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December 22, 2016
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July 18, 2011
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June 20, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230710-8 ~~'NTR ~' SUBJEC"i' GYM PIr9~i5~E v+~ . ~Btt~~ a~At r_ Pi96LISFtE?' .o1pr 1945 L11NIi~liAG~ ktuesiaa CEt~!Tn.,i. ItITFf:~a~. CE ~El~C,~"' RE~RT BWFORMAYlQl1 FRUA~ ~Of8git3fV iYOC'11MENT$ Oft itAL?1C3 B~OADGASTii .:D N0. CLASSIFIC~ION QATE OF INFORMATl~I y~"> OVO.OF P~Gr"~ 2 SItPRLEINEN3 Tf? Rc`f~RT N0. Tki4s i5 JhcYA?G~A?rD INFORl~1ATl~7y Economic -Metallurgical industry Bionthl3 periodiCe7 M~eanw Sflt1RCE -Prs~B'~s:~ ay~o 8usuzy, ~a ' 4, 1949. ~~ arm SAEIITA'i'I0i1 a~r_r~vr~ru~ ?~ P. Yefanov Cha, Cei: Coach Trade Uaim of Metallurgy i~orkere ~ number of motallurgiasl plants are already corking oa the 1950 schedule. Theoe include the Mngnitogorek and Euznetak Combines, the Moeoor "8erp i kolot" Plant, th~f Zlatourt Plant sad others. The 8aro~ P?aat produced its 5-year quota' in 2~ yearn. The 1948 metallurgy plea has been fulfilled. In oamparieam with 1947, the ~a'odnotrlca o[ area inorenead 22 porcent, eyeel std rolled gooA? 29 rercent, rail road ]sills 34 percent e:.3 arm pipe 39 peraent. The aohieveaanto rare cede poc- ~dbls by ,~rotiding her or rostored equipaent end by inarraeiag prwluatiwity of labor. Ia coaparisoa rith 1940, the 1948 utilization of bleat furaaoe oepaaity inereaaed 13 peroeat; C~irina r}o aa~ perimi the output of steel'per square meter o6 open-hearth furnace sole inoraseed 12 percent. Hleet furaaoee of the Boviet ~ioa nor produce as aterege of more then sae tm of cram per cubic meter pe: aey. ~iranoed blant-furnnce operators a. Float xaeni Dserzhinekiy, the 6eroT and other plants have reached 0.70 - 0.75, coefiioieata of oapnoity uti'-laatiom. Ia steel meelting, the s~erege output is 5 tons per square meter of furnace sole per dqy, chile the output of such nd~enaed enterprises ae the >fhsaetsk, iaeai Dserzhiaokiy, "Serp S Mo1ot~" liegnitogorek sad others Se 10 - 12 toms. The meet adranoed UB enterprises are sur;+nseod in eflioieaay of open-hearth furnace operRtio~ne. Recently, U3 plento boaatod they easelt 20 tame of quality steel per hour. Our 8tekhaao~itee at Zuznetek and MagnitoSorsk produce 'sO - 32 tame of high quality eteRl per hour. In 1948, aetallurgicsl corkers prorided oter a billiaa rubles of abore- plan eoonealntione; production coat was belor plea; the producticn per corker was 36 percent higher than that at the previous year, and 6.2 percent higher than that of the prerar period. The moat important achieeemeat ~.-ne the elim- Saatioa of summer end ranter seasonal docreaeee is gr;Auctiion. 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230710-8 ~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230710-8 9~cie..l~ *~:otition _az~~~=~ !a:. ~,.~ri ;:: :ho:..? echievementa; 91,6 of .....::1 !:.. _~, ~nt,ir.? .,. , .., a:.. -aiF.loyaes ctrc prrtici- ~~~ .,;~. iD'..~.1~C::'. ~:f ..:;il.l!?. .... tEp ~10'r72 Vf1w t .',:3 ~. .. i l.l. Sr ~, :.nLtnly popularizede 'lit ~> uulonE :::..:tll.d un~, ..;ka ~,ubllc.c~';:`?~n ~; aT`,r~~. n0ibar of papexe by kla~h tq pra~:rnei:e ita#oY7rct3oal on the irit";.~:vm oS :m':oti~ztore sad on trs a~::,cmp11~'hm~.' ^r adoan;:nc workor?. D??pitc~ results, fife l:rogreseive norms estaUAisiled iaeffi'yeor 'ifSTPf not c;j.p]f,Ad _in ail plants. .tbout 8 parceat o`? the worhe-%: do not fulfill tY1e norpue. Alt:lough the eQerage pxoductlvity of 7 .b .? i_=, x.?t&liurgy eurpaeeb.= that of the prewar perlad by 6.2 p?rceat, it ;-oFseeerts on7,y X6.1 pisroeut oT prevar:productivity !n the southern plants, ul:crh ere z._v TeSarg raetora6. Ratiaaellzers' suggestions are still adopted e:ry elei?'_;r. ~ucYug the last ,;.year Daly 40 percent of all ?uggeetioaa wor^ l.;t ?n~c. j.r;ctiae. Trade uaiane'nust actively participate to blimi3latr ;i.o53 :l~ facia. Collecti~eagre~ment~.m~at be fu1fi11~L. ~ 5::1y ret_t~:.~?cxs and same. sass- istries'completely aieregax~d this Qusetion. Interplant competition must be widely devalsL9Z, r`.ri% apai:i~l brigadara fax kaigher quality production muet? be orgaiyized to laprova produaticu, vlaioh very oPton is ;o~ v~+ry poor quality,. Min]rg, ty a;..gZact oke .a:nd ret~'aotary n?.tsrial industries must supply high-quality products to metellua'gSao1 eater- grises. . Meahcnizetion in mining industry ie still insufficient. The aoeffi.aieat of utilizatioaa of excavators in Seca mines is oa].y U.S~ - 0.60. Quality of rev materiel Se very important; for instance, it hen been reported that the iLrivoy Rog ore comtaine3 2 percent lose iron ti;cln t,:?-: percentage iadioated in bills of lading. Over a hundred open-hearth ':urnaces are now mechanized, sad other f.unasee x111 Ue mechanized in 7.949. ~t Magnitogorsk, rolling ie oanpletely mechanized and all operations ere autolcatic. 7n Soviet metnilurgiaal plants, temperature in furnaces ie automatieelly regtunteu eu,u am~,ltera do sot have to check caaetantly on whether or not the furnace ie overheated. The maximum must be done to improve living conditions and cultural and social orgmnizations. Trade unions must ensure that all aeoeseary aervioea are provided for workers in eueh sew metallurgical cities ae Magnitogorsk, 8taliaek, Hizhnyy Tagil, Chelyabinsk, is the Far )Last. Dzbs>rietaa, tassith- etan, Georgia atnd AzerbaydzhEn. Reetorntirm of living quarters !a the previously ooaupied arena is slow. q typical example ie the Azovstal' )'lent where a ttew binaaitfg mill and a ran structural mill, which did sot e:let before the war, are operating, but v1..r.s }h. ef.4rnf.lpn ~w1A t.n aJinit.aTy wn(1 hyE"n`' Conditiavae e>?d t4 amlttlral end daaial organizatiane ie insufficient. 7a 3 years, over a billies tables were spent cn lhousing, but reeu'lte still. caano~c be coneiderid ae satiefaatory. Ia 1949, over 700,000 square meters were gleaned; this program must ba aur- passe~t.. It ie difficult to uaderotead why the Ministry has plemasd less housing apace for this year then St did for last year. 7n 23-;E, about 400 n.ilioa rubles were paid for metallurgical worloers' retirement psneio~:e. The real incrneae in their wages vas 2gO percent. 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230710-8