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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600030075-6 ;L,-1r,AI IWIJ AGENCY INFORMATION FiEPORT COUNTRY SUBJECT one city of Bres-c PLACE ACQUIRED Golan d/USSR DATE )IS. r; ",: ':0. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW' .'P) 2 faJeS SUPPLE::.:ENT TO THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 1. The city is riot, divided into rayon unit O. tiering electoral campaigns, three electoral districts are organized in '?t:, city, one o1? them i?_ Graevka. In vie:: of the lack of an a; division of the city into rayons, militia divisions (otielen a) been created f o there are thee. I 50X1-HUM 1. -,'-.e ac-t po;:ular maces in pi e city are Ler,indr 50X1-HUM Mosknvskava;_ , ushkins,.rap Sovietskaya and inr; characteri:: street. o ti.c sections these streets has !I-:, di stir~ish- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600030075-6 Len'_n Street is t'?:c . L . z~Lreet e!ty. on re Fitats t,,~ oblast' cor;^ittea oi'the Fgrty, the oblast;'Stvietiofa,,orkers'Tueputiae; the cble-t' acvr.inistrayion (upravleniya) of the MOB, the oblast' hospital, the state T 1 , city Theater imeni Ler:inskovo konsomola, the oblast' and .it.y r,ilit?:,r- emir sari:y.t~ end -~. -~ ct?;cr e~t:,hllsi:me?r.,,.,, Pushkinskaya Street has the fcllo;ing basic hair points. city committee of thedoa ty, city polyclinic, trade school, Gcr'ki 1?ibrary (Biblioteka tcai tekhnik.ue, parr:; r. military hospital, railroad teknikur*, and a large u,.;nber r:f stores, restaurants, cafes, lunch counters (bufet), and all kinds ,^ artels and t}eir workshops. Soi~ictskaya Street, on r.;c;, arcs the city soviet of workers' deputies, the "Belorus"' cinema theater, the rus},klr?, Library (Biblicteka imeni Fushkinai, t;e ublast' committee cf the BUD, churches, a distillery (likero-vodochnyi avcd), and the cinema theater "1st of May" ("lgo Maya"). Moskovskaya Street, on which are situated the following important points; city electric station, main pr,-,t office, first city district (otdslenjyo) of rr ii city s a sinistration .upravleniye, of the NG3, knitted goods factory, autobus of city and suburban transport, the city bazaar and a number of other establishments. CLASSifiiCAT10NSisCRST /:S1sC1jRI7Y INF(J, ION D STRIBuTlON ?!-?j Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600030075-6 ai;CR T/SBC1JflT'Y Mr'rahITIO 3. The principal streets in Brest are-, Lenina, Pushkinskaya Sovietska 50X1-HUM Mitskevicha, Karla Vark:;a, uuderurogo, Dzerzhinskogo, Kirova, Kuibyshe,a, Mii golya,r'go Maya, l7go Sentyabrya, Kcrosomol'skaya, Mayakovskogo. These streets comprise the basic and main part of the city. There are no proper squares, i e, such as can be called squares, in Brest, There are two small squares, one is the Ploshchad' Svobody, the other unnamed, for the whole city. The numbering system is as follows: odd numbers to the right, even numbers to the left, which go from west to east and from north to south. During my stay in Brest the following changes in street names took place: the former Lanina ...i.._,.,~__ -_?-~-, .1gV -enLyaorya onset became Lenina Street Feretsa Street b dame ~Qe Sentvahrva S?rPa+ ~ 4. To the buildings listed in paragraph 2 above, the following buildings with street locations should be added as they comprise some of the main buildings in Brest: Teachers' institute (uchitel'skii inst-t t) V4 50X1-HUM division?(otdeleniye militsii), Mitskevicha Street lOblastTeadinin2nd ciit istrationi(upravl.eniye) of the MVD, Ostrcvskogo Street; corps tank repair workshop, Liruva Street; Oblast' court, Budennogo Street- eda i l O. There are ao forbidden zones within the city of Brest itself. Army units are an excep- tion. The forbidder. zone is only ate th b d a 128th Rifle Corps, Levanevskogo. C The only in w~cobudennogo nstruction ofe significance in Breste is one electric station. The remaining structures were only restored. 5. In Brest there are the following landmarks: Fark imeni lgo Mara with monument to compatanta who fell during world War II; monument to Stalin, erected in the Ploshchad' Svobody. Tleae are the only monuments in Brest. The churches are good landmarks, and there are thr^s altogether in Brest, on Yjoskovskaya Str; the corner of Sovietskaya St and Mitskevicha. Alongside this church is situated the city bazaar, and opposite it, across the street, the teachers' institute. The ,.,.rd church is on Lenin St, opposite the Oblast' hospital. All the government buildings enumerated in paragraphs 2 and k, which have definite and unchanging names, may also serve as landmarks. All these buildings, without exception, have a name plate on the outside over the front door, which makes it possible for everyone to know exactly what is in the given building. This facilitates orientation. n ci s are located in Brests Oblast' and tT silltart' cOaanissaria,e; military kom?ndaturc; military tribunal of the garrison, garrtson m litary hospital. Yieadquarters of 128th rifle corps; central transshipping base~360 (o,golya St 6). On the outskir;;s of the city are situated the southern -military cantonment, the-northern military cantonment, the fortress. 8. Residential quarters are situated in the remaining sectors of the city. No boundaries at all exist between them. 9. The aunt-,e eight De termed continental climate. Summer is hot, ? cold. Average winter temperature up to 30-400 below zero; summer up to 40? above zero. Praoipibation irregular. 4. .is 10. The Leading Ccr,unist Party offices are as followss Oblast' committee of the Party; city. Partyteommittee; Oblast' committee (Obkan) VLISM; city committee (Qorkum) VLKS4. ~? Party. and Itomsomol organization, are in each institution, in industrial enterprises, gchoole, societies, etc. U. There are several Courtas Obla ? court (Budennogo St) and three peoples' courts of the city ailit#a divisions. The pe ;es' courts of the 1st and 2nd militia divisions re on Pushkin St in the same building.. The peoples' court of the 3rd militia division is oh Respublik nskaya St in Graevka. The oblast' and city prosecu or's office is on Earle Marksa St, between Oogo>,ya and Budennogo.Streeta. o r r. Inere re several re sons. These are troop disposition locations entrance is forbidden outsiders. (siesta dislokatait aste ),, tocahich 7. The followig military establishments and u it s T/ cixig INFCRKATIC Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600030075-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600030075-6 S.+CRET/SECURITY 1hFc~?'!;..yv,: -3- 12, N53 troop units are partly located in the city on of the border guards a-e located in the fortress. ing ranks, with the exception of their uniforms. Karla harksa St. The majority -' ___. ....Yav.waG (b) Combatting Political counter-revolution. (c) Protection of persons :41:0 occupy hi;h state and Party posts. (d) Protection of especially statc installations. (e) Espionage abroad. (f) Surveillance (nadzor) of the army and navy concerned a at: th.c sa^e matters as the NSB. The :cork of these organizations is carried or in clos, c:itact and in strict coo eration both t a and loos 13. The Oblast' prison is located in th i e c ty, at the end of Karla ?:arksa St, behind the church .j)ach is located on h;oskevskaya St. The rear of the prison extends right up to the river Dukhovets itcel?. There arc no other penal institutions either in or near the city. is cn ~strevskc o St near Svetska a St. theaters, restaurants, and especiallybazaars.rC Railroad st.ti,ionsparesscrvicedsby transport militia and by 2-GB units. the 15. :lie Soviet Security system rests on the fact ti.--L al installations, offices, etc, without exception, are penetrated by a dense netw k o persons of informers and the so-called "seksnty". r Usually,ethis categor in the pple is represented by Comrrrnists, komscmol'tsy and all kinds of careerists andoself-seekers (shkurnilr). They are evory,here, both inside and outside. 199 The main telephone exchange is in the uatn port off i e using the telephone are he custosary ones, Only off'cials~have privatoMte ephones. It is vent' difficult, almost impoaeibl.o, for ordinary people to gat private telephones. Nonitoring of telephone conversations is entirely possible if it is necessary. 16, In regard to the extent (amount) of rail traffic, it :ahcu d be said tc } tles are bound daily passenger trains Brest-hosco.,r' Brest-biev Srest-h insk 3r at ci Bract-Orsha Q. ~ , act-io:nel , the importance, of the r;assenCer. d kolkhoznik or a .;cr:arcneevver~tr velseinla soft or even in a car :rith reserved seats (platskartnyi vagcn). There are nD forbidder. zones 50X1-HUM either inside or outside railroad stations. It is usually forbidder: to walk along the right of way. 17. There are no river or air routes in Brost; and autobus traffic there is vary bad. The city itself is not large; therefore, the inhabitants almost always use their own means of trarsporta*,ion, bicycles, motor vehicles (of which there are hardly ten in the -,hole city, that is, private ones), Yometimes taxis, but most of all they walk. In Brest itse:.f a so-called autobue base functions, a park wh!c consists of approxir.ately 20-25 machines, of which a gocd half are consta.tly under repair. Autobus routes are not constant. There are schedules, but they are never used, because It is difficult to carry them out on account of all kinds of delays. There are no restrictions on bus travel. The condition of the roads is unsatisfa.tory. There is more than civilian vehicle traffic in Brest. There e a no street cars in Brestr.n11There is autobus traffic and taxis? The fares and schedules often change. There are no restrictions on riding. 18. The main post office of the city of Greet is located on hoskovakaya St. There are ten branch post offices (pochtovye otdeleniya) scattered about the city. Postal Procedures are the coat a ones. There are mail boxes tlrou8hout the city. They are attached to he cos. 50X1-HUM 6 SSCRST/=CUR= I WMATM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600030075-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/03: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600030075-6 20. The Main Telerraph is l , ' ted in tI;c i : . -: I uL. ? (,, : c telegraphs at the branch lost offices. r.:;gone aholrrishesacanosend ta?telegram are. Tolso do so ore must fill out th, blanks indicating :::.dress, sender, and desired text for transmittal to the addressee. Control and censorship of Lfd egrams entirely . J . In my opinion, persons working for the telegraph service are also employee: of theMCB. 21. In the city of Brest there a,e in a_t' two industrial enter rises: the distillery and the knitted goods factory, more like an artei, r;,lch is ..ocated on i-;oskovsl:aya St. r two hotels in Brest. i-ne is on Karl:! ;;ark:a St, the other on Korisomol'skaya 50X1-HUM 50X1-HUM 2h. There i_s very little variety in the pro uctr in t' City stores, l; ore i salt but no sugar, and vice-versa. Pere is bread but not back, and so en. Tie city food supply situation is very poor. Sugar, high grebe flour, macaroni products, variou- groats, .:rrl n;any other food pro iuct: po r in he stores only before the big Soviet holidays. Their distrib,tion is i:init:d; ?cr ex;