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December 22, 2016
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August 4, 2011
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October 26, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260361-2 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGEN(~~'"~~PORT GOUNTF'.' Albania DATE UFO HON/ PUBLISHED NiHERE PUBLISHED DATE PUBLISHED LANGUAGE Daily newapnper Athens 25 sap 1949 1XIf DOCV Y[NT COkTAI%f INIOfYATION AIFICTIMf TXC NATIONAL D[Ilkfe OF ':Nf UNITiO BTAT[J MITMIM TX[ Y[ANI MB OF [B IIONABI ACT 80 O. [. 0.. Ji AND Jq. AB AM[ND[D- ITf TPAMJMlff ION Op TN[ P[YBLATIOf OF ITl fOMi[NTf IM AL1 YANYY[ 10 AN VNAUTXOki![0 IfgfON 1f PXO YIOlTC0 01 LXY. kf YPDOUCTiON 01 TNIf IOBN If PPONI qI I[D. N0. OF PAGES 2 S'UPPt_EMENr TO REPORT N0. DATE DIST. ;d~ pct lg4g THIS IS UfJEVALUATFD INFORCv9ATI0N Infor~E.v.*i.oa en tD:e pclltie++]. eitnation ?r. Albania hoe been gisen by a dip- lamatlc oesi2onz17ts from a covntr_v bwhinfl thw Trnn l:nr4n7n vhF. ,.. ...?T..- ri~.T +., Bwitzerl~'t& and ie now Sn GeaESa. In hie report, he etnied that Mehmet 8hehu ie Minister of ?aterisr, Manuah lh~fti, Deputy Minister cf Foreign Affair, sad Bequir 9allokn, Chief of General Staff e+f Albanian Army. Tho Central Coma.lttee of the Albanian Cammuniat Party 3~ located at Tirana, rand its chief organizer ie Tuk Jnkosn. The Camtral Committee coneit~te of 22 mem- bers of xkaan the follcwivg make up the Politburo: Sttser Hozha, Tuk Jakosa, F?dri Bpnhiu, Mebmet Irhu, Gogo Hushi, Spiro golekn, Meaol., %anomi, Petri D-,mte, Pilo Peristeri, Huzni Knpo, Liri 3eliehosa, (fiancee of the aeenesinated lender of the Co~lvniet youth 1Fako Spirou), and Hed,~mie Hoxhn, The B~curity Corps, divided into Cisil Security Fo?.7.ce and regular Police, is alwayo in close contract with the Politburo. The Cisil Security P~lica hoe the duttee of guarding tho Sroa,tiere, tue Albsr_iaa toes` _iti-?, ...._ __-~., ,.., .cll a3 p:otedting t;a Y~e~aut ~.~ ;,t gosernment against any resolutionn:y mosement by anti-Camrmunie+, elements. The chin! of the Cisil 8ccu:ity Police ie Lt Col Temp Seko, originally from the town of Philiat.e, Greece, but vho lased, uz1:tT roaent].y, in Sen'_spol, Albania. The headquertere rare located at Tirana. 7~e Cisil Security Po1.icT _~e under the oa~aad of the General Staff of the Arpy. 1Le regular police rare wader the ca?and of the Ministry o' Interior sad consist of persona vho rare bone fide enpportere of the pi~aeent regime in Albania. The influence of Communist propaganda is Albania, aimed rt a population whie'~ ie mostly illiterate, Se slight. According to the highest eetimntoe, only about 10 ;xrceat of the Albanian population Se made up of. balm fide Comauniste. Zhe Youth Organization, upa~n vhich Hozha ie basing ell of hie future hopes, includes m13 the youth of the co~atry both male a~.d female from the ages of 13 to 26. :.t first the youth was disided intc+ two grnupa, (1) tha Cacmaunist Youth, which included all the bona fide Ca~mgtiiste; sad (2) the People's Youtl which CLASSIFICATION ASgTRICT~7eL~ ? ~~V ~~~ STATE NAW NSRa DISTRIBUTION ARMY AIR F61 ~ ~ Sanitized Copy Apprl Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260361-2 included the teat o3 the goung Albanians who were not Camniniet but s,Fmpnthisers. ?inae this system aegan to fai1~ the Politburo recently decided :o consolidate the txa grou~:e iota c.aae crganizaLian called Dnited YamtJa. A apeoinl teahuiaal school fe laaeted at TLana for the training Ox ell aan- einaed idaalogi-.;nl fol.7.overe of Cceomuraism. All such Communists are glean 4 gears %ree eduaatlon in various trades. It` any student shwa a high proPiciancq in his studies he is usually sent to Russia tox more epeciallxed wark. Reeistanor to the present regime has long .;been naiad lax Albania end the ra- aeat iarnatian a2 the Fred Albanian Cavamittea abzoad has eztended this maTement. Aooording to the Aiplomatic persaaelity intol?oS, succeeaYul vati-Cotmstaaist nc- tlri$1ee are belssg earsied out in the arena of Mirdita, Sz?u,sa, Barrel, aaQ espe- cially Sn lforthern Albania. Tffiere, vsrlous chie_'taine under the comaeaads of Bul i~erlika, Rau IIaabibl, and Gkiaa karleaghian, bane openly re~alted agaxaaet Bsa~ka with euppart Yroa Atlbanian units arigiaating i'rcm< the Yugaelati area of Aoeii'apedhion. ~'EST~~crED ized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/13 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600260361-2 ~;