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December 22, 2016
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July 18, 2011
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June 2, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230230-1 COIQTROi~ CLASSY .TION '65 CP1+"ICTSrs OIZT,Y CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE Af,. NCY ; INF'ORh9ATlt'!N FROM ' FOREIGN t?OCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS COUNTRY China SUBJECT. Political . Fc??ei,a}s xelatlone NOW PUBLISHED iderekly magazli.,e WHERE PUBLISHED Nan-thing DATE>.,. PUBLISHED IANGUAGE?. 7 Aug 19b8 7!1! Y/YiMIMO' ~MfM!! 9M/llfiYl"B YI!li~lY 1Yf MAflOyI~RyL 11611t1W !- 1N! YYARII !L}tl "Mile! t!! ~Y!\119lY YI l111lnwY 0fT ~! ". a Ii.,YA AYY W.Y duYlMl. 119 i!W{lIYYIO! OA 8Y! enllnx+oY ~i' IW gMi!!9Y III' A!Y ldllYU 1Y AY Yl~YfY!!IPlY PY!!0! I! IAO~ al~t>fe n. u".., ,p+~eY~eKeglll !r r!u nn a rliwllnY. CD N0. DATE OF DATE DIST.'Z~r?r1949 NO.OF NAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT N0. 1'H!S iS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION SOURCE R~n.heneh P' .tun (Cdnveroity-Revierr)i 701 I, Wa 5, 1848. IIai~ea~sitZWetiev Se apparently as independent veslclj perio0lon irst sane o~esneo~~i i~fi appeared in July 19:8. After revd0lving 90 iaenei ~ sritss the folioriag aaa].yeis; Contribntare to this review appear to bo liberal non-party ar ]Qicaintang ndhdrente who, prsviol~ely ooa- tent to keep still under ocnasrvative Euoztntaag role were beginning in 1948 to bsoose inorsaeinply disoontsatsd with tSe ineptness and oar- rnption of "tie ruling olique. Though they are not Cassnaiete they are leaning further left ae Comaaist viatariee aontimte_] The saying "A weak nation has ao diplcs!ncy" is really not very apt. On the oontraaly, rich and paverfal nations, sithpugh having inoeseaat diplo~atio activ- ity are in fact still "without diploslsoy." Because their tareigu policy is stu- pid and their skill poor: e~ if they are busy with details all day ]cng and do net hesitate on sapsase, *.heir labat and nosey Se vested; it ooatribntes nothing to their rnm basic advantage ar the warld'e tray relfare. Ltatioot which follow etnpid diplosaoy are nunerone is history and is the world tunny, but none can eeapare rith the B9. Since 17H3, when she accospl3sheA her ie~:~endraoe fray Britain, this young nation with sapsriar looat:oa and abun- dant rssonroq should have Seen onwanding in iaternntionsl affairs. 81gaa111 blessed by Heaven, it should have been s oohing figure. In feet it has not been so. The rsasan !e that US diplosaoy hue always been etnpid and weak. iihen I say this, Atdriosne Bill perhaps :start that i have been deceived by anti~~oerioan agitation and ast slandering s frdead and ally. lfsverthelesa, there are plenty of inetanoee to bsoY up >~ nssertioa. One inatnaos is Wi].eon's obstinate deteratination in 1919 to go to Pads where, despite hie Ligh ideals sad great parostige, he Bade bud sdetaloes and {t1e fine ideas rare esu*tlad.. -1- COIP'RCL/ilo OTPICIAIS O1PyY CIASSIF:CATIGh ~~~~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230230-1 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230230-1 SEA Fraaklln Rooeevalt, dee.pite h1a __*ine intellipeffioe; often b1~asidered in di- gloamgy. Hitneeq the eXport? to Japan vhgn var,cloudq sere gathering,,:and the peace ,talks In Haehii~gtoffi ,oat befarar Fear1 9ax~bor,' sad fives rorae Yalta.,. 0 Davao vS,--" uvcu-adu - d' 4i-vr:w ~Il.,dveffi ffif)re stupid. 1.Qot0. the J ~aNeeeaona~?ot sjdenth ~ lo9mnaa hoe ~ee~e oneself." Beaauee When pea ge roffia in the9s hands they x411 no loagar weekly aaiuto Y~rtoDxkhes'. Bnt, rahea` Ghineae of. all' classes appoae8 IIS'es-pport ,uf; Jnp;m/ it evolrod a stupid at~testent i"ra?, the'eretrhils tixni~ers.lty greeident,;,Asbneeedor Stnart~ "Tf this coffitim~es~ it aan'in?ite nnfortunnte.re~ult~"; isnd,ag4iaA "Iog gentlemWta neat bco re~cdy.to naoopt tho results of your sotiona" !Po sake such etatmeente to the peagle of n acuntry t? which one la daoredited ns ea- baeeudaa' is bad graoe;'and undigffiitiefl. To :hie eurprige there was unanlaone oppoeitien anrl. reetonetraaoep sad the alA gentlq?an kept quiet after that. Frosa the above inateuacee "it my be seen that B8 dipla?moy/ both in policy' Nand teohaique hne been doltish; it rue.eo in the poet, it ie ao now. Goaeider- l~ag the high gmality wind ouiCural adsanoeaeat of the: US peapla~ ~d'ie her d1- plostiLOy lihb thief` Basically the'faa~stion'~end exeautioa of BB torel~ policy hoe saia~7,y bees oocrtralle~ py three types of persons: ohaata, ailitarxete', and ei.Yrlonnries? Bderohante think aaly of gain, eo they want the ,dpen door end' are villii+g to give eooaiaio aid woad. A51I.itariats ere ribued rich foa~Seee for rAlrs eo they seise bases e~yrhere and do no': ob9eot':to trainlag enes6lee. tiieriost~iee feign love and ,,ue~i'e, "bat outvrardly ps^ay for tents pesos and proa- perit~g they ss^a in taut adveunae agents of lmperialiem. :But euah sorabatie par- tooraancee, chile they. say be'ee].f-hypaZtlaing, cannot hoodxiak t~qe. vhola rcrld. '17u resntt it that Then thA outrard torfa ie unsaeked,'the true etupidttW becomes ayparent. lwrioa ie indeed a highly civilised nation but hoe nothing tQ offer is the field et diplonaoy. Preeideat NSLon roe faced far hie "abuadaat ideali~," but is !1st he had ao original i:,sas. Al:. hie pro~eots rare copied trca others. For s~osiyle, the c~anoept as a Lagae os IIatiasu~ arose in the 1[iddie Ilges f the slogan "self-daterat~oation apt peoples" wa es~igiaated by the Ruseisn Gasennietaf the aArtaa of 'tiandats govsrssnt" ran barn in the foot of Britain teaching her Dolor hies to beaose Belt-governing dcaiaiaoa. 8ti11 leas rarcth sectioning are those, laolcding itooeevelt, Who have oor~e ester Nilson. ~horsfore tv oweider IIS di- 111osaoy as etnpid is both "natural and aeoeeeery." STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230230-1