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December 22, 2016
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August 4, 2011
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October 20, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260178-6 ..~ bPPlCivnTivl.s .... ,m..9a~ ?f_-...~.e~e'?aYTiL~ Vl11JJ1 VVb1Y l1tadl.~~...y'~ ~axg' ~~~~~~~~ CENTRAL IfJTELLIGENCE A,GENCeeTTLL__ REPORT iN~'Oi2MAT1OF~! PROM.. COUNTRY L~SiR SUBJECT Transportat7on -Snow-clearing mactalaery ~101N PUBLISHED? lionthly periosiicnl WHERE PUBLISFlED Moscow 'DATE PUBLISHED ~~ 19~~5 LANGUAAE Russian mit tneutmr ca~ruet uro.tnnox amrnt. Txt xnnoxn~ oRnxn ar mR tlxma Brant rlrxlx ?x9 ^taxat 9r ttROxAn sax to x. /. C., 1111x9 it, !! PAY\9x P. 1%TGFx991ttlOx ax ix/ tRYt6ATl9x 0/ IT? tOxltxlt Ix 9x1 K+xx R9 TO Ax VxA9nl0xitl9 Ytttax I9 r00~ x191rR0 91 tai. RtrtO94CTlOx Or Yxll IOtx 19 /xOxltllt D~ DATE OF iNFORMATlON DATE DIST.~Z~ Oct ~IE9 N0. OF PAGES SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT N0. hlektmsisatefya_ etroitei'etwaR fto 8, 1949. FSN MOIASL D-166 SPOWPLOW ~RIBSD Rhe "Dormeehina" Plant is Shoherbnkasr has began proauaiioa oa iucs y-loo eadlsee-eorev snowplow. IInt?.1 now, no glove of this type had ever bean built is the X18&. COIIFIDEN~IA4 CLASSIFICATION COABII~'PLL _ $7A7E NAW NBRB DISTR18llii0N \ ARMY AIR FBI , _ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260178-6 'i'he H-166 is bailt oa tfie ohasnie of thb 'YeJIZ?200. She tsro endless-sorow b~dee ere aFezs'tee by a special motor mounted oa the rear of the o:weaisx The ruts blover'aaeing oen be elewed 60 degrees, making ft passible to throe the eaov to either aide .of *.he muting ploy. ~ 1^1e ple+ will operate is snow np to l.yiaetore deep, throwing the aaia balk of t,~ snonr lg-2g meters free the ploy. The average eaov-moving eapaaity of tae saohine ii 650 onbio meters per hour; ridth of ewnt'i, 3.1 meters. AseYage feel ooarmgstian tar the two motors, 26 kilogress per hoes; fuel oonsuaed per ts-tt of Brow rBeaorad, 40 kilogfsmap rpeed while set plowing, 2g kilaaetera per. ; miaim~. operating epsed chile py.owtng- 0.4e iiiosetiers per notu~. v`:or- limsnei~ma of the lesohinc, 9,8~ aillimatera z 3,155 millis~^tsrs z 2,9gn millime+.ere; mteimta radius at turn, 15 cetera. Satal weight, 1j,6yC #11a~rraa. The sadlsee-eorev blades, set at s pitch oi' 450 aiilimeters, ~brolve at rpa. 'Phe Biz-b]eded rotary blavsr into which the loose earn !e bbd tarns sorer nt 408 cps. The engine which operates the ploy mackaaieal,a 1e a l7C-ho.^eapovec Sii~Oel wh}6`~ dereZoplB at 1,50Q cps. the 230-liter fuel ts>~k ie :tcaated is trtsnt of the eagiae. 'l~eo 12-vdl~ etarege batteries rp~rate the starting meahaniem. ' Tho plow iYame !e r~ieed end lowered ~ydrauliaally. A Bhoh-35~ 8~' D~-p proridae prse~+lre far the eyetass- S]me system's tank holds 20 liters ci oii. ~ ? Despite its 0njkinaee, the D-166 pacYr~d to be a highly Fsoductisre and eoceoaa4oa1 maoLiae iu testa msds dtu^ing ~egrun:y and )IQaroh this Year. TL.e plsitr aosned, well slang enos+y roads. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260178-6 ~~DNFl~~9~Z~~1 Its storage aaoxamoving aapnalt was i'~?und to be 550 tauo per hour ~?io. Cf "650 aubio ~aeters par hour" sboP~. ?he D-166 ie superior to the imported plawe o~ aini]sr deem.; euoh fareiga~ ~e1s bta~a b(f kilogxsme o? gpe got hear while re~so~ing only boo torso of eaow. The operating speed of the D-155 varies between 0.~2 Mlaetstere gar hour and 1.5~ Y1,ieeretere per hour. ffhortooninge of this glow are its wide turning x?~idiae etnd oaerlosdinq of the Sk~asel nhiah aut down its ~arauverability. _ 2 CONFIDSN7IAT. 1 GOMF~~~~A~~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260178-6