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December 22, 2016
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August 3, 2011
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October 17, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260104-7 CLASSIFICATION gSCRRT ~ti3~~ tiA INFORMATION FROM COUNTRY SUBJECT HOW PUBLISHED WHERE PUBLISHED DATE PUBLISHED i.MiVUUACEE 14aoaamic - ':.ryslscoa~tnicatiozae Y1n17.~ aarepnpere 0~ 10 Jun - 6 Aug 1949 1%11 OOCY^tMY CORYAItlt 1%/G[%ATiO%w/IYLTIRO TNN NAl10tlAi bt/1tl11 0/ TN[ V%IItO 1TAtt0 titTXl% iX[ %[1NIM[ OI [t ltt NA11 Att EO Y. 1. C.. 1f A%[ /1.11 A%RNbIb. ITt TRARR%1110% OR TNl [1Y1LAYl0% Ot IE[ [tltlTEMP. IR ARY %AMRtR YO 41 OM.UTItgXSltb Y1RE0[ :1 /1O? RIIIttC RT LA1. 1[1R0040THiR OI Tpt[ TORY I1 /ROHI11Yt0. lfar~pt~pere ae SaFa ^sted. ARMY haw f.l R sM s DISTRIBU'iIDN Z-~ v~u~E!C 6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260104-7 MYY1~7T' r DMA wbEQ /YYfM1sOQ ~v~.~+iw~~.u~i~ v'-~.-L~ / I.w - vY O~.~A.o~u earlWwi+y`c, n0 ill) ~+ A1ti~ '+7 A+. present :11 i'e7~- oantexa of lbldnrinn ffiR bare publio radio reoeptioa and dietiibo~tion asnterso In thi !c noetrnr ,fears 60 public rzdlo reaeptiov sad die- tribution oe~sre have been set np in the repaTlic. , 7~AID'EOLrICA7I01 Op 01$8 0?I+i~l' -- ILree:i~s, XO 1~9r 8 J41 h9 Thurs are nov 402 kolmacL e~ettle~eate in Oeek Oblast in rhlob erer~ have ie egxiype? rith rndlo. Thore are nov 78,000 oo~atrallable a+~udepeakers Sa fkask Oblast is oa~hriPSn rAth the 30,000 oouErollable londepaskors and reoeirere 1n ~peratiaa nt tS~e begiming of this Sear. Sstos~ the sad or 1949, 2,063 aars ko]khasee rill bs'l~quipped rith radio. T1-~ cb3aet should be aQl~letelT equipped rith radio daring 1949. Ehl'tnra i Zh3sh?, ac. 21, 31 Jnl 4y ~t prereoat there are sore than 107,000 radio pcinte in the reyone of aeiek Oblhet. Nora than g0 persent of thrA barbs o2 kol]~oz, !G'8, emd eorki~ox rorloers pre radiofiefl. ~boaL 60,000 orsetnl eetr bare been installed in kolls~ose~s of the ob]aet. In dul?w abon+. 22,000 radio points rare set up in the rural ra~one of the ob0eet. Ia the Oblast 634 koll~oaee are ca~le*.0~ rndiofied. ~ASIHO~ PLA1B ffi'lIIBI~E RADIOLrIOATI~ -- Til~aokeenel~n ZzaRPa, bo 172, 23 Jul 4Q lnblia rad11, reoeptiaa and diatributlog s~eteae Sa rnsan aentare of mabnrorsk ~ serve ae angy ae 90,U00 aoatral]able lendeg-~alcera. Sat there are still anal popalated areas, pertionlnrl~ silleges and patlsiag settleosnte is the Chabot fntioenl n~..I. +r ~.~ :'rl~.'` ~, ~ tom- ;`:::~ ~ - -1.~~ -oY --xY- -, - .... +.+ ooYa.~,lor w,, 7iuwa titi a6t bare ~a fa6iii~ie.s. lore tysn 1'00 kolthoLN are rithon~ radio. Coastraatica of radio,r,~ospiiac and dis- tribatian ess:e~s rill begin soaa in Ehnbnso-sk karnl Bq~on, and ito].khoz rarrei~e is Baf~cS.p Re`joas plan to aaYplete ride-aaale rad2ofiontia~n of the re-~on bs the end of 1y49R Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260104-7 _'7~e ]orayr b019,ARi~ organisation east estaialieh easy clubs foa? radio a~tears ~a its px~inerf ogran?sations. The kray radio club it ae any n center for traia- iug radio operators, and ahauld do aca?e veark 64e0~ the-mass of rorkars. Trade ae^gsn9.~eatioas ere not providing adenuats 7+gtplies ot.rsdia equipmeaL 1a ri1'lees stares. 3ta!res ors a]syagt alwe,7s ant of aa~stel Bets, chile the varehomer of tho Ylire~ hls2aa?aean's Coasaaerei' IIniam has at'$e~-et 1,000 eetc on head. Fiaall.a, ~eomal org$uisatiams, particelar]J those is rural, areas, shaa~is. make a ~ greateyr~ ~effot?t to dissesiaate radio science cad, traisa'radia teahaioAane. *s ~, ~iargyeA}SO, Ohair~n, EhabaoOYlk SII'a7 RadiC CaselitteB Tmterregeec repair ehoge of the 1~n1et~ of Csetin~nioatioas ehosid be net up om a wid:P so87.3r. 3aoh ladt~strisl enterprise, institution, cad"school met-spoasar radiafioation vcrk ~ a oe~tsiaa village, giTing it mate~?iale, y~ipment, and skilled psrsoaael. raTon Party and ezeodtire oorritteea, drs~?ing tha neat 3 aeei s. 'rhe rack. ri11- be doge rith the ri8?lsbale pet??ioipatiau +~ ko].ihaa rackets, iadutstrial rarkers,~aad intelligentsia, Hader the strict ooertrol of Reoentl~, tha mean of the Bbabarassk Et?ar Cai~nittee t-IP{b) sad the ezecative cs~ittiee of the ffigaT Dortot of iiorYers ? ~ Dej~adtiee~ epprovea n 'pica for i~?nei~is " rridinfiostion of the k-ey betreea 1949 sad 1951 and issued srx extreasly"is~urte~at decree osC'the eabJbct. The decree ?leol,sred that" the aidlstii~ not~6a~k ofd:controllable lodd~peskerre is sntirel,7 insuffiaie~at to s~;et 'the needs ofr the populstiom.' Tye ~pISri aalli~ for they iofioation of all. kaikhoses, f~.4h arr~b."nee, aad~ xorloer6' ~ oettZeionts M~,JIV '1'AVaOiNLYOD !YY?YV `- . 1, ~.++ ?+J M~~/ "'~~/ 3adio teahniaiesoe, eleatviaiana, aeaheaic~, ?ozgara, and re+rphnnaa ams arc eiasded. Porsom! a1tY} tan ,grades of eduastiom vi71 be aanepted am ra3i,o teahrloiat~~ appreati s. App].ys radio station of the tH.~uatr~ o: Ccas~laatione, At[sainnwk$ Statism ~0 Idlauoters east of Chi+,a~. TDII.IIf7~ 8T(Eti~ HAS A8Z-49 RAD10d !C~ 9AI.E ^. Zarsn Postokn, 110 lbg, 26 Jnl 49 Tbilisi sttmes have Teoeired a 3.arCe lehi~oa~t of ARZ-b9 three-tabs radio receivers. These radios ire consitarnb]y oYtaapar ~han other models. In n lett4r vrittsa to tha editorial staff of vda B. 3orovin, direotca~ of the lnzur7 sods departm>;et, and i. ao>