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December 22, 2016
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June 23, 2011
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March 31, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/24 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600210612-9 CLASSIFICF" ~N SBCIiBT CENTRAL INTELLIGEI Y INFORMATION~q `'9REkGN DOCUMENTS OR RADib BROADCASTS COUNTRY I1SSR SUBJECT Tranepcr'~r~ticn -Railroads HONI PUBLISHED Aailq newspape:cs WHERE PUBLISHED oSSR DATE PUBLiS.HED 27~-30 ?uly 7.98 ' LANGUAGE Rugeian or:'Iwa YNITee'..T.roa. rITNU: Tae .4NIW.'OT aanoN..a per eo Y. 4.. ~6..01'~NO Nt. Ita.N[N@Y0. '.:BryIMN6Nia910a~6R fNa.~[TalaT10. ?r' aNr 7uaaR,ro nv'.YnaYTaouxao saewa a VRii- MIa1710 OT u~.":'aa/R0aYC410N OY TNIa .0.\., la MONIiITRO.; CD No. DATE OF INFORMATION ' lgl-8 DATE DIET. ~~ larch 291+5 N0. OF PAGES 3 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT N0. TFi1S IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION SOUf$CE Soviet aews~ap9rs ea ixdicated. (Information requested.) PRO(~BSS ~ ST$CTRIFICATIDN AND CONS~9lIdA ~' RAIIRUAD LI1HC$ ~RAIIRQAD RECCSYSgtDCTIOB PRUQ21S3.SBS -- Sommuaiet, No 179, 30 J1i1 48 Seco~ tracks have been rebuilt on the ~Sinok-Moecoa-poronezh-Roator Line sad un the lbscow-Leningrad Trankline. TZIs 2~econstruction of SnpyanoY, Debal'- tsevu, 2aeinovata~a, and Lilrhaye ,unctions f.e is the process of completion. Hundreds of stations, depots, gad bridges hays beam ivconstrected. The lbltava, Ityum, Steniele~, Roetoc, Hharkov' loocmotivo sad railroad car repair plants. have ottained their prewar capacity, after having been completely razed. Along with reconstractioa of the tracks, progress is being meEa in eleotriffcetioa, the i~tallation of new technological equip>bat, and the.: aanstrnction of new trunlclinee. Trains atw new ell.ctrifie3 oa the Chelyabinsk-Zlatoust-BercijaueL Line is the IImle, the new lines of the lloecow ~nactioa, oa the reconstructed sectors of thli Leningrad a~ Ta111n ~a>ystioae, n~ on the new Rioni-Tkibuli Line in the Caucasus. ~cibali ideatltied as T1