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December 22, 2016
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October 19, 2011
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May 11, 1951
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600390330-2 '1 COUNTRY Korea SUBJECT Military; ~olitical HOW PUBLISHED Daily newspapers WHERE PUBLISHED Pusan DATE PUBLISHED 12, Feb - 1 Mar 1951 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT INFORMATION FROM FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS CD NO. LANGUAGE 01 TN[ UNIT/D lTAT[3 ?ITNIM TN! N[ANIMO 01 lSIIONARI ACT RO Y. 6. C.. RI AND f!, AR AR [NOID. ITf TRANANIlSION OR TNR !!T[L1ITION Of ITS CONT[NiS IN ANT YANNIR TO AN UMAUTNORIIlO I[NfOM I! INO? DATE OF INFORMATION DATE DIST. // May 1951 NO. OF PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED IPIFORMATION NORTH KOREAN AGENTS CONFIRM DEATH OF SOOfIET MILITARY ADVIS3R AND ILLNESS OF KIM IL-SO:?C CLAIMS COLOiJEL IGNATOV KILLED 0H 38TH F'RONT' -- Pusan, Kukche Sinpo, 12 Feb 51 Ch'ce Chong-chin, leader of the Red cultural infiltration agents recently arrested by the Joint Investigation Headquarters of the Republic of Korea Army and Attorney C?neral's Office, confirmed the report that the Soviet military advisers directly supervised the North Korean invasion of 25 Jane 1950. In a press interview on 10 February, Ch'oe disclosed that Colonel IgnatoY, who ass chief counse'or of the Soviet Embasisy in Pyongyang,-was killed in the vicinity of Kiyang near the 3Pth parallel while personally directing the in~asion, Ch'ce further stated that at the time of ~I,:~e invasion, there were about 3,000 Soviet troops in Songch'on (northeast of Pyongyang in P'yongan Namdo), and 3,000 more in Yonghung (northwest of Wonsan, in Hamgyong Namdo) besides about ten Soviet military advisers attached to each regiment of the North Korean People's Army. Ch'ce said that the preparations for invasion Here com- pleted in 191+9, and at that timealmore than 1,000 "large-size" Soviet tanks were concealed along the 38th Parallel. He added that the .USSR was reported to have received rice, gold, and industrial products from North Korea for these tatilcs. The North Korean tanlsmen were trained to operate these tanks, usually in Siberia but sometimes in North Korea in secrecy. Asked to describe briefly the circumstances leaZing up to the 25 June in- vasion, Ch'ce stated: "In the latter part of May, Ki>m Il-song was in Moscow and received final approval for the invasion of South KoresN He returned from Moscow on 2 June by plane. (It was his custom to fly to Moscow about once every 2 months very secretly.) on 3 June, he called a secret meeting of the North. Korean leaders at the home of Hong Nam-p'yo, vice-chairman of the Supreme PQOple's,Aasembly. About 80 official cars were seen outside Hong's residence that day. The logistics an3 troop mobilization problems were reportedly discussed at the meeting. Hong Nam-p'yo died at this meeting due to cerebral anemia, STATE NAW ARMY X AIR Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/19 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000600390330-2 CLASSIFICATION NSRB FBI CONFIDENTIAL COHFlDE~T9~l. _ i CONFIDENTIAL COHF~DEHT~ "~. pISTRIBUTION Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/19: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600390330-2 . 1 "From 20 June until the day of invasion, no civilian passengers were allowed on the Seoul-Wonsan znd Seoul-Sinui~u railroad lines, for these lines were tisns- vorting military freight at an average of one train every 30 minutes, or from 40 to 50 freight trains daily. At 1000 hours, 25 June, Kim I1-song broadcast from Pyongyang charging that 'the South Korean puppet government has at last embarked on a long-prepared invasion of the North? The enemy has penetrated 3 miles north of the 38th Parallel, and Haa~u has fallen to the enemy.' Thirty minutes later, he broadcast again, saying 'No longer able to:endure the situation, we have ordered our people`s armed forces to launch decisive counterattacks and march south of the 38th Parallel in pursuit of the enemy.'" , NURSE SAYS KIM IL-SONG SUFFERING FROM HEART AND VEI~RFJIL DSB~--_'ih~t!~r;! Sinpo, 1 Mar 51 Cho Ok-hui, s 25-year old former private nurse of Kim I1-song, disclosed in a press interviaii .,;. 28 F=b~u^r? '^~' in ?he office of r_.ol xim rh'ena-yong; direc- u ~ ~~~~ tor of the Joint Investigation Headquarters, that Kim I1-song is suYfering from s heart ailment as well as from "various kinds" of venereal diseases. The nurse asserted that Kim Il-song is a feminist in his own way and, vehemently advocating the "equal rights for both sexes" which he incorporated in the consti- ??_?1^^_ oP North Korea. takes liberty of "any woman that comes in his sight."T The puppet premier is being treated with pencillin anti ~oarrka+;o~:.; ~;--,-.-___~ sections. . ~e;pae ~bcOrrtgttlarc:pllLisufi,oY.~the P'yongyangcQeDtral Hospital. Kim I1-song has an lI-year oid suii, Kiiu Yii-ns, and a 5-year old daughter, Kim Kyong-cha. NORTH KOREAN GOVERNt~~NP GOES UNDERGROUND -- Puean, Tong-A Ilbo, 26 Feb 51 It has been disclosed by a member of a group of Communist spies naw under investigation by the Intelligence Section of the Republic of Korea Public Peace Bureau, that Kim I1-song, who is now in Kanggye, P'yongan Pukto, lives 123 feet underground to protect himself from UN bombings. Hie entire ^overnment staff has moved and governs the people from 37 feet underground. According to the spy, when Kim .ss in Pyongyang last year he used to work only from 1600 to 0100 or 0200 o'clock, ~aN~I~~NTIA1. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/19: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600390330-2