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October 18, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260158-8 CLASSIFICATION sE REr PUT CENTRAL ill', ELLIGENCE AGEN~C REPORT INFOR,AATION FROM fOi EiGN DOCU. ..AD-:O BROADCASTc (:II NQ. COUNTRY USSR DATE C." INFORMATION 1949 SUBJECT Military; Political HOW DATE DIST, /bT Oct 1949 PUBLISHED Daily newspapers DATE PUBLISHED 3u Jul - 14 Aug 1949 SUPPLEMENT TO LANGUAGE Russian REPORT NO. BI(XU APHP OF SUBMARIIX COl'Qt42 PUBLISffi!,'D; PARTY AIM VOT73NEW BOG 1i BOOK 01 EDLYSHaie -- Krasnaya Zvezda, No 181, 3 Aug 49 A now book{ Garcll Sovetskogo Soyuza I. A. Ko]ysbkin (Hero of the Soviet Union L. A. Solyabkin5, h bean .1~ .. a boo deals with 20 years' service of Rear Admiral Kolyebkin in the submarine service. Kclysbkin, serving with the Northern Fleet, rose from the rank of aen to rear admiral and commander of the Northern Fleet snbmmrines. After the war, he received en assignment in :!caoow. ? ' The book, published by Voyenizdat (Military Press), has 88 pages and soils for 1 ruble 50 kopeks. APES WO PARTT AID TO DAR SCCIE138 -- Sovetskaya Belornseiya, No 157, 9 Aug 49 Z.ections of Belorussian 1)09ABM, DOSAV, and DOSFLOT leaders have been ocagie6ecL Party percent of the old leads..; who failed to perform their dutiaa properly, wezc, not re-elected. General meetings of primsry o?ganizaticros, city and ob'1a++t o0nferenaae, ani republic oouaoiis have reviewed the work of the volunteer societies and recommended measures- for improving their work and for oarreoting ehartocni gs. The restive participation of society members and their criticism and self-eviticlem4emonstrates, above all, the growing interest of Belarussiane in defense wor}. In Belorussia, 76,622 delegates attended rayon, city, and oble'st conferenoee and 53,925 pwrtioipated .n discussion groups. During the election nampaign, 27,729 new memLers Joined DOBARK, D0SFI T, and D03AP. Party organizations of the repablic have directed all operations of the volunteer societies and have aided them in solving their problems, ea reaonmmended by the Central Committee KP(b) Belorussia. Urfortunately, not all Party organization and their leaders have understood their responsibility or tile ,paraiiu?i of the .a1W.tear cc 1etio=? P; rxa 1e, DOSAV organizations in nine rayons of Brest Oblast and in wiz rayons of Baranovichi Oblast were dissolved. It was only on the intervention of the Central Committee V(b) Belorussia that these organizations were restored. If the Brost and Berano- viohi obiast Party committees had demanded that the rayon Party committees deal with the operatico_ rf the societies as a Party affair, this inadm'esible situation would not have arisen. ST.1TE NAVY - (l ,;; SEGlEI Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260158-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260158-8 The same situation occurred in the :^,. L(' prL?ary organizations in Komarinskiy Rayon, Poles'ye Oblast, and Streshinskay Raycm, Gomel.' Oblast, and in the DOSAV rayon organizations r lizdens}-iy Rholopenichekiy, Krupskiy, and Zaalavskiy r Lyons, Minsk Oblasti. These organizations were also restored during the election campaign. The rayon Party committees aided in establishing the primary organizations of the societies in these rayons. The rayon Party committees reviewed the memberships of the orgburoe and. confirmed the chairmen of' the rayon orgburoe of the volunteer societies. But when it came to concrete leadership, the rayon committees did not find time for mass defense work. Alt'ioagh there are great shortcomings due to omission in the work of the Vitebsk; Bobruysk, and Mogilev oblast Party committees, the Oblast committees regularly take an interest in the work of the societies, aid them, and take measures to strengthen the pri=ry organizations of the societies. The Oblast committees control the rayon coamtittees, and they in turn strive for daily attention by pri.- mexy Party organizations to defense work in enterprises, institutions, achoole, kolkhozes, sovkhozes, and MPSs. The Osipovichskiy Rayon Party Committee in a good example. It handles mass defense as well as political and economic problems. Communists and Kcmteomole organize defense work. The 90 primary organizations of the defense societies in this rayon have more than 2,000 members. There are 59 study groups in operation. The recent elections brought fort): the best active members of the volunteer aocietios, buL these people still do not have experience in leadership. Party organizations must cnntim a to aid the dittoes of the societies, must improve their organization, and must strive to attain a vital and close connection be- tween the societies' committees and primary Party organizations. Each member Aa-+.A +n A.-P n ,.ctst, ....w-w1 ..t 1.v. -r . w~t......-iw.. =... .. r -rY ~~Witiily u41...a uy Vi,.uloo VV both the Party and the members of the society who elected him. The Central Committee MP(b) Belorussia stated in its decree that oblast and rayon Party camit.tees must show particular concern and mist aid those rayons where the chairmen of the volunteer society committees are not released from choir regular duties. -- N. Prokhorov, head of the administrative sect--'on, Central Committee, U'(b) Bellorueeia GE(2GIAN DOSAV TEATERS MW -- Patriot Rodiry, No 65, l)a Aug 49 A conference of chairmen of oblast, city and rayon DOSAV committees was hold in Tbilisi. Tat"anaahvili, chairman of the DOSAV Committee Geargirn SSR, reported 'n the work of the A12-Unim, 'cunca, of D .3fV Th-- .. -? v....6 yiiiwo two part in the discussions: Temblyz, (IQbaz ASSR), Vekua (AdzhrrA3SR). Pipiya (Tbilisi), Paliaahvill (Gorr), Pachurlya (Yoti), and others. Members of the coufavonce became familiar with the statutes, and with the emblem and flag of DOI3AV, as approved by the All-Anion Council of DOSAV. ABIIAZ DOPAV REPORTS ACTIVITIES -- Patriot Rodiny, No 65, 14 Aug 49 DCBAV oicy and rayon committees of Abkhaz ASS have been doing a great deal of propaganda a:_3 agitation work aasmg the young people of the republic. Many Communists and Kcrosomsols have been active as lecturers. In Sukhumi, capital of Abkhaz ASSR, ten new DOSAV prin.ary organizations have been formed within a short time, with a membership totaling several hundred. There arm also five aviation study groups. The r_,,.s.,----- ,tet"iy T'"...,., me---? -n? n,?,..r...~.,+v.,..v_ , -....v+ .a_.. _ - - -?~.. ~-- -- v u-i ~- a +... ,aO~OVU6VA1 Lab 0001! particularly active. Melly new primary orgenir.atiors of the society have been foamed in kolkhozee, eov'-hozee, MPSs and educational institutions of this rayon, and training courses for aviators are being given. SECRET Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260158-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260158-8 D SL IMAMS MNTION&D -- Patriot xodinv, N 65, 14 Aug 49 Nexekhateyan, M. -- Chairman, Yerevan DOSFIAT committee Perelygiu, A. -- Chairman, Mary City DOSAV Committee, Turkmen SSR Prokhoda, I. -- Chairman, Zagadno-Pazakhetan Oblast DOSAV Committee SUVCROV SCDOL HAS SECORD d 2AD6ATI0M -- Homeomol'ekaya Pravda, No 178, 30 Jul 49 Rostov-on-Don -- The Ravocherkasek Suvorov School in Rostov Oblast had its second graduation. The majority of the students received goad and excellent marks. .Five student Acmece