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December 22, 2016
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August 17, 2011
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October 28, 1954
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600060398-5 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT INFORMATION REPORT ~_ PLACE SUBJECT Sxpenditurea Co cted with Merchant Fleet Maintenance Shipping Coats wi . .N , u, .\.INw Nn.o a .- .u o? n.w., nrrl. M'Mwi{~u..}a. q. Na~w N, N\ N.. \~ r.~ .. \. \\~~. \\ W.N11 1...~MN~N1N .\ ..~\. .,NI.I~N .. 1N. tN N~N\NI~~'~. NN NM I\ ..N~NH\.,, SUPPLEMENT TO 50X1-HUM REPORT N0. ~ THIS I5 UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 50X1-HUM 1. The expenses far the maintenance of vessels, included in the net coat of ton-mile output, consist of the tollaring ele~aents: (a) Magee paid to the crew, that la, basic and additioeul Magee. Hasic MaAea era the fazed tariff-based rages eatab- 1lahed by t!M State. Additional roger are pre~aluma paid for the fultilL~eat and over-tultillaeat of eaathiq and voyage norsa, tar saving of fwl and lubricating aaterials, for keeping weseis in ezcelleat technical condition, and e:ztra pay to seniority of eerviae lu the a~erohaat fleet, extra pay for special soaea or for ahip~a-t o! that-class cargo. Additional ragas also inol~sle ail t~s of extra pay, for iastaace, for loadi~ sad m~loading oparationa~ cari~led out by mawbera of the a p*s crer, for owrt3aa rock, sad for repair of the ahip~a hull and aaehis~ar: Der ambers of the crer rithout talcia6 t>be veaeel ettt 4t's~peratioa. (D) Extra a!>targea against tM saga bill, rluoh are deductions tress the general lewd for social saauraaee. These extra charges usual o asonat to 6.7? of the general rage ttmd . (c) Food for the crer, the ooet of Mhioh averages 260 to 2g0 rubles per s~pttA for one asq depaffiing oe~ the zone 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600060398-5 ( ' _ ' ' _.. K~ 50X1-HUM _~ (rayon oP country), 1'he~aliatmeat for tha ship crew~a Food exceeds the nors~al allotment by 30-~ rher! vessels travel outsidd, of terr~borial raters as veil as in arctic waters. (d) The cost of fuel, lubrioatiog and cleaning sateritla used by the vessel la operation, chile ea route as well as sioored. (e) The cost of ezpeaditnres for ships s~fplies, ie, the_ cost d aaterials. wed rbiU the vesbei is is operation., (r) l~avigatiotul ezDsaates, ie, ezpenses connected with eer- vicitig the vessel r1111e is operation (ship fees, radio cam- muaications, xater supply, tugboat servioe, pilot foes sad others). B~pAmortisatioa, ie, deductions made for restoring torn out (h) Other non-scheduled ezpeaditurea. (i) Cost of cork carried out in order to s~aintain the vessel in adequate technical condition (~ng and average repair). (J) Expenses incurred in connection rith the ^snagement of the fleet (adaini.atrative, ~aageaent and general ezpendi- tures) and tr~ining..cP personnel. 2. The above-listed expenditures are usually brolas down Sato those end changing ezpenditures. "pixed expenditures" are zpeaditures having nothing to do rith the voluae o! the transportation output. Sosie of these expenditures are: Amortization, general adainistrative-wage~ent expenditures and training of personnel. 3. "Changing expenditures" are those expenditures the ezteat of which is deter~ined by the volusM of the transportation out- put. Charging expenditures, to a greater or lesser degree, are all other types of expenditures included in the net cost of the trwport output. ~? The cos-positioa of ezpenditures for the aaiatenance of the fleet is sore or less ddterained by the foilori~lg detail: (a) Dasio" aaQ a84itiomal rage bill, ~inoludi.s~ charges lnst _ raps and cost of lose (g) gd~i1lstr/Live=rea~~sRt atl cal ~ gip, else/, tralnlag O! )N='s0~t~ -__~ .(~. 5 . Ia addi>