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May 3, 1950
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/08: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600300726-2 .~~ CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL CpNFIQEtITiAI CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPOR~ INFORMATION FROM FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS CD NO. COUNTRY Yugoslavia SUBJECT Economic - Agriculture, standard of living HOW P:.'sLicii"iED uaiiy nexapapers WHERE PUBLISHED LJubl~ana; Belgrade DATE PUBLISHED 4 !fir - 8 Apr 1950 LANGUAGE rMU oocunrt coeniur i~w~~cno~ uncru~ rec u~nouu ocrdn or rue u~mo n~ro ~nxi? rec nsu~ua ar unoucoc w r ro ~. r. c.. a pro a.?r ~n~om. m reuuinior a~ roc urcunos or m coun~n w ~~r ^c~ur ro ? r~ouuo rmo~ a no~ unmo n ire. nrmoucno~ or rHU iou a rroxmrto DATE OF INFORMATION DATE DIST. ~ Mav 1950 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 700 GRAMS OF BREAD DAILY -- Red, Bo 58, 9 Mar 50 Industrial workers now receive 700 grams of bread per day, and members of their immediate families receive 300 grams of bread each. In 1946, according to the guaranteed supply, Yugoslav miners wit. R-la ra- tion cards were allotted bread, meat, fats, sugar, and cocoa amounting to 2,259 calories per day, in 1947 to 4,109 calories, in 1948 to 4,171 calories, and in 1949 to 4,297 calories. Industrial workers with R-1 ration cards were allotted 2,149 calories per day in 1946, 2,214 in 1947, 2,429 in 1948, and 2,590 in 1949. Srhite-collar workers xith R-2 ration cards received 1,555 calories per day in 194b, 1,608 in 1947, 1,816 in 1948, and 1,976 in 19~+9? According to the 1948 law on the guaranteed supply, miners receive 1,000 grams of bread per day, 1,500 grams of fate per month, 7,500 grams oP meat per month, 3,200 grams of edible paste products per month, 1,000 grams of sugar per month, and 200 grams n4 coffee per month. Before they go to work, miners are given free of charge the following items by the federal government: 300 grams of bread, 30 grams oP fats, 150 grams of meat, 50 grams oP flour, 100 grams oP onions, 25 grams of cheese, and 10 grams of fruit. At the end of 1948, further improvements in miners' nutrition came about with the formation oP workers' restaurants in mines, which increased the quota of meat per miner to 8,500 grams of meat per month, 1,700 grams oP sugar per month, etc. Miners also are guaranteed to receive six additional kilograms of wheat flour per month. SOCIALI9f SECTOR ON1YS 44 PERCEAf OF FARid AREA -- LJudska Pravica, n'o 53, 4 Mar 50 Ia the VoJvodina, the socialist sector owns 44 percent of the entire farm area. By 20 December 1949, the VoJvodina had 744 cooperatives with a member- ship of 98,524 farms, or 33.4 percent oP all the Parma in the VoJvodina. The cooperatives have an area of 1,142,413 oral (yokes), excluding members' private gaxdeas. CLASSIFICATION STATE NAVY NSRB CONFIDENTIAL DISTRI B1ITIOIJ CO~IFIDEN~i~I. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/08: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600300726-2 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/08: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600300726-2 CDPiFIDE~TiAl. The total area of the cooperative sector (with farms) amounts to 1,196,325 oral, or 31.5 percent of the total farm area in the Vojvodina. The state sector Duns 471,623 oral of land. Of this, 222,948 oral consti- tutes arable land, or 7.9 percent of all the fiPi da in the p.,~.._a?_ ot_.e and cooperative farms is the Vojvodina delivered 61,000 fat pigs in 1949. State farms delivered 146 carloads of high-grade xheat seed to cooperatives in 1949? They also produced 50 carloads of barley seed, 32 carloads of oats, and 170 car- loads of potatoes. State farms in the Vojvodina have over 42 percent more horses at present thaw in 1948, 46.8 percent more cattle, 210 percent more sheep, sad 161.4 per- cent more poultry. Cooperatives had 28,673 horses is 1948 sad 57,821 in 1949, 9,184 head of cattle in 1948,ead 29,606 in 1949, 45,601 pigs in 1948 sad 145,795 in 1949, and 27,729 sheep in 1948 and 88,226 in 1949. On the average, a cooperative owns 140 farms and over 1,500 oral of ].sad. The total investments in the socialist sector of the Vojvodina in 1949 amounted to 2,600,000,000 aiaara. MILK OUTPUT IN SLOVENIA -- Slovenski Porocevalec, No 63, 14 Mar 50 The average yearly production of milk in Slovenia is only 1,300 liters per cow. Only one-fourth to at beat one liter of milk per day goes to the consumer. TO INVEST 50 MILLION DINARS ON SIAVENLAN FARMS -- Slovenski Porocevalec, No 85, 8 Apr 50 This year, eight new goose farms will be opened in Slovenia. The farm at Ha~dina will have 5,000 geese sad at Hrastovec 4,000. The farm at Otocec will have space for 10,000 ducks. The farm at Brezice will have 4,000 chickens. The only turkey farm in Slovenia, in Zastava, sill have room for 1,200 turkeys. The farm at Brest will have 3,000 Pigs. About 50 million dinars will be invested for such installations in 1950. 909,4 II~iAYID IN YUGOSLAVIA IN 1949 -- Slovenski Porocevalec, No 73, 23 Mar 50 The number of persona employed in industry, mining, forestry, and construc- tion is Yugoslavia was 347,'(00 in 1931, 630,100 in 1947, 749,3 in 1948, and 909,400 in 1949? CONFIDEtf-i ~;'''- nitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/08: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600300726-2