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December 22, 2016
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November 16, 2010
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March 19, 1952
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/11/16: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600020027-6 CLX ;, `ROATIO}Q .. TEL . frV .. s CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE ALENCC.Y RMATJOW REPORT CO ItdTiiY e ~ :rrv (Z vi t -cr s) SEC ' , lost +sec^ i.i~rt ? r>:.cs SUBJECT 1 Le*rt cline in in fact a police fcrac. Those :wee are ;.Ware of its taus nature Sall. into two frcunsx t .^r w hr play a part an the trairing of the La^t acr: r:.*rrr, a h t; noWledtie h_-., leaked tire. 'Those whc> plaIr a part in t.air ;_ are :cry carefull - aelcctel, hard-core C )mmu; i:=t , -a' e fellow crdcr r ,vueztionin-1 the 'l crmans in .%orld spar 113 do not f indr t Ie Idea cf -Bast x e-a-n Teamn aMe.rt eitof'ether a^+,L'..11"n4`.. srre'Pert::.~J:eaa, the :cncrai attitude is, 'Ict then CntCht it; fewer of ti.--S I~?. I' ?+~ do led, :cver, V hat Last aerria'] troon^ caul: Prot be countk:d on .or roll ii ` ;. NO F ?AGES 140. OF ENCLS. --:tLISrLS, SLLO ) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. o . sts 27 livicio na, ..ghic: 11, ahrr ld be battle-ready bY the end of 1l ,51.. The atren.-t' of di^_cioe in likely close to .11,000 or L, 500. It is the sceletorl o - an .. ...yd to he e - cel7~rty "'~o e riJit.a.r co n; G: is Acts: There =s 2)i J e t Unit nc 25; t ne 110 trcm t! c:. ?each; is 1, OOJ I repetition -: chat happened in Csdn . aril Korey. gray have i een .planned. Twenty five East German division- wotJ,a be p.Lite adequate to take over -/est C*ermar;+r iithoat croiet participation. Though: they are r=eliable, t}ray are re-,j wolf paid, and all kry position-. ere held k r trsxte?d tommunimts. Tsar a Ti c" a err.: 7 Ctic oat=, _-uch.. ar the reunification of 'Germane', t ey a:oi 1d Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/11/16: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600020027-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/11/16: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600020027-6 t is understood that if East Germany attacked now, tie war would involve he USSE., + purely East German attack would, therefore, not occur, unless ;estcrn occupation troops were withdrawn. If they wee withdrawn, West ermany would be done for; if they are not, war may begin in Germany, with he Soviets "defending" East :errany. In such a situation, East German roops would.be used in an essentially satellite role. East German divisions ouJ. be integrated in Soviet higher commands, with Soviet formations on ither flank, and to their rear, to keep them from retreating. Locks in East Germany are not now adequate, and German production of weapons goes mostly to the oviets. Some stocks of weapons are available in East Germany; the balance of what will be needed is now farther to the East. In Brest-Litovsk, for example, there is a depot with thousands of pieces of artillery, which will be brought to the :+est at the appropriate time. At the moment, the Soviets would consider it dangerous to equip the Alert Police fully because of their unreliability. Each unit now has only enough heavy weapons for training purposes--not more than five tanks, for example. Officially, all prisoners of war were repatriated by l919 except for a large number of war criminals. It is possible that these are given favors5be treatment in return for promised cooperation. But they are banically anti- Soviet and unreliable. In case of dire necessity, they might be used as penal battalions. The Soviets would consi-er'it dangerous to give too .muc ?o ae sas er^:aa . many German officers do not nee ..n erpre ers. os or ose o ?n rank were prisoners. of war and learned to speak Russian. Also, there have been military courses for Germans in' the USSR, since dorld War II, lasting for six months or a year, and students study i ussi