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August 10, 1951
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/25: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600400681-1 SECRET CD NO. CLASSIFICATION S-E-C-R-F 'r CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION FROM SUBJECT HOW PUBLISHED WHERE PUBLISHED DATE PUBLISHED LANGUAGE Economic - Agr:culturL Daily newepeoers USSR 1` Feb - .i Mar 1951 THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFEECTINO THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES WITHIN THE MEANING OF ESPIONAGE ACT SO U. 5. C.. DI AND SD. AS AMENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR THE REVELATION OF ITS CONTENTS IN ANY MANNER TO AM UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PRO' VISITED BY LAM. REPRODUCTION OF THIS FORM 15 PROHIBITED. DATE OF INFORMATION 1950 - 1951 DATE DIST. /0 Aug 1951 NO. OF PAGES 5 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION SOME DATA ON USSR CROPS AND HARVESTS., AS OF FEBRUARY - MARCH 1951 /Limbers n par=ntheaes refer tc appended sources.? Armenian SSF The cropped area in the Armenian SSR did not increase during 1949 - 1950, but. the area sown with fodder grasses increased h9..1 percent, and the area eevn with technical crops increased 3.6 percent over previous years., These increcaeee were male tossible by curtailing the area sown with grains. lr_:9`O Armenia produced only ?0 percent of the grain necessary for re- public need.a. The ether 70 percent was imported from other republics. In :951 it is planned tc increase the area sown with grains by 40,000 hectares. In 1950, 5,2?L hectares of rye were sowed in Sisianskiy Rayon, while the plan called for 1,500 hectares. The other land was to have been planted in wheat, but the change was made without authorization by Ayrapetyan, secretary of the Rayon Committee, and Meloyan, chairman of the Rayon Executive Committee. In Martuninskiy Rayon. 1,682 hectares. were sowed in rye which were to have been sown with wheat. This was done without authorization on the initiative of Gevorkyan, secretary of the Rayon Committee, and Oganesyan, chairman of the Rayon Executive Committee. The 1950 wheat sowing plan was not fulfilled by Bayazetekt y, Idzhevanekiy, Noyemberyanskiy, and Shamahadinskiy rayons. In these rayons the 'wheat area was curtailed in favor of barley. The 1950 wheat sowing plan was also not fulfilled by Azizbekovskiy, Gukasyanakiy, and Ka- fa.nskiy rayons.(1) Azerbaydzhan SSR In 199;0' the area sown with winter wheat in Azerbaydzhan SSR was 66,700 hectares above plan, and 153,300 hectares more than the area sown with this crop in 1949.(2) Astrakhan-Bazarskly Rayon is the largest grain-producing rayon :.n the republic, The 1950 wheat harvest in this rayon was double the 1940 harvest, and the 1950 grain-procurement plan was fulfilled 137 percent Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/25: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600400681 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/25: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600400681-1 SECRE Tc. to el ,gible tc pert;cip;ate in the 1951 Ali.-Union Agricultural Exhibi- ticn, kolkhoies in Azerbaydzhan must have attained the following minimum yields ir, 1.950 (in centners per hectare). all grains 18, winter wheat 19, sprgton wheat 17, barley 19, oats i8, millet 25, rice 45, corn (irrigated) 55, cotton 26, sunflowers 18, and potatoes 290-(4) Belorussian SSR A. regcrt fr_m Minsk states that a new fertilizer called AMB has been de- veloped by the Al-, Union scientific-Research Institute of Agricultural M1- crobioL_gy The new preparation was tested in 1950 on kolkhozes of the Belo- ru=afar. SSF., and excellent results were obtained- potato yields were in- creased by 50 centners per hectare, and grain yields by 2-4 centners per nectare The new fertilizer is made from peat mass into which a heavy con- centratioon cf useful bacteria is introduced. Preparation of AMB is very inrie, ar_d. msy be done by the kclkhoz workers themselves. (5) In 19;0 the Belorussian SSR cropped area was 94 4 percent of the pre- "Jwar area (6), and the area sown w th buckwheat was up 61 percent over the ~ws.r figu-e (7) j.r .. Fledged. 1951 crop yi-elds for the Belorussian SSR in centners per hec- t, . a: e as ; 8 Flax Flax Kok-Sagyz Grains Potatoes Fiber seed Root as a:novtchi 15 175 4.5 4.5 -- 0 B:truys'r: 15 180 4.5 4.5 4 3 Brest 170 4.5 .5 180 5 4.5 40 Gomel _dnc G: 17 u 180 1 5 4.5 5 4 4.5 4.5 -- 0 s V, M 1 5 7 .. 8 2 gllev Moogi 175 4.5 4.5 4 5 30 Mclodechct,: 145 180 5 , 180 h '7 c; 4.75 30 P le=a 1 5 i 5 180 4.5 3 5 4 30 Po1,ctsk. 1k 165 4,5 4 .5 4 75 -- Vitebsk 15 170 .75 . Estonian SSF. To be eligible to participate in the 1951 All-Union Agricultural Exhibi- tion, kolkhczes in the Estonian SSR must have attained the following minimum yields in. 1950 (in centners per, hectare);; all grains 18, winter wheat 16, spring wheat rye 17, barley 18, oats 18, flax fiber 4.5, flaxseed 3.5, sugar beets 250, potatoes 290, and fodder root crops 400.(g) Georgian SSR in aucwuu 17iv w,atei wheat than in autumn 1949.(10) By 1 March 1951, 49,517 hectares had been plowed for sowing with spring crops.. This is 19.5 percent of the 1951 plan for the republic.(ll) S-E-C-R-E-T -1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/25 CIA-RDP80-00809A000600400681-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/25: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600400681-1 SECRET rlY,eat production in the Georgian SSR is to be increased so that by 1957 the *eutlic ~.ll be self-sufficient in grains. However, present grain yields are low,. Part of this problem can be solved by in-roving scientific agricultural techniques, but It is also neceesary to find a variety of grain suited to local conditions in the republic. The UKrainka variety, which kol- khozes sowed until the war, has a low yield. The spring wheat Dika Dzhava- khetslcaya likewise has a low average yield In recent years, kolkhozes of the republic have begun sowing the Dolls-Puri variety, which under equivalent conditions has given up to twice the yield of the above-mentioned varieties. Sowing cf Dolls-Puri began in 1945. In 1950 the acreage under this variety was 8,236 hectares, and the average yield was 10 centners per hectare. By contrast, the average yield of Dika Dzhavakhetskaya in the last 6 years has never been above 6 centners per, hectare. If Dolls-Puri is sown at the proper time (25 August to 10 September), given plenty of mineral or organic ferti- lizer, and. the best of care, yields of up to 25 to 30 centners per hectare may be obtained. This fall (1951) 12,000 hectares of Dolls-Puri will be sown in Georgia. I:2) In 1950 Georgian SSR tea-growing kolkhozes and sovkhozes delivered 8,'724 t-ns of prime-quality green tea leaves to the state. This was 48,334 tons more than in 19h0, and 64,970 tons more than in 1945-(i3) Kare'c-Finnish SSR The Karelo-Finnish SSR did not fulfill the 1950 plan for the development of agriculture, or the 1950 plan for procurement of agricultural products.(14) are pledge for The foiloving 1951 crop yields in centners per e 1he, hectare the Karelo-Finnish SSR: all grains 5, potatoes fodder root crops 135:(15) '_Kazakh SSR AKmoliiisk Oblast is the largest grain-growing Oblast in the Kazakh SSR; three fourths of its cropped area is sown in spring wheat. However, in 1950 only 5 percent of the area sewn with wheat on kolkhozes, and 12 percent of the area sown with wheat on sovkhozes was sown in Durum wheat.(16) During the postwar Five-year Plan, the area sown with grain in Kokchetav Oblast increased 22.4 percent and 50.2 percent of the increased area was sown with spring wheat. In 1950 the Oblast gave the state 10 million more pud of grain than in 1949.(17) Kustanay Oblast exceeded the 1950 grain-procurement plan and gave the state 1R million pud of grain more than in 1949.(17) ha.tvisn SSR In 1955 the area sown with flax in the Latvian SSR will be 46 percent greater than the area sown with that crop in 1950. By that year planned fiber yields will average 4.8 to 5.2 centners per hectare. In 1951 pledged yields run from. 4.4 to 4,8 centners per hectare.(18) Workers on kolkhozes and sovkhozes of the Latvian SSR have pledged to raise grain yields to 22 centners per hectare, and to triple the number of cattle and double the number of swine in the republic during the next 5 year-1.19) S-E-C-R-E-T SECRET Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/25: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600400681-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/25: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600400681-1 r `I SECRET S-E -C -R-E -T LI.thuanian SSR ~~-Owing 1950 airplanes of the Civil Air Fleet were used to spread ferti- lizer over a 2,450-hectare area. The fertilizer can be spread much more evenly this vay than by hand and yields will be appreciably increased- In 1951 .it is planned to fertilize an area 13 times greater than the above- mentioned figure by air..(c0) Modavian SSR To be eligible to participate in the 1951 All-Union Agricultural Exhibi- ticii, .c1khcze in Moid.avta must have attained the following minimum yields in 1950 ;in centr,ers per hectare):; grains :except corn and rice) 19, winter wheat 20; rye 20, spring =heat 18, barley 19, cats 19, millet 25, buckwheat 15, rice 45; c.urn i.grain) 55 ;irrigated and 38 (unirrigated), cotton (irri- gated) ?-6, '?ton {uri_rrigated; 7, sugar beets (irrigated) 450, sugar beets UU, surf.lo.mrs 18, hemp f.ber 6, hemp send 4.5, and potatoes _90...1) In Vengercvakiy Rayon, Nevosib_rek Oblast, the cropped area has increased by 16,90_: hectares, and the grcas grain harvest has doubled. since 1947 The 1950 grain harvest was ur 76 percent over 1940.1%22) Tadzhia: SSR The "Itti`-ok" Kclkho4; Dangarinakiy Rayon, Ku-yab Oblast, Tadzhik SSR, has 2,100 hectares of land, of which 1,064 hectares are cropped. in 1949, 564 hectares were sr'n with g air,, and in 1950, 700 hectares.. The 1951 pledge calls for 750 hectares to be soya uith grain. The grain yield. was 11.5 centnera 'Eer hectare in 1949, 14 .5 in 1950, and the 1951 pledge is 1, y'erevan, Kc, mDuniat, 21 Mar 51 21 Baku, Bak?nakly Rebechiy, 23 Mar 5i 3. Scid 4 Mar 51 4. Ibid., 7 Mar 51 5 Vii nyus, Sovetskaya I,itva, 30 Mar 51 6, Minsk, Kolhhoznaya Pravda, 15 Feb 51 7. Minsk, Sovetskaya Belorussiya, 6 Mar 51 8. Ibid., 7 Mar 51 24 Mar, 51 i t 9. ya, on Tallin, Sovetskaya Es 10?. Tbilisi, Zarya Vostoka, 22 Max 51 il.. Ibid., 7 Mar 51 ,12, Ibid,, 30 Mar 51 13. Ibid., 28 Mar 51 1 lk- Petrozavodsk, Leninskoye Znamya, 6 mar 5 15.. Ibid., 4 Mar 51 16. Alma-Ata, Kazakhstanskaya Pravda, 22 Mar 51 17. Ibid , 31 Mar 51 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/25: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600400681-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/25: CIA-RDP80-00809A000600400681-1 -r 18. Riga, Sovetskaya Latviya, 23 Mar 51 19. Ibid., 17 Mar 51 20. Vil'nyus, Sovetskaya Litva, 30 Mar 51 21. Kishinev, Sovetskaya Moldaviya, 24 Mar 51 22. Moscov, Izvestiya, 6 Mar 51 23. Stalinabad, Kommunist Tadzhikistan, 6 Mar 51 -5- S-E-C-R-E-T :-:::. - ,.. ,. _-...._ fdlt~:_` ~.-. .._:-'----- xY~raSnru-~mw5is.ev~n "+iwis+~m~aspwg~ga~.'w~"_ioi.c.P .... ..