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December 19, 1949
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270498-0 COUNTRY SUBJECT HOW PUBLISHED WHERE PUBLISHED DATE PUBLISHED LANGUAGE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGEN ~"C1 INFORMATION FROM Transportation Railroads Newspapers lboscov 14 Oct 20 Nov 49 TWIS DOCOSSST COSTAISf IRRORRAPOS -ACTING TRS RATIORAL OSRSRSS A.D fTATSf ..NOTRS ^S.IIIRC OR ^OR:4SAOS ACT SO 0I MS uR Y, S. C.. SI RD A 0 AS AR.RDS. 1CI TRASSRI.S.OR OR TAY RST SLATIOR R I If ROM .1TS0, .RO ""M $' LAW. I RI RODOCTIOS CL THIS TOA. IS 50X1-HUM REFORT CD NO. DATE OF 1949 DATE DIST. -9 Deo 1949 NO. OF PAGES 3 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION RAILROAD ffi+'ECTRII'ICATION CU; PA8SMGBR SERVICE IS 1=XCTKD Work on the electrification of the section of the Mosoov-Ryazan' Railroad System between Penki and the Village imeni Dzerzhinakiy has been completed. ape substation, contact network, and rolling ctock have been prepared for normal operation. The first test electric train traveled over the new line 21 October. The section rune through Ukhtomakiy Rayon. It is expected to be opened by Novem- ber 7. Regular electric train operation began 1 November from the Belorussian Station in Moscow to the station of Golitsyno, on the Western Railroad System. Up to this time the electric trains had run only as far as Odintsovo. The Odintaovo-Golitejno electrified section is 21 kilometers long. Passen- ger faoilitiea have been improved in the stations of Pionerskeya, Borkhushkovo, Zdravnitea, and other points. A rail motor-oar depot has been created in the neighborhood of the Belorus- sian Station of the Western Railroad System. The depot has begun to receive care from the Biga Railroad Car Building Plant. Work on electrification of the next section of the Western System, as far as Zvenigorod, vin begin 3 November. ZII.AT'WBT DIVISION UNPREPARND ?CN2 CHAMNOVV -- Gudok, No 123, 14 Oct 49 On 1 September preparations for the changeover of the Zlatonat Division of the South Ural Railroad 8ymtem to electric traction were completed after such delay. However, there are still many obstacles to the operation of electric - 1 - t?hZrr~ CLASSIFICATION STATE -,k NAh IN Nsas _I DISTRIBUTION I I I _L Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270498-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270498-0 locomotives on the division. Little attention has been given to the instruction of locomotive crews, and courses for the preparation of electric locomotive en- gineers have only just begun. It is estimated that one half of all engineers and helpers assigned to electric locoxv tives will be operating the locomotives during the winter for the first time By order of the Ministry of Transportation, all locomotive engineers and engineer's helpers were to have taken examinations in their specialties by 1 Sep- tember. At Zlatouat only one-fifth of the electric locomotive workers took the examinations. It is a rare day when there is no case of failure in the locomotive opera- tions of the division. A repair base large enough to handle the locomotives now operating on the division has not been created. At the Zlatoust Electric Loco- motive Depot, which has become one of the largest on the railroad network, there is no shop for periodic locomotive inspection. Tice most necessary Installations are lacking in turnaround points. Send dryers have not been installed, and there are no inspection pits. In the sta- tion of Kropachevo electric locomotives cannot go up to the send dryer because several hundred meters of electric contact line have not been Installed. Every day electric locomotives can be seen being hauled back and forth an the station RAILROAD CONSTRUCTION PROGRESSES -- Gudok, No 138, 18 Nov 49 The Urals Trust for Construction of Railroad Track (Uraletroyput') is work- ing on projeots in the Sverdlovsk railroad center, the station of Smyohka, the station of Smotevet, and in Nizhaiy Tagil. Construction under the Kiev Construction and Reconstruction Administration of the Main Administration of Railroad Construction of the vest is progressing on the first section of the suburban electrified railroad line in Kiev. Electri- fication of the line will be finished 1 December. As of 1 November, 29,000 points an the USSR railroad network had been radio- fled, including 5,454 vad stations and 23,520 trackside dormitories and other buildings. In these points 17,000 tube radio receivers and 8,500 crystal receiv- ing sets have been installed, as well as more than 11,000 rebroadcasting points. The Stalingrad, Yaroslavl', Odessa, Brest-Litovsk, Vinnitea, Koval', Lvov, Azerbgydzhan, Kazan', Kuybyshev, Orenburg, Ryazan'-Ural, Ashkhabad, and Ufa rail- road systems have all been completely radiofied. naaiofication of tine Karaganda xailroad system has been completed. In all, 528 way stations, dormitories, and other buildings have been radlofied. The Rodin receiving Bets were used. Eleven rebroadcasting units have been set up on the system. Radiofication of the Moscow-Kursk Railroad System has been completed, with installations made in 97 stations and 836 dormitories and other buildings. The crystal sets installed earlier have all been replaced by tube receiving sets. - 2 - SECRET S[,li -T Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270498-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270498-0 FRS`IGST CARS AESD IN PASSENGER SERVICE -- Gudok, No 139, 20 Nov 49 According to a report of a meeting of the Political Administration of the Ministry of Transportation, 1,850 freight care are bein6 used in passenger serv- ice at present. Travel in them is extremely uncomfortable. The head of the political section of the Soutbweete:n Railroad Eyste- has raised the question of replacing then. Thousands of care have piled up at railroad oar repair plants. If all the passenger cars now excluded from service were repaired and put into use, it would be possible not only to exclude freight care altogether from pas- senger service but also to put a larger number of additiamal trains into service. SCOFNS PASEKBG E SERVICE - Gudok, No 127, 23 Oct 49 A recent meeting of the Collegian of the Ministry of Transportation considered the question of passenger service. The volume of passengers handled in 1949 has rise, by 9 percent over the 1948 figure. Quantitatively, the railroad systems are satisfying demands, but qualitatively the service is far from satiofactory. Delays of passenger trains, including suburban trains, have been allowed on the Ryazan-Aral, Kuybyshev, Tomsk, and Orenburg systems and. or many systems of the Central Asia and Central railroad okrugs, thus causing losses to enterprises through tardiness of workers. Passenger service on the Moscow-Kursk Railroad Syetom, the largest passenger carrier, is most unsatisfactory, in the Kurekiy Station in Moscow, little atten- tion is paid to the comfort, convenience, or accommodation of passengers. Sta- tion operations are disorganized and the personnel is uninformed and inefficient. Besides the poor situation in the Kurskiy Station, the system has other short- comings in respect to passenger service. Construction organizations have completed only 24.7 percent of the year. plan for restoration of station buildings and only 74 percent of the plan for capital construction of station buildings, as well as only 25 percent of the plan for repair of hot-water heaters. only 6 of 27 pas- serger platforms have been repaired. Also, turnover of labor in the station b'iildings has been very high (639 persons were discharged in 6 months). Tkachenko, need of the Mosoow-Kursk System, and Gornov, head of the system's political section, are giving little attention to the poor state of passenger service on the system. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/19: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600270498-0