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March 27, 1950
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/29: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600290765-1 ~,~~~ CLASSIFICATION SECRET ~:?~,a:,dt, t CE~:TRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY COUNTRY Ussg SUBJECT Economic; Technological - Electrical industry HOW ' PUBLISHED Daily newspapers WHERE PUBLISHED USSR DATE PUBLISHED 6 Nov 1949 - 3 Jan 1950 LANGUAGE TM if DOCYY[XT COYTAI Yf IY/Of YATOY ITI[LTIfY TNl YA110MAA D[l[Y[[ 0/ TN[ DMIT[O [iAtlt ~IIMIY TN[ Y[A YIYO 01 [f II OY Af[ PCT f0 u. f. c.. fl AxD a.?f AYUOm. ttf nAYfnuloY oY Tnf Yfr[unoY or In caNUYn u A YAUU To AY uYwrnouuo rufoY a wD~ xunm n u., niiooucnoY or reu /oY? a rfoeulTm. CD N0. DATE OF INFORMATION 1949-50 DATE DIST. a,~ ~. 19g0 N0. OF PAGES 4 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION PRODUCE NEW WELDING EQUIPMENT; SCORES POWER-STEALING IN YERVAN umbers in parentheses refer to list of appended sources ?.eningrad Tho );lektrik Plant has recently consigned a large shipment of welding transformers and spot-welding units to Moscox and Chelyabinsk. (1) The new machinery was produced under the plant's 1950 quota. (2) The plant has pledged to hit the production level planned for 1950 by 21 December and to release an experimental butt-welding unit and an automatic combination arc-welding unit by the same date. (3) TWO nex-type contsct-xeldiug units vent into assembly on 3 January. The units have their own electric current supply and should for this reason find wide application in rural areas not served by paver lines. (4) The Leningrad Division of the Foundry and Press Workers Scientific Engin- eering and Technical Society is demanding greater precision in foundry work to cut down on subsequent mschiaing needed by forgings and stampings. The need for electric furnaces such as the four now in use at the Krasnogvardeyets Plant for tempering metals by resistance methods, and for crank presaes~ now successfully operating at the Svoboda Plants are first on the list of desired equipment. More manipulators for inserting and removing forgings from furnaces are ~lao needed. The society also urges more hot stampings contour rolling, and electric-spark hardening of dies. Broader application of spectral analysis is also being pushed. (5) A number of engineersA representing many of the country's largest machine- buildiag plants have gathered in Leningrad to study high-frequency metal-treat- ing methods. The high-frequency method was introduced in Leningrad industry by V. Vologdin~ Corresponding tQemberT Academy of Sciences USSR. The courses have been organized by the Leningrad Division of the Scientific Engineering and Technical Association of bfachine Builders. ~6) ~;.fATE NAVY NSRB ARMY AIR FBI Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/29: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600290765-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/29: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600290765-1 The Central Scientific Research Institute of Technology and Machine-Build- ing has produced a new universal welding tractor, the UT-1250. 1?his is an automatic machine, designed to weld metals by means of different types of elec- trodes ranging between 2.5 and 6 millimeters in diameter. It will permit the welder to do up to 83 meters of seam per hour. This is considerably more than the productive capacity of any other existing type of machine, The tractor weighs no more than 44 kilograms, This machine will broaden, to a Brest extent, the application of automatic welding, particularly in the heavy-machine-building plants. (7) The UT-1250 welding tractor represents an improvement of the old UT-1500, since it is 31 kilograms lighter and more easily movable. Its case can hold 10 kilograms of electrode wire. Its current rate varies from 300 to 1,250 amperes. The nex machine is superior to foreign types iu that it has a nonstep speed reg- ulator which permits smooth speed changing. Different welding speeds can be ob- tained while the machine is in motion, without need to change any of the parts. It is extremely simple to operate; the worker only has to load the chamber with wire, put the fusing agent in the hopper and set the speed oP the carriage and the electric current. (8) In comparison with 1948, the Plant imeni Vladimir I1'ich increased its 199 output as follows: electric motors of 100 kilowatts or more, 1.5 times; motors of less than 100 kilowatts, 3 times; magnetic drill unite, 45 percent; and oil rheostats, more than double. In honor of Stalin's birthday the workers pledged to produce 500 electric motors of 100 kilowatts or more, and 450 motors of less than 100 kilowatts, the lstter to total not less than 85,000 kilowatts, end 700 oil rheostats above plan. At the same time the plant decided to begin produc- tion of high-voltage AM6-1374 electric motors and to release 25 such machines by 20 December. To carry out the 1950 program, the plant will Sncrease its pro- ductive capacity 20 percent and install by 20 December a paint-drying conveyer in the heavy-motor assembly shop. By 10 December, the nonferrous-metals cast- ing shop is to be retooled and the core room reorganized. (9) The paint-drying conveyer pledged for completion by 20 December, at the Plant Imeni Vladimir I1'ich, was ready by that date. The conveyer is 50 meters long and in 132 hours does a Sob which formerly took 72 hours, (10) The Dinamo Plant imeni Kirov has put into operation a new high-power bor- ing machine and afour-spindle plano-milling machine for use on electric motor casings. The armature shop will shortly receive a special new lathe for ma- chining commutators. The new lathe x111 replace several low-duty machine tools formerly used in this operation. (11) Plant No 6 of the Moscow City Local Industry Trust has begun production of small electric motors for home use. (12) Stalinabad An engineer of the Central Repair Shops System, Ministry of Public Util- ities Tadzhik SSR, writes to Kommunist Tadzhikstsna, 19 November 1949: "The Ministry of Public Utilities decided to undertake the msnufactsx?e of electric control panels in its central repair shops. There were, however, no drawings for such panels in the ministry. It was suggested that I work out the design. After several experiments I built an experimental model. A commission approved my design and I was designated to get production tna~.^:sy in our shops. ~~~~~E~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/29: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600290765-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/29: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600290765-1 "On an order from the Glavelektrosbyt (Main Administration of Electrical Products Sales, Ministry of Electrical Industry USSR) we put out 2,000 nex panels. The ordering administratioa~ however, took on]y 500 of them with the excuse that the demand in the republic was small, although in Stalinabad it- self, more than 50 percent of the apartments have wooden switchboards: "According to a decree of the Stalinabad City Executive Com7sittee, the wooden switchboards were to be replaced with marble boards made by our shops. This replacement is being delayed. "The construction brigades of the Stalinabad City Industries Combine should get this conversion underway in the shortest possible time. Our shops can sup- ply the units needed." (13) Construction managers in Yerevan continue to violate regulations estab- lished by the Roard of the Yerevan Electrical Trust, despite the board's repeated warnings. The violations include wiring without conformance to law or technical standards, illegally tapping the network for electric supply, increasing pre- scribed capacities, and using electricity for heating purposes. It is compulsory teat subscribers whose systems do not have electric meters have sealed current boxes, -- Notice Prom the Hoard, Yerevan Electrical Trust. (14) The Yerevan Cable Plant reports that it is currently making 78 different kinds of cable. Of these, 22 went into production during 191+9. (15) Tallin The Tallin Polytechnical Institute is collaborating closely with industrial enterprises. Its laboratory for testing the resistance of materials alone car- ries out more than 400 experiments and evaluations annually; its chemical labor- atory r~erforms over 100 analyses and evaluations. The institute gives continual assistance to such plants as the "Eatonenergo," Electric Element, "IKA," and '~Arba." The institute, jointly xith the "Sel'elektro" Trust, has carried out as extensive investigation of the electric power reserves of Saarmsa and Kiyumsa and the possibilities of kolkhoz electrification. The institute's chair in thermodynamics is, at present, engaged in research oa the properties of diatomite and its use as an insulation material. However, the management of the "Eesti Diatomit" Plant has so far shown little interest in this very important problem and hea failed to respond to the institute's request for cooperation. (16) Zaprudnya The Zaprudnya Glass Plant is about to put into operation a third assembly line for 1,000-watt bulbs. By 2.1 December, a semiautomatic machine for blowing high-wattage bulbs will be completed. (17) SOURCES 1. Moskovskiy Bolshevik, No 284, 3 Dec 49 2. Sovetskaya Estoniys, No 285, 4 Dec !r9 3. Leningradakaya Pravda, No 285, 4 Dec 49 4. Trud, No 2, 3 Jan 50 ~. Leningradskaya Pravda, No 280, 29 Nov 49 ~. Moskovskiy Komsomolets, No 141, 19 Nov 49 7. Moskovskiy Bolshevik, No 263, 6 ilov 4~ -3- sECRET Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/29: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600290765-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/29 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600290765-1 8. 9 Vechernyaya Moskva No 267, 10 ftov 49 Xra n F1 t o 86 4 ? 10. s yy o ~ N 2 Dec 49 Vechernyaya Moskva, Po 299, 20 Dec 49 17.. " fto 288, 7 Dec 49 12. " No 274, 19 Nov 49 13. Ko~unist Tadzhiketaaa~ fto 227 19 Nov 49 14. Ko~unist~ fto 264, 3 Dec 49 15. No 278, 7 Dec 49 16. Sovetskaya Eetonlys~ No 291, 11 Dec 49 17. Trudy No 293, 13 Dec 49 sECxEr ~~~~~~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/29 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600290765-1