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December 22, 2016
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June 28, 2011
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April 14, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/28 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600220234-8 IJ1~uUAGE " BOW PUBLI$yED DailF nexrpapere WHERE PUBLISHED USSH DATE PtJBLlSIiED 5 aan-6 liax? 1949 COUNTRY U?i6R SUBJECT lfilitary -- Paramilitesy organizations w. a e:: si ws trawac: ~ m nawareor N. sw an[an n Mn Fr rwnrrosm aiuoeo u'ha n+~a w uar. a nw_aws w nonraa: REPORT CD JO. DATE OF INFORMATION 1949 DATE DIST.~?~~+pr 1949 N0. OF PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNE,IALUATF.D INFORMATION ens Mp~wr aewuar wrrus~eer w0~mw vet Yneru wvnN sv rea u~ rotes. ~ ~c, ~w ev enwswr per w rear w~anfwr SOURCE So~let nom'spoperr he ipdioated, (Ialoznatioa requested.) PARAIQIaTARY ORtiAAIZATIOI ACTIYITIFB D0~1 '18111/8 DiDIOLTTI01t SAPP1~18 -- Patriot Rodiny, 110 19, 6 11ar 49 earl, this Fear, the Brest Obleet OrRanisatior~al Bureau of DOSARII Bslo- rnssian 88B~ organised a training oourss for das+olition sappwra in preparation tar t)s- dpriag fiaod. The students rent through tho trainiaglP~~ unc?er the sgpe=wisioa of as esperieaoed instructor, ltsser~e Captaia Yost'Fano~. The oourss eras oaSplotsd Lrooeatl,. All the etadenos graduated suaossefullj and .were rant to different posi,e. ta,,->~YE1t DOSA81l CO3mUCT8 ,`$i )3fAI -- TSkhookeanskaFa Zwesda, 1!l and the Ihsbaroxsk Jastitnts of &ailroad Traaaaport ~iasere orgaaizo-l a aotor- oFo1s enfl ski run on the g3-dbarorelt~uoeaswl'sk route on 28 JanuarF. Partieipants Soxist rport lkiss'1,1 2g, 090 perstns gathered. is th gawsoaa~l~setsdlue torhsarn the sportsaen. Student participants troy the Ihabaro~e:: lnstituts oY Railroad Transpoar0 >Aogines:s spoke to 10th grade etudsats on ssleotiag spsoial fields la hightr eohooL. The aotoroFo:ists and skiers atarfied t5e retti:a trip :n 2 FsbruarF and e:aired is glrsbaroxek ~m 5 FsDruary xhsrs theF were aet bF reprss~r~tatiwes of tl~ )GhsDaz'owsY $ry 7IZSi1 :c?ittee aid of the graF D08ARM. The skiers had ? ooeered sere them 900 kiloseters on the satire trip, attaining at bass a speed of 70 ki],aatern per hour. Ths +~-39y domsetio aotaro~ole was wed. The grq r1L~l Gpssittee and the Yrs,F Bureau of DOSAISI ewarded houor oertifioates to the partioipants. ApIY IMIt Fel _ 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/28 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600220234-8 -1- ., cusslFlano>N rTt ~ a~w Mses OISTRIBUTWH CLASSIFICA' .4 CENTRAL INTELLI3EIVCIrRGENCY ITtIFORMATION FROM FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADlO BROpDCl45TS Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/28 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600220234-8 S,JILIIflll DCBAf SCji00L ~RUI.i~l93? )miIALE~3 -- Patriot Rodiny,'Ho 2, 5 Jan 49 &nrollment in AOSAY Industrial School No 1 (chairmen of DOSAQ committee, Kukuehkiaj, is $allafn, doubled recently need now totals 100 members. It fuse been doaided to create study groups for radio and weather obeexvatiosa. ~::vu~I~a nuae~T D~I~ OQM~TITIOB -- Leninekoye Znemya, lfo 45, 6 149,r 4q AOBA~ hse decided to ]sold a comps?;,ition, in three stages, fram 1 14erch to 15 Sepr, for caeeagrss of s.uc ~.+~~ drw: - .,..; txaa.n>.>#ng aircraft. ~%ompetitor? mey submit designs for the following types of training and sport planes: bwo- esat plane for heels txaining, four-seat sport a'd tourist pleas, ono-seat sport and pSiot plane, tyro-seat sport plane for tourists and trealeportation, and ease-nest sport plane, To-~ prizes, from 10,000 to 40,000: rubles, haze bees offered far the beet d;eeigali of planes to be used fvr unease training and for the devolopsaeat of aviation ah a, 'spore. iI~E.8t8 Bl~ R&FSR SPORT CAE~IYAL -- Tikhookeaneke:`'a 2vezda, go 31, 8 Feb 49 A gramp of arm skiers ere included oa th6 teas of 21 skiers from ahabarovsk who will partiaipnte in t'1e RSFSR winter sport carnival Sn Sverdlovsk. The teem left for 8verdloist on 7 !'ebruary. IQLITAR7 CORBTRIICTIWf AZlDS NOR~tB -- Sovetskaya Sibir', Ao 30, 13 Feb 49 The Military ComtrucL'~a 6dmiaistration needs the following for work in lovoribirrks oonrtruotioa engineerr sad technioiane, sad looaootive engineers. The fol],a+ing are needed for work outside the oity: 9sator bookkseperc, anginssrr end p]annera far logging enterpriser, loooesotive engineers, tractor opr~ators, and outtsr (knterj engineers. Apply: Room 7; c5 Miahuria Street, ~o~oriSirrk. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/28 :CIA-RDP80-008090000600220234-8