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December 22, 2016
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July 6, 2011
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August 29, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/06 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600250111-0 CIASSIFiC^TI13N CENTkwL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY !NF?kINATIOfd FFtt?M-' E'G3REIGiN t70CUlr9EMTS ~1d RAUIO c3ka?ADCA$"fB SlJ6JECT How PUBLISHEC WHEf2E FUBLISH?D DATE PU, 9LISHEII 4ANGURGE F.useis'r,. no saonc* wnucc ~crou-noc unanw tcc unoru srncos DATE DIST.,,'~.gAug 19h9 ', . MU. OF' PAGES 3 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT t~0. iS UNEYnLUATEb iNF?ORMATION OPSRATIQBAL B(ri'TLEHFIJ~ SCOREll; RAILROAD IRSTALLATIORS HOHORSD RAli-Wffi.DING TRA21P3 HINDERED -- Gudo>r, No 89, 27 Jul L9 Tyro letters to Gudoh complain that the work of rail-xelding trains i?, beL-.g h`.a~~red by ?he fe?lure of various track eectien chiefs to Purnieh a sufficient number of rails. Train Ro 5, operating on the railroad oyeteme of'tY~e South-Western Gkrug, was idle 15 days during April and .May because of a lapk of rail sections. Train No lU, operating oa the Aeloruesian and Western Systems, has not Caen able to complete its plan since April because of ?a lack of rails to be ~:elded. DELAYS PLAGIIE FAR aA69,'agN RR -- Tikhookeanakaye Zvezda- No 132, 7 Jun 49 In the first quarter 1849, the F?r Eastern Railroad System waeta3 }`~ a'38,OOO car hours in above-plan delay of freight care at sidings of field dnd distribution stations. 7n many cases, the railroad's clients ere reepmaible for the delay Sn loading and unloading, but the ma~cr part of 'tho delays are caused by railroad workers. Clients ere not regularly informed of freight arrivals and there is much confrreion in the dietributir~g of care and the processing of documents. The administration of the system has personnel who are required to inspect ! acrd report on the conditions of railroad sidings, but they have pct been takiag the measures necessary to correct the disorder. The roadbed in many sidings ie Sa an unsatisfactory condition due to inefficient control or. the part of administration workers. According to Boguehevich, chief of the Far Eastern Railroad System, the system completed the 6-mcr:th loading plan and considerably ezcetdad the'? :znloading plan or. 6 June. Railroad-car turnaround time was speeded k.8 pero~nt ab:~e-the norm, and in 4 months transport costa decreased 11.8 percent below the planned figure. Leccmotlve engineers eaves aearly E millran STAfF NAW ARMY AIR Transportation - Railroads T;mily newspapers II9DR CLASSIFICATION Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/06 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600250111-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/06 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600250111 ~~ S i Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/06 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600250111-0 aaiiisal repalrc of rai=read cart was eaceedad. 'S,ince the begixating o4~the year, the system hoe realizes 38 milli a;, ri.bles; n'xeturne above plan: k.. dr;vw has begun to insreasn the ru7 cf laccmctives;to SGG kilometers R day. ?'ha syeteri;hcvever, is etil? . ;c meeting the traffic erhedula? sad id not yet npera?ing at a px~fa. Ralx~cad vorkars ha?a pledged to atta>_a the,1950 3oading levol during the third cuarter ^y49, t~ cemglete the 9-month plan by Rnilxaad We?'kers' Day (about 7. August;,. to omplate the 1y49 plan Y.y 1 Daoa~aber9 to 'save 4.4 million rubles by reducing ,cst?? and to release 2`million rubles cf xorking capita for the State. Receiving first prizes sad keeping the Transferable Red Banners of the Council of Ministers;USSR~'Bridge Section X90 2 of "Mostotrast" (All-'Anion Bridge-Bu1I'ding Trust), Poltava iocomotivorRepaix?',P1ant, Iaaza 3avmi1l of "Kartranlee" (K rov Transport Pimber.- Trust. competition for ra iroad worker?,e RAII.ROAD EPTFI2I?RLSFS P.ECETYE AN~4R S -- Gudok, Ho 90, 29 Jul; 119, Receiving the Transferable Red Banner of Council of 'Qinisters USSP. sad first prizes^ honing=?ad Subxgy Construction, LTZlovaya Locomotive Depot of Moacox-Donbass System (Red Banner transferred from Depot imeni L. M. Sesganovich of Tranecaucaeus System), Orel Track Section of Moscox- Rfzrek System (Red Banner transferred from Moscow Track Section oP Moscox- K:ui?ek Oyetem), Moscev Railroad Car Repair Plant iIDeni Vaytavich, Tambov "Revtr?_d" Machine-Building Plant (Rad Banner transferred from Lyublino Mechanized Foundry imeni L. M. Eager_oviah). Receiving first prizes and keeping the Transferable Red Ba-u~sr of VTeSPS and Ministry of Traneportaticn~ Belorussian Railroad System, Vinnitsa Railroad Syetem~ Khabarovsk-II Statior of Far Eastern System, station building of the Kharkov Passenger Station of the Southern System, Moscox Marshalling Station Locomotive Depot of Mce^ov-Ryazan? Svetem, Uzherel'ye Locomotiv9 Depot. of Moscov-Donbass System, TArnopol? Locomotive Depot of L?vov System, Tbilisi Electric Locomotive Depot of Transcaucasus System, Zaporozh'ye-;eveye Rai?*oad-Car Depot of Stalin System, Ilanakiy Railroad-Cei? Repair Shope of the Srasnoyarsk fiyetem, F{urort-Dorovoye Railrosd- Car Aepot of Saragnnde System, Rava-Rueskaya Tie-Impregnating Plant oP the Lvov system, Iehim Section of the Omsk System, the Dnepropetrovsk Locomotive Repair Plant, the Bonotop Locomotive and Gar Fnpair Plant, the Perovo Car- Rapair Plant, the Moscow "Maehinontroitsl`" Plant, the Losinooetrovka Slectrotechnical Plants Bridge-Building Plant Ao 1 cf "Stal?most" Trust cf Main Bridge-Building Administration. Receiving Lhe Transferable Red Banner of VTeSPS and Ministry of Transportation and first prizes? !dogilev Sertton of Beiorue3lan System (Red Banner transferred from Moecox Sectin:~ of bineccx-iTui?sk System), Emolenek Marshalling Station of the Western System r~Red Banner transferred from Baranovichitsertral?gyye Static of the Brest_Litovsk Sy stem j, L?vov-glavnyy Station of the Lvov System (Red Barrier transferred from the gazatin-I Station of the ~Lznitea System), Br?yansk-II Station of the Moscow-Kiev Syetam, kinek Freight Statior. of the Western System, Rezekae-II Station of the Latvian System, Murmansk Station of the Kirov System, Mosccv Passenger Station of the Yaroslavl SyAtam, station building of the Chelyabinsk Station of the South Ural System ;Rad Banger transferred from the station building of the Mlilok Station o. the heaters Sy=temj. the Ra11a1n Locomotive Depot of the Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/07/06 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600250111 r :;~cc~ saw 50X1-HUM _ " q ~-+-; - ~~~ , ..,~ qua nic:v Yeaeanger Iki&ct oP the Southwaatars: S staw~, ~~ K,arxri..aka a r ~ cnotlv,e Depot of the RPorth ? C.fil'aC