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August 1, 1950
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/31: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600330323-6 CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIACONFIDENTIAL CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT INFORMATION FROM FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS CD NO. COUNTRY USSR SUBJECT Political - Ukrainian liberation movement DATE DIST. / Aug. 1950 Ttllt OOCUNIAT CONTAIN! INIOIIATION All el' NI TOR NATIONAL Ol/0Nil O- nL 0117{D "A"" Wlnl^ Tilt rtArIMN or l//IOMAII ACT 50 ON Y. I. C.. {I ANT II. Al A..000. In TIA"{MILLION ON TWA IIY{11TI 0/ ITO CONTINn IN ANY MANN IN TO AN UNAOn0OIL1D PINION IN PNO? 1111700 BY LAW. IVI000CTI0I O/ TM10 P901 II /NONIOInD. DATE OF INFORMATION 1944 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION "SOURCE -Die national-ukrainische WiderstandsbewegUng UPA, ORGANIZATIONS PERSONALITIES OF UKRAINIAN LThERAmION MOVEMENT Organizations UVO (Ukraine'ka Viys'kova Organizatsiya, Ukrainian Military Organization) (Ukraine) Ukrain'skyy Natsional'nyy Soyuz, Ukrainian National Union (Paris). OUN (Organizatsiya Ukrain'skikh Natsionalistyy, Organization of Ukrainiin Nationalists) (Ukraine). SB (Sluzhba Bezopasnosti, Security Service of the OUN) (Ukraine). Bandera Group (Ukraine). Melnik Group (Ukraine). "Taras Bulba" (Borovets) Partisan Unit (Galicia). UPA ,(Ukrain'ska Povstancheska Armiya, Ukrainian Revolutionary Army) (Western Ukraine and Galicia). UNS (Ukrain'ska Natsional'na Samookhorona, Ukrainian National Self- defense) (Western Ukraine). UNRA (Ukrain'ska Natsional'na Revolutsiyna Armiya, Ukrainian National Revolutionary Army) (Eastern Ukraine). OUNRP (Organizatsiya Ulraintskoy Revolutsyynoy Partii, Organization of,Zhe Ukrainian Na+ional Revolutionary Party) (Ukraine). Hetman Movement (Ukraine). Union or the Liberation of the Ukraine (Paris). PfHrrnraiPI N W CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL _FL 50X1 -HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/31 CIA-RDP80-00809A000600330323-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/31: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600330323-6 UNANKOR (Ukrainian National Cossack Movement) (Berlin). KNOD (ICozats'ko Natsional'ne Oposytsiyne Dvizheniye, Cossack National Opposition Movement) (Prague). UNAKOTO (Ukrain'ske Natsional'ne Kozatske Tovarishchestvo, Ukrainian National Cossack Association) (Rumania). UKO (Ukrain'ska Kul'turna Organizatsiya, Ukrainian Cultural Organi- zation) (Bulgaria). Ukrain'ska Sel'skokhosyayska Ob'yednannya, Ukrainian Agricultural Association (Bulgaria). Leading Personalities of the Ukrainian Liberation Movement Alekseyev, Konstantin -- Cossack general; member, Ukrainian National Cossack Association (UNAKOTO). Bandera, Stefan -- Leading nationalist and cofounc?.er of OUN. Sentenced to 8 years in prison in Poland because of illegal political activities. After death of Colonel Konovalets, assumed leadership of entire OUN. Course of actin taken by him within the Ukrainian liberation movement is known under the name of "Bandera Movement"; pursued his aims ruthlessly and fought simultaneously against the Soviets, Poles, and Germans. At present in protective custody. Bashenko, Opanas -- Leading nationalist in OUN, became famous mainly through speeches and writings at the Second Extraordinary Congress- of the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists (author of Two Years of Battle). Bobanych -- President, Court of Justice in Stryy; leading member of UPA. Boroshchenko -- Ukrainian writer; leading member of UPA. Borovets -- Undercover name: Taras Bulba. In 194] formed a Ukrainian militia in Galicia and Volhynia to combat Bolshevist partisans and dispersed parts of the Red Army; organized the Ukrainian units into the so-called "Sich" units which were outlawed in 1943. Fled with some of his partisans into the woods and continued his fight against Bolshevists and Poles. Galyp, Jacob -- Engineer; lived in Paris and acted as liaison man between the Cossack liberation movements (KNOD) in Prague and England. Belonged to a masonic lodge. Glazkov -- Engineer; leader of Cossack liberation movement (KNOB) - Prague; receives his directives iron Colonel Poltavets-Ostranitsa in Berlin. Gulay, Diomid -- Leader of Ukrainian National Cossack Association (UNAKOTO). Kapustyanskiy, Mikola -- General; one of the oldest Ukrainian nation- alists; belonged to the Petlyura Army after World War I; subsequently emi- grated to Paris and entered Ukrainian National Union in 1921; as a good speaker and journalist propagandized nationalism among Ukrainian emigrants in Europe and the USA; cofounder of OUN. - 2 - CONFIDENTIAL PO('laPUAITIAf U'uo.'a vwl.;V i ii4l sanitized copy Approved tor Kelease 2011/Uti/31 : UTA-KUF'tiU-UUtiUUAUUU6UU:3:30 32:3-b Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/31: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600330323-6 Vii . _, . 7 Kolesnichenko -- Leading member 'of Ukrainian Cultural Organization (UKO) in Bulgaria. Konovalets -- Colonel; was one of the oldest and best known leaders of Ukrainian liberation movement and Ukrainian National Self- Defense (UNS); was founde3 and, together with Melnik, leader of OUN. Was shot in Amsterdam in 1938. Kosenko -- Leading member of "Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine" in Paris. Krivin -- Former commanding officer of Ukrainian auxiliary police in Plukov; leading member of UPA. Krupchinskiy -- Leading member of Ukrainian Cultural Organization in Bulgaria. Lebed', Stefan -- Cover name: Vil'nyy; political leader of UPA; had illegally taken active part in politics earlier and has been known as extremely radical. Attempted to gain military control of the UPA, but did not succeed. Consequent split between Lebed' and Sukhevich was aggravated by the fact that Lebed' got in touch with Communist partisan leader K)lpakov in order to cooperate with the Bolshevists. Lebed', Daria -- Wife of Stefan Lebed'; had also worked poli- tically in earlier years; was imprisoned for 5 years for illegal political activity during the Polish period. Levitskiy -- Leading member of Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine in Paris. Loshchenko -- Leading member of "Khleboroby" organization. Maystrenko ?-- Leading member of Ukrainian Cultural Organization. Markotun -- Ukrainian emigrant in Paris; freemason. Known as liaison man between Cossack liberation movement and England. Mil'nik, Andreas -- Engineer; one of the oldest members of Ukrainian resistance movement; took part in Ukrainian war of inde- pendence in 1918-20. Emigrated later to Paris and there founded, together with other famous Ukrainian nationalists, the Ukrainian National Union. Took part in unification of various groups in OUN in 1929. After death of Colonel Konovalets, was defeated by Itefan Bandera in struggle for leadership of OUN. His followers left OUN under his leadership and formed the so-called Melnik group. Meretskiy -- Former manager of the association in Przemyslani; leai:ing member of the UPA. Murashko -- Colonel; leading member of national Ukrainian organi- zation "Khleboroby." Orlov, Y. N. -- Ukrainian emigrant in Bulgaria, representing there the interests of national Ukrainian organization, "Khleboroby." Main task to observe the treatment of Ukrainians shipped to Germany for forced labor. -3- CONFIDENTIAL J9yJ1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/31: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600330323-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/31: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600330323-6 COHFIOENI! I CONFIDENTIAL Parashchuk, Michael -- Leading member of Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine in Paris. Proshivskiy, .0. -- Ukrainian emigrant; leader of Union for the Lib- eration of the Ukraine in Bulgaria, and liaison man between the latter in Paris and Bulgaria. Poltavets-Ostranitsa -- Colonel; real leader of UNANKOR (Ukrainian National Cossack Movement). In spite of his pro-German attitude is known as the spokesman of British politics among Ukrainian emigrants. Prytulak -- Former Greek-Catholic priest in Stryy; leading member of Sakhnov, Dr -- Leading member of UPA. Sal'skiy -- General; leading member of Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine in Paris. Shaproshnichenko -- Leader of Ukrainian Agricultural Association in Bulgaria. Shemest, Sergey -- Leading member of national Ukrainian organization, "Khleboroby." Small-Strotskiy -- Leading member of Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine in Paris. Sokolovskiy, Yuriy -- Leading member of Mil'nik group and OUN. Was shot by followers of Bandera group in 1943. Sukhevich, Stefan -- Military leader of UPA; has taken active part in Polish politics and is suspected of participating in assassination of Pierratskis, Polish Minister of Interior. In 1939-40 stayed in training camps of German army and police in Cracow, Neuhammer, Brandenburg, and Frankfurt-Oder; later assigned in the east for partisan warfare. Was to be arrested with other Ukrain- ian officers because of illegal participation in the Bandera group, but suc- ceeded in escaping at the Lemberg station and in getting in touch with Lebed'. Sushko, Roman -? Colonel; one of the cofounders and leading members of OUN; was assassinated by members of Bandera group at the end of 1943. Was to be follower and friend of Mel'nik. Udovich, Alexander -- General; leading member of Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine in Paris. Volkov -- General; leading member of National-Ukrainian organization, "Khleboroby. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/31: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600330323-6