed by ,, 6paci;a pas z, issued by rho 1,1 Ts $ r`? r17flir?' atru'biun oi' Con !dreg Base ( Uprevlorliya To ^ntr?nl hloy Bazy and is ctrl c'tly chorlcod at', Lin control and chock loin tz: (1:FP . Perron : a't having a ) pa; :, such .~;: r:z: 100 .1 ,. wor']cor: and employ' s ;.r^ not permittod (pas>os arc temporal T;tr: 1 'Y)1. 1: ;a?:in? of one or:1y by railroad laborers. (Transshipping of coal at Brest-Lai-)adnyy r,( t. cc r?:;:. r:_recl lh,-ere..) In calculatin , ti:c number of carloads transshipped on .! r'::.faro:_:ds Brest in the form of foreign .rade and as reparations. T1'e remaining freight (off an'l personal baggage, local freight, etc) Such is the er,! ,anization of the 270th OKTi3 and a division of t::e Lase (In Loth cases =c on- _ciered only the officers in enumerating; Lice post Naturally, some of the posts enumerated have clerks and typists at tI eeir disposal. In tl c uivisionS there are no more titan Lie to eight, the rccr air,ucr. d? are officers.) I C,vW.C?D SECRET/US OFF.fGALS OI1LY/SL;CUItI2'Y IN '~Ri;i,'.PION . Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/20: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010243=7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/20: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010243-7 SJ CRL;T/US . FICIJLS uNLY/SECURITY I;;FOR_::TION -7- 50X1-HUM (a) althou~ ht the volume of transshippin operati ons at tr.c, Brest, Rail Center has greatly decreased in the pcst-;,rar ,, its importance remains. Th-e importance of the Brest Rail Center is evident., primarily glue to the international situation that h, s developed in L;.e .Jest. (b) Ti.e Brest Rail Center can be developed to it:, full capabilities at any time. Its transshipping capacity can. be increased three-four tii es compared frith 1950-1951. (C) For guaranteeing the transshipping at the crest Bail Center, "i?: c Centr:.l Transshipping Case is to be increased to its L or, ::fate .rl":ich .,i11 make it possible to increase tra,:schippin; i.rce-?'our ti?,:es, (d) At all t _me.,, since ti_c day of organization, Central ease has had much oxperience in trailssi ipping, lJarei:ousing, a,l:_i storing Crei ,Ilt. Cars are 1:., , ;11 c oneertcd in l:c car-re Iir shop ; Y p~ i c C !l;;' tic ;c to if e USS11 from _icr:':any I:- reparations, _-,-c c..,,?rr rted. Locomotives, all-metal reigerator cars, passe:Igor car.:,, 1:i ale tra:i.r.,~ 12-13 cars (all-metal), freight c ,r.,3 and Clat cars periodically arrivo in I'acc; USSR role . arr:]any. All ::re built accordin', to 3ovict specifications. Upon ,,r into the US Sd {;'r e locom icLVice all of the c 1 s have L r i Uan Tf12 irC !{' I axles, but; f_lc,n, J ~.'i.. t'. cif; are sent t''e re i. ired number of oc v.o:I; ,gaa'.y .L ..1 axles, leaded on flat-c:.lrs. In :rest lf.c:f are cxci:an;;ed, t? aL locomotives %i-,d cars are converted. )t-e: Tra'...., 'Erri.v]_ Ln the USSR .from. :crc , 't.'?'c _c:I'ciGr "r c e, C 11 ~ii OL.C.C 1 in -]' St and 'f en returrled. uU, a rule, 1".i.c ri:Lic-oad .:teals n. a,:.. cr?mrert: L:ei. Tic ]c.i ?. I: cr Polish marking are painted over and _ oviot. painted on. T'" 1 prc.1ll table .. ccr "ti cc hrest railroad. Llll. The L'L'.rope::n g;RL';C' axles are returned to the original shipper in sub-seyuent U5-,o .IL.tb: e neat sllihmclit locomotives sulci cars frc[;1 .icr:c:.ny to the Soviet Union. ! L, the c. r repair shop:: of i3rest-Polesskiy Station up to 100 car:- rr.u:ber of 200 a:ili: , can be converted per d:i,f. but such a I]1.A1:;cly ;:ever urrLVes in Brest. The monthly conversions ai:ou:a', tc about 250-300 cars. llh. .About 1,000-1,200 ean-hour' , -:. U.] the necessary convertin,n such nurauer of cars. AcICLOS;fii (A): Dia.-rain uC tike Org a..izat:ion of the 270th Crane E_p:ipme nt natt-alion cf Central Trans:-i:ippi:rr Lase iIVS USSR i?ho 3f-03 in -;rest. (B) : 0rruni.:sat:Lon of a "J." .vision o2 the Central lase ;'iVS i SSR SECRET/US OFFICIALS 'ONLY/SECURIT'Y INF01MATION ~~~,? Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/20_CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010243-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/20: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010243-7 E:CLOSURE (A) SECRET/SECURITY III'01-1,:ATIObI P.'~i'~'`.? '~ia;:eam of the Organization of the 270th Crane Equipment Battal:icn of ~: rrcral Transhipping Base MVS USSR n Brest. Staff Chief of Staff Chief of Lii_a Unit 2 Ass't . B. Co'. for Service Sections Asst Chief of Line Unit 3 De p. 13n. Co. for Poui.t. Sections Chief of Production Affairs Dep. Bn. Co, for Tech. Sections (zavdeloproizvodstvom) Chief of Sanitation Section 1 Chief of Finance (1) Secretary of Party Bureau Secretary of Komsomol' Lureau Chief of Class I Supply Chief of Cloth=nn and Equipment Supply -4- Technical Section Chief of Technical Section Crane Engineer Equipment Engineer Technical Section Mechanics Chief of Crane Repair Shops Asst. Chief of Crane Repair Shops r:t the present time the 270th UKTB has two companies and a service station (subordinate to Asst. Battalion Commander for Service Sections). Company 1. Company Commander (1) 3. Platoon Conunanrbers Deputy Company Commander for Technical Section (three in the compat:y) :rotes In the battalion t':ere are 250 military personnel, 22 cranes, 12 tractors (caterpillar), six trucks, three caterpillar cranes, four horses, one automobile, a power plant, and a crane repair shop. SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION .6...,.-Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/20: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010243-7 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/20: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010243-7 ENULUSUH1 (B) SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION Organization of a SECRET Division of the Central Base MVS USSR 1. Chief of Base Division 2. Deputy Divis;.on Chief for Political Sections 3. Deputy Division Chief for Technical Sections 4.. Division Chief of Warehouse Storage 5. Chief ('f Distribution of Labor Forces 6. Chief of Loading and Unloading Section (he has three transshipping instructors) 7. Chief of Accounting Sections (he has three assistants) 3. Chief of Dispatching Groups (he has three dispatchers) 9. Paymaster SECRET/SECURITY I13F01**1ATION Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/01/20: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600010243-7