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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0 COUNTRY SUBJECT HOW PUBLISHED WHERE PUBLISHED DATE .PUBLISHED LANGUAGE CL! "IFICATION CENTRAL INTF; INFORM] FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS CD NO. Czeohoslovalria Economic -- Agrion'itaral parohsse program lampapers Prague;'gratielava September, October Ceeoh; Slovak ia10 oa1KKM C01N111, IK10K041ii ant"" TAB "TONAL *KnKw M INS M lTMl sum VMS "a 10A811f M OM00MK 11.f K 0. K. 0.. 01011 00.00 0001100. . 11910ANA111.101 N911 WA'.MTD! o..00f0 P10010 U .01? ' 010111 II A0 1WT M. A10 0a1KAKT110 01, ~.N,ffd00i,A101,0, T010 1/M IB 0 101A110, SOURCE Oueehoslo?- Mvepa pars 96 EediontaL, DATE DISTo J .Jmary 209 NO. OF PAGES 6 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION (Inforiatlon rog eetea.) BRZ*D 1141 PUB0HA9 -- Bn6e Provo, No 225, 25 8-p 48 Order of kmj in fnifi12of the long-rang purohnw p1ana The figsree to parentheses represent the ofter of. the baj on 16 September. The parobase figs-we from WxCa Boloele7 a e only as of 18 8.pteuber, and free Pilsen, as of 20 September. ~Fnrohase of Bread Main Yhifillwat 22 lu Ioor.ase 17-22 So Taorene 9-16 Bep a ; %) :.. (3) Hradeo Eralovo 3,958 63.94 6.81 6.115: 2. (2) Lladno 4,364 63.30 6.99 12.31 3. (1) Pragne 4,267 61.51 3.72 10.01 4. (11) Usti 1,962 56.70 4.50 12.70 5. (6) Haa-liobtw Bred 3,600 52.41 7.85 6.03 6. (5) Rlada Boleslar 3,&T 119.96 - - 3.90 7. (7) Olamono 3,530 k8.76 1'+7 ? =i0 8. (9) Oetrar 2,956 47.24 11.2; 6.46 9. (8) ?ar1abioe 2,581 115.30 1.63 1.117 10. (10) Brno 3,339 114.98 5.39 7.59 11. (11) Liberee 1,105 40.30 1.55 5.135 I}2. . (13) J1h2.ava 2,528 39.25 11.75 11.30 13. (12) %lis 1,166 39420 3.88 3.52 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0 ED Purchase of Fulfillaent Increase Break Grain 22, Be 17-22 Sep oarlieads ~~) 14. (14) Karlovy vary 1,528 37.42 15. (15) Pilsen ' 3,440 33.72 16. (17) Ceske. Budejovice 2,200 30.84 17. (16) Tabor 2,035 30.82 4.02 IO BA CRA33 PLOMMIS -- Rude Pravo, No 225, 25 Sep 48 Results of the long-range brest-grain purchase plan: Delivery Percentage of Jalfillment oarloedo) Ares-., Bohemia 34,867 xoravis 10,583 Silesia 2,996 Slovakia 17,501 65,947 22 if, Sep 49:10' 44.53 46.01 40.93 47.24 43.01 76.09 70.95 53.62 [Sio7 48.85[r316 =10-MAIN DRLITT -- Rude Pravo, No 223, 23 Sep 48 The farmers of the town of lore Dory have seat a note to President Gottwald promising to ueiiver tiw rv%uire4 L,5.5 qv.&a .t.i .. 'r rA - 't by 28 October 1948. Similar notes have been sent by the farmers of Hlisov and Ehtsa Nora. A competition was held for grain delivery he Bakovoik Okres. The two of Petrovioe fulfilled its quota 100 perusnt; Bavidav delivered 93.4 percent of its quota. he worst I.own in the district is llalinova, which by 14 September had delivered only 7.6 quintals of rye and 8.4 quintals of wheat, 2 percent of its quota. AU AND POTATO DNLIMIIS -- Rude Prove, In 222, 22 Sep 48 The farmers in Cirkvios will produce 2,307 quintals of grain by 26 October, instead of 2,279 quintals as origboally planned. During the summer potato campaign, 350,000 tow of. potatoes were shipped, that is, 140,000 tons more than last year. The sugar-beet crop was also good. The but oaspaign will begin between j and 15 October, and will last until the end of November. In the krej of Olcmouo and Brads; Kralove, the shipping of beets end beet greens will be increased 40-50 percent over last year. BREAD-(QlAIN DELIVIBIYB -- Rude Provo, No 224, 24 Sep 48 The farmers of the torn of Usonin in 1avlic aiv Brad Okras have notified President Gottwald that bofor* 28 Octabir they will deliver 10 quintals sore than their quota of grain, that, 2,430 quintals. A similar note No been sent by the farmers of kialesov, who have promised to WALL their quota of 2,003 quintals before 28 October. RESTRICTED Increase 9,16 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0 l0010PLED I6 OZIOrsPROVINCES Obrana ISdu, So 237, 9 Oct 48 The following amounts of food had,been purchased as of 2 October; 36,417 carloads of wheat; 31,803 carloads of rye; 18,579 carloads of barley; and 3,078 carloads of onto; in Moravia and 811esiai 7,836 carloads of wheat; 6,998 of rye; 4,720 of barley; and 661 of oats; In Bohemian 19,105 of wheat; 17,487 of rye; 5,762 of barley; wand 1,240 of oats; in Slovakia: 9,k76 of wheat; 7,308 of rye; 8,097 of barley; and 1,177 of wheat. The purchase of bread grain in the entire republic under the, long-range plan has been filled 53.30 percent. By 6 October 19,290.38 carloads of potatoes had been purchased. On 6 October more than 100 carloads woes purshased, including 320.25 in Bohesla, 337.60 in Moravia, and 38 in Silent. Twelve nerlnoula verve nnrnhweuA by thw A1nt!11er!we. (RAIN AND POTATO PORCWEB -- Lidove Noviny, No 249, 23 Oct 148 According to reports sent by J. Duria, Minister of Agriculture, to Prime Minister A. ZapotocI on the progress of autumn field work during the week of 11-17 October, on 16 October ,there had been purchased in the entire republic 84,828,carloads of broad grain (including 45,069 carloads of wheat and 39,759 carloads of rye), which is 66.27 percent of the estimate. Also 21,711 carloads of barley were purchased, that is 70.03 percent; and 3,9.18 carloads of oats, that is, 39.98 percent. Thus, 110,457 carloads of grain were purchased, or 65.44 percent. The purchase of potatoes from 15 to 19 October amounted to 76,078.05 carloads, including 43,292.05 carloads of late potatoes. GRAIN-D$LIT IES IN SIOTASIA .-Obrana Lido No 237, 9 Oct 48 Since the beginning of purchase 29,055 carloads of grain have been delivered, in 81ovakia. In addition to bread gran, 9,036 carloads of barley and 1,434 carloads of oats have been purchased. The assignment In bread grain has been fulfilled 64.41 percent, and in fodder, 89.53 percent. In all, 72.19 percent of the assigned quote of grain has been purchased since the beginning. GRAIN PRODOOTIO1 -- Obrana Lilt, No 209, 7 Sep 48 As of 3 September almost !i;,000 carloads os' rain had been sold by farmers for public supply, including 40,500 carloads of bread grain. This means that the quota had been about four fifths fulfilled. Grain has already been 3asgletely planted, nine tenths gathered, and almost 60 percent threshed. The Minister of Agriculture has reported to the Prime Minister that 98.1 percent of the grain had been harvested on 1 September, that Is, 2,7214,9514 hectares out of 2,7;'7,942; 89.4 percent had been gathered, and 57.7 percent had been threshed. In the entire republic, 22,868 carloads of wheat bad been purchased; 17,807 carloads of rye; 11,038 carloads of barley; and 1,021 carloads of cuts. In all, 52,7314 ooklgsdi pf gneiss-jaelmdiag 140,675 of bread grain, had been purchased. The aid of the agricultural brigades in harvesting is no longer required, and the labor force will be assigned to autumn work. RE CI ED RESTRICTED Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0 RESTRICTED PRODUCTION IN THE CZECH PS0T1N0ES -- Prace, No 233, 5 Oct 48 were ip Bohemia. Distilleries purchased 423 carloads of potatoes. (5.01 percent); and 2,758'oarlcaas of oats (28.14 percent). By 2 October, 16,588.01 carloads of potatoes had been purchased, of whdoh 11,176 carloads been purchased in Czechoslovakia (119.65 peroent), 17,674 carloads of barley According to the most recent information, 43 percent of the ground in the okroses of Bohemia has been plowed; 17 Percent oo planted with wheat" 29 peroent with rye; and 9,881 hectares were planted with beets. In the Czech provinces 1,479,514 hectares still remained to be plowed, and 705,092, to be Karlovy Try fulfilled its delivery quota of broad grain 194 percent ORAIA AND POTAID D -- Rude Pravo, No 233, 5 Oct 48 oarlcads)100 percent and will exceed it by 25 percent, according to an announoelent by the district oosnittee of the Communist Party of Caeohoslorakia at Bolin. MAD-GRAIN QUOTA IN FDLIN -- Rude Provo, No 932, 3 Oct 48 GRAM IN 8' IBRO -- Rude Pravo, No 230, 1 Oct 48 The fervaero of Badejovioe in Stribro Okrss have promised the president to fill their entire gn.ota by 28 October. Their quota for this your is as follow : wheat. 45'1 auintalpt harlwv 06 m,tntpt.. n.t.. g; ~.~_.r.i.. oeef, 11,800 kilograms; and pork, 5,300 kilograms. The farmers have &Lso promised to deliver an average of 3 liters of milk per cow daily. UHME TO FOLYILL QUOTA -- Jude Pravo, No 229, 30 Sep 48 The farmers of IIherce, Stribro Okrea, sent Prosident Gottwald a telegram promising to fill their quota of a lealtural produce by 28 October. Their quota for. this year In as follow: rhsat, 1,9114 quintals; oats, Be quintals; barley, 356 quinta.Ic; potatoes, 26 carloads; pork, 25,200 kilograms" beef, 38,846 .ttograae; and ey6s, 51,11) kilograms. They also promised to deliver 300 liters of milk daily. BREAD MLA31 AT ROANI 1MME -- Rude Pravo, No 228, 29 Sep 48j grain baa been fltlfil=ed 65.32 peroent" 9,085 carloads of barley and 1,443 GRAIN AND POt'AOTES IN SLOPAEIA -- Pravda, No 237, 12 Oct 48 In Slovakia 134 carloads of grain were paro"-mod 6 October. Since the RESTRICTED Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A00060021 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0 R `ED 90.03 peroent. The entire Slorsllan plan for grain has been fulfilled 72.50 percent. On 7 October, 5,301 quintals of potaotes were purchased in Slovakia. Since 28 September, when purchasing began, 36,882 quintals of potatoes have been purchased in Slovakia. POTATO PRODUCTION -- Rude Pravo, No 230, 1 Oct 48 By 28 September, 12,983-carloads of potatoes had been purchased. This 1s more than has ever been delivered by this time in previous years. This process can be facilitated by early collecting of potatoes. POTATORS IN B0E IA AND MOBAYIA -- Svobodne Slovo, No 206, 4 Sep 48 On I September, 382 carloads of half-ripe potatoes were purchased, of which 258 carloads were purchased in Bohemia, and 123 carloads in Moravia. The total amount now purchased is 18,144 carloads. SL'AR BNKT AND POTATO DZUTERM -- Syo8edne Blovo, Vol 4, No 239, 13 Oct 48 This year deliveries of potatoes and sugair beets will be twice last -- year's total. The best potato producing area, the highlands of Bohemia and Moravia,;sad southern Bohemia, will ship 12,000 carloads of,potatoes during the current season, as well. an, 15,000 package shipments; 3,700 carloads will be shipped to Preame. Producers have begin the delivery of 2 500 tons of potatoes directly to the consumers. The Prague Dirwtorate of Transport will ship 420,000 tons of beets and 350,000 tom of best tops by rail, and 160,000 tone.of. Ugar beets and 100,000 tons of beet tops by track. CZECH GRAM AND POTATO PURCBABZB -- Svobodne Slovo, NO) 237, 10 Oct 48 By 7 October 20,035 carloads of petatbes had been purchased. A record amount of 750 carloads was purchased on 7 October. By 6 October, M ZM ---.%.-A, -a L- i,i? v y- -0 ivvi. yi'uvirtiou, .YUauaiiYjf IJ)T-G 4arivtlns of bread grain. DELIT IICB Of PVrATOES AND LIrlBTOCK -- Lidove Noviny, No 2'57, 21 Oct 48 By 18 October, 28,018 carloads of potatoes had been purchased: 18,540 curl-weds is Bohemia, 8,933 oarlcads in Moravia; and 740 by distilleries. In the first 1-"# days of October the delivery of beef cattle was fulfilled only 90.1 percent (983 head lose than the quota were delivered). The plan for delivery of pigs was fnlftllcd 83.8 percent, 1,619 head less thca the quota were delivered, MT DENY IDS -- Li&ora 1lemokreoie, Mo 232, 5 Oct 'S8 Cattle delirorioe bare substantially improved durlmg the week of 20-26 Septembsr of this year, not omly in Bohemia, but especially in Moravia where the figure has risen from 68 to 103 psrosat. So quota has been ruled 108.4 percent, in contrast to 97 percent during the previous weak. Delivery of piss has exceeded the quota 16.11 percent in Bohemia but only 0.9 percent in Moravia. In the third week of September it was R percent in Bohemia and only 79.8 percent in Moravia. RESTRICTED STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0 DELITffi2Y O FA!! rXW CA'rPd2 L1.dara Demokii ie, we 227, 29 8ep 48 It in expected that the~f7.*Itpat4teedeaey 3a?the 10livery of :fattened cattle, ,whloh bee been in eviidenee e1-100. duly, vill gtMbafly' disaPpear. in,the, week of 12-19 eepte r, psrei~nt Of the beef lnotn and 94Percent of the pig quota were fulfilled lm,dsliiirlee. rR01* fI0lx Arobodne d3iO o, So 207, ;i asp %8 In the fir..' half of this leer, 02,5i4,767 va were prrohaesd in the ?tech Prosinoes this fulfillin* the 3plaa1lk.02:peresat. lly Official aoant, in the middle ofJune t> w we 7,790,607 banns whist laid 103,02T,339 epos., The arereP ,of 44V Laid per hen in July, wee 13.2. This wee. almoet 2per0ent.abows lent year, bat substantially below the figure for J of thin yearn; d3ABOTAOR Id Jdd'AVLICi 3T BpOD -- Jose Pzmvb, So 223, 23 t .P 48 In certain towns in ga?l,lshr Bred district More tae Wawa hunt, for saboteurs who withhold delivery of milk and, egrloaltnasl produota. farmers am ;nt1y are thw worst oT iedere. RESTRICTED Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210134-0