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December 22, 2016
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July 18, 2011
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June 1, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230312-0 COUNTRY. SUBJECT {-0OW '! PuB~.ISwED iIUFIERE PUBt15NED DATE PU9LISNED L~NGUACE 50URCE BIVFORMATIQN FttOM FORgIICiN 1J1,6~Mf~ ?fg' {lADio ~DAaCI-87~ rD F10. CEIYTRAl. IMTELLPG~ND~ E A~CY . RFPOR'~ GlASSiFI(x'"+ON T358R - Helaruaeian 5 Soonomic - Plan fu1i111ment :lam lg rlavepaper 29 Apr 14l-9 Rua?1?n DATE ~F lN60RNlATOON 1949 PATE REST: 1 .7un 1948 NO: OF F'AiGES 4 SUPi'CE~C?tdY Tdl REPORT NO: THIS !S UNtVALU1YTED INFORMATION BoPetetgfn BeloruastYa,"fto 8, L949 a, BSIAHU88IA1P 9~I OAS PSRCSMf 0~ The fizot-quarter gross-prvduotioc plan vas fulfilled 101 percent by Industrial entex~.risee of the Belorusslan BSR. fh:':,ue production in the first gnarter of 1949 lnoresaed 52 peraoat over the first quarter of 1948. The first-quarter gross-produotlan plan vne completed by individual obinete of the Belorueoinn 8~ as fallow: let Quarter 49 Sn ~ let Quarter 49 1n ~ of let Quarter 46 Baraooviohi Oblast 99.7 142 Sobrayet Oblast 104 136 Brest ObLet 99.8 145 Titeoek Obinet 99.5 158 tiomel' Oblast 107 173 Qrodno Oblsst liiwk Oblast lnaluding City of lliaak 90 107 106 137 149 ~.Sn Mngt.isv Oblast 100.5 ~?4 ltriodbo4na ^blaet 97. 114 Pinet Oblast 105 i30 1'oleeete`n Oblast 90 141 . l[lnet, Gomel', Kagilev, Bobruyek, and Pinsk oblaets a=ceeded the grose- prpduotian plea, bat toiled to fulfill Che pion for gaentity of production of a oasber of in,ortant prodnote. InduetYinl enterprises of 1llnet Oblast failed to fulfill the quarter plan for produotion of oertnin types of snohine tools, tiles, Liss, roofing paper, lumber, eevn srticles, asap, and tisber hauling; Gomel' Oblast ?- 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230312-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230312-0 es -- lmber ogging and baulingy a.umber, hydrbturbinee, ti?1ee~ briolte; Pinsk Ob set .-- lamtaer, ~art~.,'ehoee, end esvn azticle~a. filae first`-quarter gr?ae-produatiaa plan vas fulfilled as fDl.lova by Lagging, cem6nt productian, alumidu[apare ?pater pipes, and ~bricke; Sobruy@k 'Obi t' t 1 RepeabiiD' aduetr,` 1016 Balton indaetry 168 Aaln Rdeu nistre" ~n of Fieh Industry. 8orlet of ltinietere Belortesian ABft 111 Rayon indnetry 101 151 160 115 166 111 161 152 366 187 167 The first-quarter produotion plan for bneio t9pee of produote vas cam- pleted ae follors: =lsotria prnrer Brloice 3dne Ti les Ensbsr llptohss Payer 8a~ fraaee Cut-iran pipes lfail.e Redlo reocirere Bard loather goads 8neeian Lather Chroe~s le~a~her 8hoss N~olsn fsbriod Hasiery Liltted uudsrrear Ynltted outer gerrente Conlawtiaosry goods Butter Aloohol Haneshald soup let Quarter 49 1n~_ Let Quarter 49 in 96 of let Quarter 48 lil 161 82 202 92 201 59 147 89 128 l05 180 99.9 231 204 354 72 700 l04 159 l03 136 97 137 115 129 92 139 99 174 105 232 94 207 106 249 75 150 112 195 157 124 l08 178 l09 159 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230312-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230312-0 The follaxing ministries fulfilled the grpee production pian, put failed to ..fulfill the pl9n fas quantity of production of oertnSn items: Mini.etry of ISght Industry -- nhrome leather, hosiery, knitted undarrear, oarpeting, assorted dish?e, aexn artialea; Ministry 5f Food Industry -- vegatable oil; canned food, and realaaeee;,Miaiatry of C~lstatory Indnetry -- oigarettoa, and W~~'^, M[nlntry of Looal Industry -- Ceet-iron pipes, nr;, bricks, limo, lumber, ehoeb, hard- lea her goods, and soap.' The folloring rminietriea failed to oomplete bath. the drat-quarter g;oea- productian plan and the plan for quantltly of production: Ministry of Timber and Peper anduetry, Ministry of Meat and Dairy Industry, and Miniacry of 7,oca1 Pue1 Ieiduetry. Industrial oooperntive6 oompleted 97 percent of the first-quarter 1949 grose- produotion plhp, and 4ai1?d to fu1fl,Tl the quarter plat, for quaatliy of pro- daotian of the following 1 ?~: bricks, lime; beds, carts, household soap, shoes, hard sad soft- Bather gogde, hosiery, ootton and Linen fabrics, and knitted outer garesat?, Cooperatitae o% Iavalida fulfilled the first-quarter gross-production plat, 111 peraent,,'bat failed to fu1f111 ills plan for quantity of praductlan ~F the ~folloring Lteme: mi+talxare, hausehald aorep,ahoee, hoeiexy, knitted outer garmeats,,uoafeotionary geode, and t:imbor hauling, Tha Rapublio ae a whale completed 9~ paroent of the first quarter plan for capltnlr'ooastrdotloa. Tho. volume of aapitel aaneLruatio? durlag the first. quarter 1949 emouated to 116 peroeat of the first quarter 1948 volame. The quarter plan for oapitnl aonetruotion rns fulfilled and esoeeded by the follrnring IInion-Republio sad Republio ministries and Baia administration under the Couaoil of Minietere, Beloruee~lnn 98R: Conetruotion Mnteriale Indaetry, Iaoal ltrel Ind7etry, 8duontion, Automooile Transport, Main Roads Adsunietratioa, Main Power Adalalstrnt,ion, nod Administration of A:te. The folloeing wiaie!ri~e sad main ndminietrncioae under the Counoil. of Ministers Belorussiaa 83R also ezoaeded the plan for onpital inv etmeate: Ministry of Clvilinn Housing Conetn:otioa, Main Admin~5tration for Reoonetruction of tha City of Minet, and Main Administration of Conatr~:~s:oc of Industrial Fnter- prieee. The first-quarter production plan for oontrnot building and nseembiy cork me fulfilled as fo'_lore by Hepublloan building oontraotora: let 2unrter 49 let Quarter 49 in ~, in ~ of let Quarter 48 Kinistry of Civilian Housing Coostruotion 88 142 Main Administration !or Reoonetruation of the City of Minst 109 165 inolading "Beltrattorostroy' Trust 110 1 12j 11~ }'nia Adaiaietration of Conetructlon of Indnetrial 14:terpriees 119 PreparaClons for spring planting rare made Aare Nffioientlj than l.aet year. Machias-tractor stations of reetero oDlnete of the Republic ooa- eiderably ezoeeded the pica, for tractor repairs. !Q'3e of the Belorussian 8~ had esoseded the repair plan for plots, soring mnohinee, acd aultivatore by 1 April 1949 nad aonpleted 9k percent of the rioter-repnit plan for traitors. -3- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230312-0 sus?nrat-quarter plaq>rar ;Btail:oommmdity,*txrnover, noludiog Mai? `kdminlatratign'af Lnae1 Flarket? Beloruaelan 38R, 95 peraeut, and Ee1b- In Maroh 19 9, retail commadlty turnover by a12 trading organitatione o8 thb The lovgring~ot_6tate retail gri?ee on coasuaere'?goadte,in the;firat --~ -...L,,, _ _ tiurAOrer 'v peroent orer r'eoruar~ 1949;;,. The !lopering-ai 9tate,retai,l prioea, also eaueed a conaiilereble inoreaee 1n :kolkhos trade; and lopering ~:->market' prioeo. During the Pir?t quartc+r 19~9i- kolkhot markets aoM more than during the first quarter of 19~~: ;grain 3.5 times, flour $.5'tiaee,'potatoea - more than double, and vogetablce, coat, lard, milk;"'and butter, 1.5'timea~ Ae eoa~arod pith Maroh 19k8 prlaae, kallctxos nark?t pritseg'in Marsh 1949 dropped, ae. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230312-0