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December 22, 2016
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September 15, 2011
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November 29, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 ` ~Lr{551rlualiur~ a>zCTSa RESTRICT . CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OHT lNFORM9P:T:ON FROM! FOREIGN t?OCUMtENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS CD N0. COON"tRY Comm>Fniat Chine. SUBJECT Hcrnomic - Chefficel industries HOW PUBLISHE6 Ashy nawapaper rYHERE PUBLISHED Hon6 ~~ DATE PUBLISHED 20 oat 3,948 LANGUAGE TRIP DOCORt0.T 000.TAIR/ IRIOR0.ATIOR AI/1C11RR TRl 0.AtI0RA1, DlIR0.6l 01 TN[ ORIT[0 RTATIi "ITM1R TRl RYAa1R? D/ YRYIORARI AET lp Y. f. G., 11 ARA i3, AO AYi0.0R0. IA TRARCJIIIIDR OR TNl lIMlUTIOR p1 IA 60RTRRTI IR ART RMR[l TO A0. 4RAYTR0l1110 fllfDR IA /l0~ RIYIT0.0 R CAp. llMO0YDT100. OI TRIt fOIY I/ IRORIIIT[0. FORECASTS FUl'[QiS DIBVffiAI'Affi'IT OF CHI!!lICAL J3.7xTSTEIEB IR 3HA84~Cl1~ AdvantE'se of Shantung in the development of aheffioel indnstr.3es inolud?: (1) cheap fnele and electric purer; (2) natural reeonrcee snob ae phoephoras, snlihr, lialestoae, bauxite, graphite, asbestos, and mns~ others; salts and magr?'rodnotion. Abart 90 per- Deaf have resumed operation einae the liberation. The total m~er of employees is 43,000. Orea~ GO perae~, oY the faailitiee of these plants are acv being operated. The Chi-naa Sonl!>raatory is producing 400 bones of soap a day. 0?Z,Toerine-prodaoing faoilixies are being installed. This featory's prodnata are marketed in nearJ.~ all p~rte of the province. Chi-naa alcohol factories have not ,yet sbsaeed xork dne to a shortage of grain. Their capacity ie aboat 4,000 gallons a day. DATE OF INFORMATION lg4g STAT DATE D1ST. 2~ Rov lg4g SUPPLEMENT 70 .REPORT N0. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION RESTAI~tE~ SiA7E NAW NSRa DISTRIBUTION ARMY AIR F81 ~~-~~ _ l Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 Bconoatioallf, -sae of the ax~et importsnt industries in Chi-mss, and all the p* crixsce, is the =being Paper id111 ~:hioh produces $0 peraeat of the paper maxuzfactured Sa the praviuce. It has 5-, 8-, and 9-foe+t spherical steam vats, 20 pulp macerators with a eombimed~capaoity of i0:~ P~dss one 72=each cigarette paper Moller, and one 9~-inch thin paper roller. It employs 32k War1~- ~:. ~.d dog =r^_+^_a'^R G tcma of newsprint da%ly, which is sufficient for the Aew C-.aina Hock Store and the Te-,:hn Jih- ao. The company hopes to double Ate production by the sad of 19 9, conceabratiag on newsprint sad cigarette paper. Two difficulties besot this plans (1) the vandalism of the departing '~.' foxces; the effects of which are~tl2Y unrepaired, and (2) the shortage of pu,~.p materials. 14a wood pulp la available at present. The principal source of pulp Is waste cotton Pram Chi-nun?a weaving industry supplemented by rage and waste paper. Available supplies of these are, however, inanffloieut and labca~atary ezperiamuts with wheat straw and rushee ere going on, lack of skilled Labor is also cn obstacle tc optlvnm eapaasicn. The large eluffiaum plant established at 1Caa.-tang by the Japaaeao is 'being partially operated ae s cement plant at preaeat, producing 300 tone a da,7. According 1;a Japanese surveys, bauxite reaorres of 60-percent elumimzm content is *he Tzu-ch?uan--Po-span ~ax?ea amount to 50 million tone while Po~'er-quelity bauxite reasrvea aaou~rt to 500 million tans. Pxploitatlon Sa not possible at preaeat. The Hain-hue Company is an crgsnization be~sn with very small capital by a group of determined. men during the early Says of 1lberatic~~.. It r.~aw has four ehoga employing 1,300 persona and retail stores in Chi-asn, Yen-t?ai, and other places. The company has its own bottle and c ton faatary. It manufactures s variety of medicines, largely Chinese type. They have developed a member of new aombinntionrr of organih medicines, and produce 28,000 unite of one-cubic- millimeter in,~ectioa medicines, 15,000 tablets, 100 eats of surgical appliances sad 300,000 first-aid kite a mon+.h. The employees are all war veterans with maw years of industrial ezperience. The Ministry of Iadnetry sad Mining has under its control in the ~raviace 68 production ualta, nit Sncluding those la Ch'ing-too. Half of these are coaneated with the mllit~ry. At present 62,000 workers ere employed in these industries. the Lu-fang Ceramics Company presents poaeibilitiea for a good future. Their m~sin prodhate now are fireb,~'ek and electric inaulatore. There are abundant ddmestia supplies of raw materials for this induetrg, each as quartz, granite, slay, soapetoae, etc., as well se iron, steel, and coking coal. The company still Oacks plait facilities to perform at optimium capacity. The Ministry of Industry sad Mining hao indicated its i~erest in providing aeeiet- naoe to this plant. The General Chemiral Plant was originally a military plant with a monthly production goal of 15 tons of gun cotton and 45 tone of nitrog]ycerine. This pIrnnt has now assumed two further responsibilities, that of coke manufacture :rd tho dcvolopmert of phosphorous and sulfur deposits at Hof-thou. Thb General Chomical Fsatary should produce 3 tons a day of conosatrated 95 percent nitric sold. Thee requires dai?~ production of 6 tons of 50-Hanna sul.thric void as raw material. There is little difficpl$y involved here eiroe an abundance of iron auli`ide !e available is the Tz'u-ch'uan--Po-ehea area. Liquid nitrogen is available irons Shang-hai sad probably can be bought mare economloelly from that area that it can be produced locally. RF~TRICTFt1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 Tho g]ioeg;aarus deposits at Chia-p'Sng-ahea, sutath of Bai+ohou, ere we11 iiiiviYi 11i{"`uiua. T+.a. 1937, ~G,P?-=e?e 'd?~`~`~epeetibt2w ee~h"i7etie& t3is't _theJ' ~nlt7abed to 2 ~i1l.foa Sons. At present, 70,0:'X1 to fin,000 tons cna be seamed by open-ant methods. The nnalysls indicates the deposits amain ~~.26 to 34.g percexzt of phaspharaaa pen~'oxiue. Tvo j00-kilanratt electric furnnaoa are in operation and the Ministry Sa p3.anaia$ to refine 10 tone of pure phosphoraa per month. Inter it vi]1 produce 20 tans monthly of tetruphoaphrnue trisnltide to supply the match industry of t}te pror9.nce. The ministry 1a p.Lanning to develop ammonium phosphate fertilizer to auppletMSmt animal fartillzere. There are pharmaceuticals factories 1a Wei-hsiea and dlstlll.eriea in Yea- Ch'ing-tao is a seater of industrial activity in shantung, but at greser_t ~w baring difficulties due to the blockade. The moat important chemical indnatries in Ch'ing-tea saw ere s rubber fnctary sled a bravery. Yrodnatioa oapEcit~ of the latter is 200 cases a day. BreNery ran materials, grai~4,sa~r, and hope, can ell be assured is wag. It hen n good market is the 8olxth 8eae and thronghoat Chian. Thaw is also a modern dye faetory itn Ch'ing-tao with a monthly production vlll(1,000 pounds of sulfide n month. Ch'ing-tao also hna diesel oil and table salt refiaerias. RESTRICTED Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 COUNTRY Communibt Ch?re DATE OF INFORMATION 1Q4g SLiBJECI Baonomio; Politiloal HOW PUBLISHED Daily newspag6ra WHERE PUBLISHED Hong KongY Rgw York DATE PUBLISHED ""=0 oat, _ 11 :acv 1949 LANGUAGE nmbr-ve:Mr eoxru~! ~iroaNanoN ?rrornNN rw! xlanuNlL olnN!! 'er nA uamo !T!n! nnlR m! NuRVNa or urlbRla! Acs !a RI. Y. C.. 11 RNb Nl, l1f AYYMO[b. In 1RNNlYI!lION 00. iNY RlYYLRnaN Or In 60NnNn IN lYr NlNN[R t0 Aw YwAOTNOaIIiO naroN 14 ratl~ uNnb aT yAi. ~RrNObYCnON OI TNIN rbRN i! rRONIa1Tlw. CEPvTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 12EPORT INFC?RIYtATiC?N E'R(~M :LASSIFICf ~ - ,.. ItISTRFCTEU ~~"~'~~~~~~~ DATE DIST. a~ Rae 1g49 PJO. OF PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT fU REPORT N0. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION FIRST SOPIIT SffiFMMffi1T ARRI983 -- Hue??ch'lao Jih-peso, 11 Rov 49 Shang-hai, 2 Rovembar (HCRA) -- After China sad the *~ had eetabliehed dip- l.omatio re]ationehipe, the Beset China Trading Bureaus in pureuanoe of the Central People's gaverntent polioy, eggreeeivaly expanded trede act?.vitiee with the Soviet &~Son. Chinese hog bristles sad raw silk are to be exchanged for Soviet paper and industrial equipsent. The first ehipaaent of approximately ft, 000 tone o: neweFrint and paper pulp, fYom the iS.~t, has arrived in Tien-thing and x111 be forwarded i;o Shang-hai is the near future. ' 1186 SHIP BUILT ,lITH SOVTB"!' AID -- H~a-oh?ia Jih-peso, 10 Rov 49 Ta-lien, 2 Rovemtber'(ACRA) -- The shipbuilding aeation of the Ta-lien Shlp- bui'"1ng and Repair Yards has set a new reoord by building the hull of a 100-ton eteel~ehip in 3 days with the advice of a Soviet engineer and using Soviet aethode. This Se in aoatraet with the 7-8 months required for eurh a fob under Japeaese adninietaration. Ri1Q32A1~S GI98 S11V&BTI08 TO CBI1~3S -- Nen-hui Pao, 20 Oct 49 Shen-yang, 19 vawbv`a (EC.?.A) -- As a taken of t'sa Brest friend..-*,p +~?t es- iete between the Russian and Chinese people, Director Ieo-ma-no-fu ~neee np- prozit.atioa of a Rnesian nase~ of the Pehiale Inepeotton Section aa1 Direotor 3eu- ahieh-peso-no-fu ~hineee approziastio] of the Slectrio Power Divieian of the Ha- erh-pin Railroad Bureau have turned over to the Chinese people an eleotric rivet- heatiag forge that they have rented. -1- RE~tRIDtED CLASSIFICATION RffiTRICTSD ARMY AIR LL-. STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 The iPortheast Railway Ar?m1nietratina has annaunned that after trial in the Vehicle Snepertioa Section, use of the forge would be eatenfled to all railroad faatoriae on t~beir lime and to every section.. It has a19o been decided to award tho 1IICeIItOr9 with 50,000 yaxan and a oi- tetion. The Chief of the 16ortheaet Railroad Administration, Yu %I~ang-~heng (Ueda: 253, 5~?, 2461), has persanalJy written theme a latter eaia?escing hie app?'eaiatioa? The results of a feet, conducted on the electric forges manufactured by featcaiee in IIa-are-gin, were found to b? very favorable. The following features were noted: 9.'neee fo2?gee era portable anfl can be put into operation at onne wherever elec- tric current is available. They save the espenee and bather of aharnoal, require ao taahnioal eupea?vielon, and can be operated by one work+ar. They can heat rivets measuring one belt to one inch in diameter and one to 2 inches is length, in from Itl eeao~ads to a minute. Since the eleotrin current used is only 1.5?2.5 volts, the worbere are not endangered. Sleatric nurreat 1e used only for the time that the rivets are being heated ea that the e3.eatric power nonsumptioa is not great. The forges do not emit smoke or anal duet; therefore, the health oP the workex?e Se eefeguarded. The forge is agnippod with four sd,uetmente to regulate the heat. /t P ~ f '141 w ~ _ __ _ _ _ _ ~ 7 Yn/ 'WN 61~~a1i'~~Y ~ , l Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270028-1 ~