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August 7, 1953
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/30 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600040342-8 - CLASSIFICATION COIfI'IllEl(TIAL~SECiTRITY INFORMATION CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY IBVFORMATION REPORT' COUNTRY Poland DATE DISTR. rj SUBJECT Inland Waterways-The Vistula River NC. OF PAGES( Aug 1y53 4 PLACE ACQUIRED DATE ACQUIRED NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEkIENT TO REPORT NO. 50X1-HUM The essential elements of information applicable to the Vistula River are ae follows; 1. Drainage area; 74,600 square miles. 2. Precipitation and runoff within drainage area: 40 inches per year in upper basin _ ? 20 inches per year in lower basfn ~~n~Y~Syariea from 0.50 3? Channel alignment: tortuous and shifting. P 4? A. Gradient: e. From ukoczow to the mouth of tY.e Przemsze - 3?~3 feet per mile. ' b. Between the mouth of the Przemsza and the mouth of the San - 1.60 feet per mile. c. Dram the mouth of the San to Warsaw - 1.38 feet per mile. d. Fra~m Warsaw to the mouth of the Brda - 1.08 feet per mile. e. From the mouth of the Brda to Danzig - 0.92 feet per mile. 1.3 to 2 mile per. hour at low water flow 6 to 7 mile per hour a~ high we.ter flan C. D~.echarge: The characteristic discharges at Wloclawek drainage area: 56,'100 square miles. Mileage pout: 430.0 Discharge at low water level - 6,300 cubic Peet Diachar~. ar ~.. ~~~- _-- _ ai high water level -220,000 cubic feet !+t aee.~~...~..... ~vw~irN,n~wl\ txiii~rs~T. JSLCIJR77'Y Tr,~rwwmrnv Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/30 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600040342-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/30: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600040342-8 C011FIDLl4PIAL - security I=u ormation _~_. D. Width: Width adapted fer regulatior. corks (river train- ing works, grains etc.) FTOm 410 feet in the upper stretch to 800 feet in the loxer =_tiretch, but dve to not completed regulation works especially be?twe.on Sandamierz and Pulavr,~ the width increases in som..~ places up to 10,000 feet. E. Depth: The aim of the regulatior. works was to obtain 5.45 feet of depth at medium water flow. Sn practice the downward moving sand-bars have caused the main channel to become so tortuous that depths of p to 33 feet have appeared at bhe beads chile ^an3 shoals have arisen at the treneit points (straight sections) and often reduce depth there to lees than three Pest. 5.~ Turbidity - rather greet, due to Sediment movement, 6; Jstren, gauging stations were lcceted se follows: ? Pustynia (0.31 mile); Dwory (2,37 mile) Bmolice (14.7 mile); Czerrichow (29,6 ails) ..'~Syniec (39.6 mile); Krakow (48,9 mile); Plaezow (50.8 mils) ? '~'~~c (59.3 mile); lfiepeeomice (63.0 mile); Kozica (65.5 mile) 11owa Wiee (71.5 mile); 9taroeecwice (81.1 mile); Popedcyaka (86 .mile) ? ~a?odaiki.(95.4 mile); Karsy (103.4 milel: Pawlow (110.1 mile) 8zozuala (121 mile); Otalaz (131 mile) Ostrowek (138.5 mile); Kolo (1.48 km1; Dzikow (lyb.y L:iie~; ?? 9emdomiere (167.Q mile); Dsbrowe Wrs~aeks (170,5 mile}; Chwalow'ice (177 mile); Zawichoet (178.1 mile); Annopoi 186.1); 8olec (206 Hilo); 1!'rolswki I~ae (2Ag,7 mile); :Iarszawa ~Nareaw} 19 mile); Plock (3g2 sile)j I,-loclawek (422 mile); lfieauxa (43'~mi].a)i Bilno (41~ ~;le)f i'ortim (456 ur31e); 6a7?ec Kh~sxeki (47$ mile)J Fortlon (481 she); Chelmno (501 mile); (}rudciadt (518 ffile); Koreenioro (g39:ffile); He.taweki -Cypel (550 ffile)p Pieklo (552 mile)j Ualaslohes (558 mile); 'Pczeu (5 4 mile); 9chieveahoret (583.3 mile'),r .. Z. Seasonal wriatiac of ?llow. >u6h water - +liraye (due ~to melting enox) in epxing; oecaeionally (due to heavy rains) in Bummer. Tow ~al-4aC' - mostly in summer or in fall. Oa the upper atretsh between ?prakor and 8aade~mierc the diftbrancee betxeea the lotr water level and that of the maximum wry from about 16.5 to 26,5 Beet. (~ the ffid,dle stretch between Sandomierz cad Weresw - the'aa~plitude at water levels ve~ies from 12.3 feet is Aoda, where a very large inundation area of the river is formed by flood water, due to lack of protectdve 11kes, to 23.>~ feet at Pulawy. On the lswer atretcb. the corresponding flgurea are: from 26.6 feet at Fordoa bo -33,6 feet at 7czew. C02fFIDII1lL4L - Security Iaformatian 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/30: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600040342-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/30: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600040342-8 COItFIDLPTIAL - Security Infor:*~ation 50X1-HUM 8. Tidal effects: very little and only up to Zcaew. 9. Bed of stream: fine ssnd; no stability, 10. Banks: laoae material; high banks occur occasionally upstream Krakow, downstream Sandomierz near Warsa~?r and Grudziadz. 11. Control works: {dams and reservoirs) Tiead Storage Capacity Power Capacity Roznow on the uunases 103 ft. 230 ?(illion cu, yds. 50 000 ~r Porabka on the Sola 59 3p " 20,000 " Kozlowagora on the Pxzemsza 1Fg " ~ ~~ ~~ _ 1, Wapienica on Biala - - River 50 1 (for water supply for Bielsko Town) 12. BankStibilization works (as of 1944) On the stretches: a. Krakow-Sandomierz - nearly completed b. Fa:-domierz-Warsaw - under construction c. Wai~eaw-Torun - under construction d.. Torun-Danzig - completed 13? Fordability There are over 200 Band - barks and shoals mostly on the tran- sit (straight) sections with a depth of three feet or less at low-water level. 14. Bridges: located as follows: ~rsY, Krakow; Szczucin; Sandomierz, Pulawy, Deb13a, Warsaw (three); l(odlin, Plock, Wloclawek, Torun, Grudziadz and Tczew. navigable reaches 15? Krakow - karsaw-Danzig River ports: located as follows: 16. Krakow, Plaszow, Sandomierz, Warsev, Kodlin, Toru Tczew, Danzig, Effects of weather and climate on navigation: n, Grudziadz, Dry seasons :.interrupt navigation for two or three Wet seasons (hiv.i water' interrup+, navigation for three days, Ice in wlnte inttrrupts navigation for 30 - 90 da weeks. two - ys, 17. Hazards: about 200 shoals. 18. Aids to navigation: The ~?p~y is pr:,vided w~tL buoys, lights, and channel Barkers. 19? Interruption factors: The surplus of water from the storage reser- voirs {sEe point 11 above) in upper basin in- creases the na viguble depth by ens foot up td Sandomierz sad about one-half oot at ilarsaw. C0~ - Security Information. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/30: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600040342-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/30: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600040342-8 1 ----- Leah Of ~terWaYs: The Vistula v~ith tributaries (in miles` 1(avi bl - a 20. The total-.navigable length of the Vistula is 583 miles and the total tableashrnvF~e distancetthat ships of variousetonnage aan trays on the Vistula and its tributaries: Grand Total ~O1 00 .' E01 00 1~ g e 1(ax-tonne a vessels oP: to 50 51 100 I 101 200 CONFIDENTIAL/SECURITY TNFQRhikTION 711 i 293 ~ 24AI l7 485 389 ~9 For rafting purposes the Vistula and its tributaries are navigable for 1750 miles. ~~F'ID~17'IA't - Security IaPo^mation Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/30: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600040342-8