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July 15, 2011
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June 23, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230809-9 INFORh1ATSON FROM FOREIGN DOCLIMENT~ OR RADtb ?RC;.:.CASTS LANGUAGE SUBJECT HO.VY PlfBLISHEO WWERE FUBLISH~D DATE R!9$LISH~D Roonomio - Tranepax~tation and telecoamavnicntions ileekly nerspapere Selpxade; I.~ubl~ana 7 don - 7 ~y 1949 TIIU 76NAf117 wA}NAfwmfAlAm lMIOmABWM 01'RRItOm Amm mallomai imnAmm W AAm BAIRf f1lT6f Alnlf tmA:ALm1U:0I mYMOAiml fttw m: ~, 6: fl Um fm. Y fmwwm:' 'In TlfmfA1ff00m N ii1A AfIfU110A BP In wAAlAmi IN 0YP AfAAff ?0 fA m140TAOMim! YmmdeA Ia n0? fNMHO N u7. mfpmOAfCA'AA O- AYIf /OYA 10 Ym0A1m1Sfm:,, ~OURCE Yugoslav ndlaepapers ns indicated. REPO R' cD rJO. DATE ~F ' INFORMATION 1949 DATE DIST.7,3 dun 1949 N0. OF PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT N0. YUC06TAV-MAIffi TRIJCBS .. 3RR Y RSiI TRACE O!E Y[fGOBIAV D$3ICN -- Duga, Ao 196, 7 May 49 The aer Prvenaa 3-tan t;-uok, i,.eeigred cad bu11t at the induetri~n Motaxa plant 1n Sakovioa, noar Belgrade, made its first trip through Belgrade streets is the 1949 May Day pnrnAe. The truok, made entirely of Yugoelne parts, w111 soon be prodnoed serially in Yugoslavia. The first truck ever built in Yugoslnvin first appeared 1n the May Day parade of 1947. Thin traok, the Fioair, roe ride of iaported parts aeee>=bled in Yugo- slavla. Traoke of the Plunir type vAre eertnll~ produced Sn Yugoslavia until re- oeatly, when their production became iaprnoticni beoanee shipments of parts from Czeuhoe,iovakia often arriYed army aonths late. Also, mo fo~reiga cur ie perfectly adapted to the special reguirea+.nte of the Yugoslav terrain. Zhe Prvenao ie a better trunk thaw the Picnic nod in ad3ltiom represents env- inge of =ore than 10 percent im anterinls cad 15 percent in labor. The Prvennc is mere aaneaercble and esn develop a epoed of 65 Mloaetere per hour chile loaded with 3 tome of freight. It onn negotiate any kind of terrain is Yngoelavia nod can turn nrcand !n n c'rcla 11 meters in diameter. The upper part of the cab ie fastened to the loner part, rhioh c~ataine the rnglne, by aenae of hooka. The upper and lover parts can be uncoupled in 7 aim- ntee. In ogee of engine trouble, the engine onn to removed easily. The door rtrig]e only 25 kilograae nod ales can be reamed eneilj. The bucks of the seats can be folded, sal a ccafortable bed ccn be made in the cab. Tha prototyae of the body of the Prvennc trunk roe made is 7sgreb, cud the ohuecie van developed in the Induetri~n Motora at Rakovicn. The Prverac rill be the first actor vehicle to De serially produced in the Maribor Antcaobile lhetory at Teztw ~ic; probably Tezno, n suburb of Meribo~~, in 2loveaie7. STAT STAT -1- CLASSIFICATION CLASSIFY ATION EE CENTnnL IPJTc~TC, NCE AGENCY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230809-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230809-9 e n p 1949 tEq was done c'ixring the last 2 years. After tt:b earthwork is completed, 2 kilo- metere of highway must be boil per day. Abou`c 2 million agunre meters of oonerete, asphalt, and cobblestone pavement x111 be laid. 1~Ioat of th9 pavement x111 be concrete. Cobblestones will be lsid an em?taail?ente and through forests, axed one section x111 be asphalt on a crushed atone meters shorter than the old road It replaaea. St:ae fax 130 k].lometera have~besn completed, and the highway Lae been opened to trafflb between Belgrade and Sremeka Aiitrovica and between 2s.g^eb and lvan].c Grad. ^_'he remaining 2~a k]lometers will be completed this year. This means that twice ne much work -*uat be aecom li hed i BL"7GRA~-ZAGREB BiCdiWAY tTA'AR$ CObO'ZET10Tr -- 7'ehnika Narodu, Ida 16, 20 Apr 49 the 100-meter bridge over th? Ceamta, and th? one over the HoeutVRiver, xhich ie one of the 7.ergest bridges of its kind is the world. This bridge is 167 maters long nnd:'.2 maters aide, and ie supported on wooden piles driven into the xlver bed. l~W-TXP.~ BOAT "ULR COfl9TRUCTIOR __ Tehnika Idarodu, No ).j, 13 49 During a recant uontaet, the Savanna Brodarska Radionica (Federal Ship Fork- shop} built a model of an original boat,, the Yiret boat with an ?ngine above the rater to be made in Yugoelavin. The model bee an air instead of a eater propeller. A model airplane engine Se attached to th_ hull by two engine s4pporta. The ilorkehop has pledged that it will build a Ptizll-size boat by Marshal Tito'e birthday, 25 May. The hull, already oompleted, is 4.82 meters long and 1.8 meters ride. The engine, xhich has aJreadq been .obtained., generates 60 horeepoxar. The engine snpporta and propeller are still to be constructed. A defeot in this or^.ft ie its lack of etabil]ty, as a?moat the entire motor ]e abase the hull. To inerenae stability, the engine suppo:~te x111 be made of tubes of 9peoial steel, on xhich the engine will rest in the lowest poesibla p~aitiun. Tho propeller rill have fou.+? b]adee. The ner boat x111 be capable of a speed of 70 kilamotera per hour, xhich Se aroos faster than the present gip. Another advantage is its eballox draft and the foot that the propeller ie not fouled in ehallox rater. LNBIJAAA MADEEtSI7~S TRTSPBn~ I.II~? -- Tovarie, Ho 1, 7 den 4g All overhead telephone lines in I.~ubl3ana are being replaced by undergraur.~. cables. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/18: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600230809-9 STAT