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August 6, 1948
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4 'CLASSWIe IIOmv Pr: Ti icrLp INFORMA= COUNTRY International SUILIECT Radioactive Iinerel Resomnroes At1RED No 6""M W09"W" Arm"" an "TWA" M Im MIRY s ss am" eM -.IRM M IM -I1YIWwin Y. Y. Y.. Y. Ile M. - tlSYQY. IR ^ OftowIII.III M l.III 5NW111M 50 RI M~wnI IR /R SUU x - YY.YRYwM INMY IY PUS 50)Ir' M 1,5. W Ufa R ^ gMINRY. IIIS? /NY. R/YM.R1O~ an M To 1505 *5* a YM.RIM - I##M YYYDYIIR W "W US NI S m-N. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION FOR THE RESEARCH USE OF TRAINED INTELLIGENCE ANALYSTS STAT STAT STAT UCIGLE OF .'ARLD LbD1.10FOLIES FOR TILE 3OUn2ES OF ATaiC ftA; 1:AZ.aIALS K. Iogen Candidate In Edouaatas The rivalry between international capitalistic Lx.aopo] striving to secure the largeet rvarlcets of strategic ran materials has existed for memo years. In the postwar period, when three of the six cosseting imperialistic posers - Germany, It.sly, and Japan - had quit becaue, of their destruction during the rnr, and Francs had lost her earlier aignitieanoc as.a g mat pester, the aLrugele for ,he redistribution of old sources and the seizure of new sources of-raw.Aateriala has continued chiefly betrteen the American and I mglish o mopolies. This struggle 13 Soing on in Africa, Southeast Asia, the lieai, :ad Far East, South America, and every in AntarctiL a. After the uAr the ranaa of strategic raw materials was broad- ened. In particular, in connection with now discoveries in the of atammmie encag9 the international monopolise began to Maav a great interest in the different typos of +. ;,naio raw mztex+ials and their basic sources which had already beers 14-veetigated. At the present time, the .osin "a of atomic raw materials are metallic uranium, extracted from uranium ore, and thorium, ob- tained from monazite, a rare'al found in different regions in the form of sand. At the end of 1941, the quantity of metallic uranniuc in aapdtalietic countries was insignificant. The war in 3nrope and Japanese aggression in the Pacific Ocean oat off the In .ted Stmmt/es and Fltglsnd from the main sources at aggply tar strategic rues materials tin, lead, copper, rubber). A apeadal3. avardsation;.the. Combined Rays Vrtwlale Board, was -1- CL*SS1fKATION RE tICTD RT REPORT DATE DISTR. 6 August 1948 NO. OF PAGES 4 ~y~~ NO. OF ENCLS. tUS'IEO 80" SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4 7 ea large masher at industries for the extraction of , radium, and haodng a population of approxiestely 10.5 million people, was therefore included in the English sphere of influence. t. A The natural wealth of the Belgian Congo is ver RESTRKTED created in connection with this in January 1942; its task was to distribute strategic raw materials among the Allied oountri*a by establishing apppropriats quotas. The influence of the United States and Bngland predominated in this orsaddtetim. In agreement with the 'gaited States, D Wand was assigned the task of taking proper measures to increase the extraction of'stra- tegic raw matertala in all parts of Africa, with the exception of Liberia. Meat Britain also, carried on negotiations with friendly or Allied eau trice having colonies in Africa (France, Belgium, Portugal). The Belgian Congo, oocu"ing an area of 2,336,000 eg ka percent of all availab1e'uaanim supplies in capitalistic countries are concentrated in the Belgian Congo. The war atinlatal atomic production and extraction of ate+aa c raw meteriala. In mote of the resistance of England, a vigorous penetration of American monopolies into the Belgian Congo began. In 1943-e4, the oarder- mines of the Ialgtsan fly on Murders du Harit Ka`saga, yuaee Dahadogbdlle ;~oosibly Jadotr11L (ltatsnga region, southern part of the Belgian Congo) were already working at full capacity. All the ore extracted hero was shipped to the United States. In 1943, 8,257 metric tons of uranium are i m sent to the United States, and in 19", 9,967 two were shipped. Publication of data on shipments of uranium stopped after 1945. However, judging from information in the lbreign puss, the American monopolies are pushing th%; extraction of uranium in the Belgian Congo in every may possible. At the peeeent time, the agreement concluded during the war between i he Belgian gov and &rglaod and the United States, according to ettich the entire prWnction of urardum in the. Belgian Congo had to be planed at the disposal of the Allied countries, is s+.ill in force. The Bhneale pact, concluded between ft land, Prance, and the Benilat countries (Belgium, Holland, I+xeiarrg), oopletaly band Belgian and deprived her of eoonodc independence. As a result, the very raw material reaoncaea of the Began Congo and prl- muly the rnpplies at wraniua arse fell under the unlindtsd con- trol of the United States. The straggle of American red l tglish monopolies for control of world deposits at nrwndlan wee has spud even to such distant tin, copper, and industrial diamonds are found here under the operation of the Belgian monopoly, anion Zt niere du Harit Katanga. (Mining Corporation of the Upper Katunga). After Belgium was occupied by lti tier, threat Britain took . upon herself the *oare* of the Belgian Oongo. The knglish puny sued a double purpose in this: first, to place the raw materials of this region under the complete nontrol of the Britihh monopo- lies; and coo-ud, to bar acc, as of the American mompolles to biestern and Central Africa - the Belgian Congo - and deeper into the continent, to Mortharn Rhodesia and Nigeria with their very rich supplies of tin and copper. According to data from French and Belgian sources, 60 to 80 RESTRICTED STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4 RESTRICTED UICM regions as Antarctica. at Britain, controlling a vest aystean of resets bases in the approaches to Antarctica (Falkland and South aretland Islands) abed a "a 'kentific" expedition of 30 persons in 1943 to the Antarctic for prospecting work to deter mine the presence of ureudin and other scums of atomic raw materials. At the and of 1946, the US Navy Department sent a large ex- _`(aitlCxj to MVW V~ca ' ue W7iI t YAM c di ctinn of the ir,. us polaar d~ ?? NV VAOIiL V IYMNVMV. pe explorer, Admiral Byrd. A large usher of engineers, technicians, and polar experts sent by American monopolies to look for deposits of uranim ores send other types of atomic raw materials were in the expedition. The interest of international monopolies in the discovery of new deposits of urardum wee in Antarctica increasod still more between the unexplored regions of the South Pole said the deposits of u esiu ores in Canada. After Admiral Byrd sa American expedition, the English also sent another c aparativel,y sell !carp to replace the expedition sent earlier and to construct a new post in Uarguerite Bay, south of Cape Horn. In 1947, Argentina and Chile, closely connected with the American, monopolies, Joined the struggle to acquire the wealth of Antarctica. In June 1947, Argentina and Chile concluded an agree- ment for Mss development of a joint plan of action to study a number of regions in Antarctica. In a joint ccmmunigce issued by the Ep eerments of both coauntries, 16 was indicated that '...they sere convinced of the incontestable rights of Chiles and Argentina to the regions of Antarctica facing South America" (_Tt? South Tj,Og , January 1948). However, this did not glaase England, who made an official pro- test is January 1948 against the creatica of an Argentine enpport- ing base on Deception :,slasid (of the South 9hetaand Islands group), which belongs to IDnalard, and also ,gainst the proposed construction of a Cldlean military bass un British territory in Antarctica. 'Owes protests actually lednombere, since England was financially depend- ent upon the United Statea af,Ar th^ war and could not press the paeblsm too hard. Xn the struggle for the raw material wealth of Antarctica, as in other parts of the world, the British oocpanies were forced to concede one position after another =filet the powerful onrush of American monopolies. Thorium is the second basic type of atoms raw satorial. It was discovered in oxide fors in monssits said, fo=nd in India, Brasil, and in small gaantit oe in the 'Ynited States. In India, monnsite is foaod in the beach sands in the principality of lisvanohors and in the littoral regions of Madras and Orissa proviness. In 1946, the American research orgenisatims sorting as the use of ataedc sosrp airs began to show increased interest in the siasoral re- sources of India cieh contain weviva aad thoric. The ridirat dspcsits of aooami.te sere faced on the wathwsstern chars at India is the principality of Travanobars. RW11`K1[V STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4 I RESTRICTED to the effect that in the future, autboriaation for the paodnotion of thorium would be granted only upon egresmmnt with the government of India. lea and having a popu]ation of more than snit Billion peop1s, is a depsndsney of Pbg]snd. htsserthelmss, this did not present the penetration of Amaeriosn menopause into this region also. Unti1 the sdddla of last par the aaffamite sand atnad hers me shipped to the United states, shere thorium was extracted from it. The d4pmsnt of morsasits to the United States was stopped in Jume 194?. The go", menL of India, fulfw li this demands Of the lhglish m n poliear notified American time that the processing of monaaits mined in We muld be carried out directly in the territory of this principality. Acoampe*q ng this, there was a notification The pednoipe]ity of Tra anobore, oacgVing an area of 31,000 sq English s soon received a monopoly on the use of the manasite deposits in 'favanahare. They supplied technical assist- anee to the local gore t for the construction, si*dpment, and operation of a plant to produce thorium. In June 1947, the Geo- logical AAsalnistration of India, in close collaboration with the experts' of the English o acdee. developed a plan for the exploi- tation of rn me ii - and thorium deposits in Ti a. Thus, the English companies in India succeeded in driving back the American competitors scut securing fr themselves a monopoly right to exploit the uranium and thorium. dapoaito. The Am3riean monopolies compensated for this in Brazil where, and ac4ording to Jrforination of the foreign ati aoplmte],y untouched supplies of m naaits . there am under thhpras- sure cc the united states, in .ruly 1947, the ruling circles of Brasil established rigid governmental. control over all thorium r9- serves in the country- Pnd etrictl-y regulated the prospecting, ea - plodtation, and eoqport of Shas waq important type of Aadc rare At the begirain[. of 1946 uranium and thorium were discovered in Central and Eastern Bmraa (The Jg, 30 January 1948). The coat significant quantities them r active elemanta leas disoovered in the region of Ung'yan adjoining the M lieh Borma Oil Campatiy petroleas concession, and also in the district of Trion and the principality of Kerermi near the Stan border. According to information in the foreign press, American firma are recently begin- ning to show greater interest 4 these regions. The American monopolists, controlling the n'andumm deposits in the Belgian Congo and the sooasite deposits in Brazil, alrs occupy the most. profitable position. Bowwwar, not satistied with the attained results, they are also attemptdmg to penetrate a number of countries of the sterling bloom a antro]l ed at the pees" t ins by Dgliab corporations and rich in wanita and thorium.. '!fn facts presented indicate the fcthar agpQaratlcn of the oomp*UtL= between s011 cprawsm9br the .control of the merit InFortent ssourase of egi RESTRKTED M Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/09: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600130094-4