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December 22, 2016
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July 6, 2011
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July 12, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/07 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600240194-0 cI.AS51FICt~oe; CENTRAL INTELLI~iE~~A EtdCY REPOR GNFpl2M'A'CION FP.OM 1=9JFIEi{il`I DOCI;~AEFITS Oii FtAD10 BFi0~6'DC,AETS CD N0. COUNTRY Usslq SUBJECT Bconomic - Conetructior HOW PUI3LISFiE9 Deily newspapers WHERE !?USLISHED DATE F'UBLiSHED 5 - 2? May 19+9 iANGUAGE Russian aoee oaunlr _olrunf mrelrsnon unanla rnl funou~ /annu a~ rxr ull RP YTllfl 11nn11 all nWIIMY @I [lrlblMl AR lY r. ^. C.. sl ue n, u ulu[a. In nwululol of tell ffrlunol or nr s-Imlrl.~l fir null! to ~Il nnfamnuonwal Il rlo? ~,n14r10 fr uVM. tIRMpC7101 0/ Tflli roll If IlCIIIITII. SOURCE; DATE. OF iiir~ei'riATiOri i9%iy PATE DIST. /?t Ja1 l9kg N0. OF '?qG~S .THIS IS UNEVALt,'ATEC iI~eFORRAATi09ti B.AST~tH COASTRUCTIOS YROJEGI'S HBHIIID ~3CSIRDUI.a wCR~RD I1PJU5 liSw P7BD~6-- "sYkhookeanelo~;y~ Zvezda, Sc 11.6, 19 Llay ~9 Despite th9 comnietion of a nmabar of imgartsat uonotzvction paw~eatd of the metallurgiaal nad chemical industry in the eastern regiana of the D&~t, eud the compluti.on of nearTly oav sil.lion aguare z~etere of housing in eastern airtez~ieea in the last 3 yeaz'e, estrcern construction workers of the lu_Sa:ai:r,~ of the Cons?.xsnotion of Henry L^:due:ry Bnce?~feas are greatlp in debt to tae State. A nra6bei? of metallurgical and chemical shops end unite have a^t been con~leted on oo~~dule. a ooa~sidorable part of the housing plan wno not met by enstera oon[rtruotioa trusts. The plan far worker productivity rmdl utilization of construction mnohiaery we.e also not fulfilled. In 19k9, aonst_ructiun workers of hasty industry of the eastern regions east build n large number of open-hearth f+u~naoes, rolling tnllla, and Doke batteries, moat ezpead the ore tssse of ferrous mod ao:Sarrous metnllnrgicnl enterprilaosy pravidd itu tusr development of the paver capnoity is these regions, avl ooatplste other ohisf gco~cots in metallurgical and chemioel. enterprises, ke veil s.. conetrnat snore than 500,000 snare meters of housing. Zn lgl-9, these vbrksre havo pledged to: Met,aanize 73 percent of ezcavation work, 77 percent of concrete laying, 50 percent of plastering, 60 percent of carpentry work, 97 percent of neegbling steel structures, and 50 percent of loading and unloading operations; Increase labor productivity 2 percent above plan; IItilize high-speed continuor,.9 methods is 55 percent ai all housing paw~eeta. Bastes eonetrnction workers haveappeaied i:o workers of the aetallurgi;;al,. chemical, and meohine-buildinE industries to supply aguipment and neossea-y pleas and estimates for construction protects eithex.ea schedule or ahead of Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/07 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600240194-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/07 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600240194-0 '. The insufficient output oP new-model construction machinery by the Ministry ss_.. A?i?win.. i?ng, nl_rnrmrl. i;hn w^-tnnatve develo~+at of l?OnatrU6%~7Ai1- esiai i?vi5ri^v.a+.uiuv -q O I xtieGhaniznti.on in construction. Workers in +.he Ministry are called upon to increase rials n mat ? t t o e x uc output of conatructon Tuachinarq. Workers in timber and. cona exzterpriaes are also called upon to.etep up supp~_ios for construction prw~ects. Ti~xaoksanekaya Lvezda, fto 114, 2~ May ~9 In accordance with llacree fto 46 of -~.:ae Ministry of the Construction of ltephi?n Hu11d"*.~ Enterprises, 13 April lg4q, the firsde end kraduction Ca?blae of the VR3 an 4} ~xo h ^ ? ' " ~ ic^ tx3:c o ~ Car x of "lalaPVOatonatx`oy~ (main ieslmiuie~r;ztic,. ~,+ abolished. Claims Hill be accegt~ until 25 May 1449.. BHA.BRROV~ COPSTRACTTOft PROJECTS WASTE FUNUJS - Tilrhookeaneksya Zvszda, fto 114, l7' ~r 4g anizattoua and enterprisos in Hhat :rovak; Bray are makic+g illegal or r ~l g aa}y c impractical use of funQ,a &.llacsta3 to them fox capital constx?uctioa pro~eot's. The "gibelektromoutszh" (Siberian Electrical Assembly) Conatructicn aml Aesemblg Administration has.. proved ,itself an Azcoption to the general rule by fulfilling th?:194~.P~ 341 percent, exeeading tho Pirat-quartos 1g~+9 Plan by ].QO pax'asnt, gad' realitiing more than X00,000 rubles in above-i.+lrs sccuxmzlat3oTCS during the .iret quarter. Workers buildi~ the'Ruberoid Flout have subetautially inareaead construction 3paed end exceeded the Yiret-quarter plan by 100 percent. The "?lavamurrybprem" (Main A.dminiatration of the Amur Fish Txidnatx7), which has beQn granted tretxndoue exuns for capital construction by the Government, has seated a+oro than 32 million rubltie by investing in various projects w$icb Crave aeror "been completed. The ftizhx+e-Aaaas . iastc, Fic~i Tras~ (chief, Euz!w'ceov) hoe frczea murg than ~ million r+ioles in uncc~?lete nrolecte, `chile the 'aee~e of the trLSt i'or housing, additional docks, snd wareLoueas era aztremoig' groat. In 1948, "Glavamsrrybprom" illegally used more than 15 m13.lien rnblsu of Frcrki~ capital faycapital conetructionJ ,shies it had +rseted 5 million rubles is unplanned whiahchaa not~made aaotiafectoxy useiofiitecredlt.~7a119 8unone ofethe 12nlooal- a} industry pro~eote under aoastruetion were aoxcplated. Leak of close aeaountixag in cona'~ruotim axroaahas resulted in c~eee of mieapgroprintioa and lose o2 egnips~nt and materials. The &~ebarovak Must Trust hoe lost 75,000 rubles 3y mtsnp}nrcpr?atton oY materials since 1941. CHITA COliS'JftDCTIOA PROJECTS LAG -- Zaoeykal' akiy Rabochiy, fto 8'l, j ~T 49 Trax:.?~~~1 construction uor'sera fulfilled the first-quarter plan for capital construction 140 percent. xhe moat successful in meeting their plane wext, the construction workers of the "Zabaykalugo.l'" Treat, ani the 7.avitinekoye and Onon Mine Admiaiatraticna. Conetrnation xorkere of the G'hita Oblsat coal industry recently pledged to complete the 1944 capital construction plan ahea4 of schedule and Ozceedsd,t3ta hcnaing construction plan 100 percent.. Many uonetruction sections have not. been maetin(i their month], plane. ?Yhe Sneteaak Ship Repair Plant is lagging behind the echedu'_e for completion a? additional plant apace affil hoizeing orbs. The construction Section of the plant co~pletsd only 5U percent of the flrs+,-quarter. plan. The "Sibtaveturitetroy" (Construction o.? Siberian ftonfexrous Metsllurgical Enterprises) hee been criticized far failing to organize construction work and maintsiu labor diaciplim,.with the result that huge lceees hav9 been incurred. Msnpowor sad supFliee taro being wasted in a member of construction pra~ects of the metallurgical indnatxy, with the result that theao pro~ecta are not being completed on schedule. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/07 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600240194-0