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February 8, 1954
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/27: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600050236-5 25X1 CLASSIFICATION COe I'II) : ,Tiiu CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATZON? REPORT COUNTRY USSR SUBJECT 0jt?ganization and "ctiv.ities of Topographic,Geodetic, and Cartogrr_ Data of significunae. Data of triangulation operations of the lowest publication". orders arc considered 10. The first-order series of triangulations from Novosibirsk to Khabarovsk yielded basic d t a a for a first- and second-order series along the rivers Yenisey, Lena, rolyma, and along the shores of the Okhotsk Sea as far as the town.of 0l'ga. fovever, for the making of maps scaled 1:200,000 and 1:500,000 astronomical points of the second and third order were used, so that the first- and second-order problems in these instances were different. During P e 1:100n ~.~ rd ese areas, provision was made the production of maps scaled 1:200,000 and 1:500,000 in t-.- scaled 1:100,000. Therefore, astronomical --r ere e i t nc po n s of the third order were determined with'an error of 1.5" for latitude and 4" for longitude, with an average distance Of 60-80 kilometer,. The process connecting the first-order network along the shores of the Okhotsk Sea with the American network in Alaska had been planned in the Third Five-Year Plan. All cartographic work in these regions was based on aerial surveys. The mapping of the northern edge of Siberia and the Okhotsk Sea is performed by GUGK, UVTS, GULAG, SEVMORPUT' Northern Sea Route 7, Gi drograf. Uprav. [Hydrological Adainistratio], and SOYIJZWTJYI'Q (A-' 1-Union Gold Industry Associatioa"?7. Tiie process of counecti1;8 the i.iddle Asiatic triangulations with those of India prc_ents no difficulty since the first-order series for Alma-Ata--Arys' was finished in 1941). 'v. Along the Iranian and Turkish borders, a first-order triangulation was made and recalculated at the beginning of World War II, but, unfortunately, at that time neither the Iranian nor the Turkish triangulations in the frontier areas met the requirements of a first-order triangulation, and talks on this matter were broken off by the: outbreak of the war. UVTS has maps of the Ashkhabad region, which may be reproAuccd in the GUGK printing shops and which carry the number of the factories of the "polygraphic trust.". 21. Aero-geodetic enterprises or production enterprises of the GUGK are to be found in all the territories of the Soviet Union (northwestern enterprises in Leningrad; others in Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi, Tashkent; also Eastern Siberian enterprises in Irkutsk). These enterprises assume the task of conducting aerial surveys and geodetic and cartographic operations for the needs of civil establishments in economically important areas of the interior; in frontier areas and those of strategic importance, the work is conducted by the UVTS, 22. Ur:til 1946, Be.-sells ellipsoid was employed in geodetic and cartographic opersLio,.:3, and after that year it was introduced as an ellipsoid mandatory for the TsNIIGAik, computed under the direction of Professor Krasovskiy. 23. The annual astronomical bulletin periodically publishes data on new reference pointc, for the general use of all interested persons and organisations. 24. Ttie Siberian triangulations of the years 1900-1910 carried out by the..orps of Military Topographers, the Adainistratioa of Resettlement, and the Geological Committee, were used, in laying out a first-order series for Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk. The external reference marks of the old triangulations were not preserved but the mark-stones laid for different centers were discovered in the majority of cases (90 percent). Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/27: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600050236-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/27: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600050236-5 -6- GOirr IMTTIhi, >mpur an, areas, ruilw?a,y centers, Lind other inlfor;w'cion. ThF i'rim:_'a' 3Lf ce t,oints f rir who year, wi.n aid of aerial. surveys, the Gc.L;.:ns ai,1cod f,c ti .y..rn~_. re ~ - addition . ' tsrnm . refteerensto marks. Duns..,; cr icaaL3 nueaunr rc.d tr maps the front (taken sum e ;) ritories of the Ukraine ants helorus ia. P},esh maps Lad Ue ..h e _,_w.. di ti. s Sc T ito tae of ri he Un h?aio n and Wo rld. War 11, the a t u r ruzsia were pie Irv , r obser',at;.ons noes over the :ars at Krou:,tarl .. ,r_ Y' t, was taken the ;;h d^?ria Goon. This level was confirmed by a system Gf basi chile '.hc t huduvc e aLion, south of Lenii4,,rad. Precision lcve] work has b?.ea c ?c; _rem the '. vel of the Baltic ea to the r?:cifis Ocean (Vladivc k), ,^ ,e:ir; wilt wh-?,.h it ,ra;; discovered that tic level of the Baltic Sea e J,yh3 :.h,l et, oeL level of the Pacific Ocean. ':~ ` 7 '~'. ~. ..~ .14"i_.~?a?iUil:;, N~. L"e C1i11 o Lne'~. _.. ._ -.. .. .. ,.. ,. ~?~ uLuu: , us.cowing tee eUEygestion of s'rofessor ,. rder triaagui_:t; oils were carried out for computation:: in seoarat?, gr :Ilemost yhportaat deflections of the plumb iin?= from the ilf _, Led is all pat tics lira (Particularly in rr- std to G' quality). is _.:;:'._ about iiime11', of CLe GGGK Five-Year Plan were published in the Work:: ?..r':jug to the Third rive-Year Plan, a separate ria ::gulation of Sakh