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December 22, 2016
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September 22, 2011
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April 2, 1952
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/23: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700050427-1 CLASSIFICATION RESTRICTED Tzp CENTRAL INTELLIGEWE AGENCY INFORMATION FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS China SUBJECT ..... - PUBLISHED Thrice-monthly Periodical WHERE PUBLISHED Canton DATE PUBLISHED 1 Oct 1950 LANGUAGE nu wep.m cans.. unl..anel s.nen..001 lunol~4 00r..p arm /alga ants nnna in 1'11111 or 1. 1. a.. s l 111 ..,.. 11....A m'yaglglw M nwn[uMJ of In co l1 ut 111100 la 11 100anannl FIaw1 1l no? tl`!p A . ..00ONm11 or np1 p.. 1, n11lpnl. 'a-tan Ch'inr-nien, No 36, 1950. REPORT CD NO. DATE OF DATE DIST. 2 Apr 1952 NO. OF PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALU; TED INFORMATION CRIME STUDENT M)VED IN IGIAN(71UNG AFTER LIBERATION This report describes the activities of the New Democracy Youth Corps since the liberation of Canton or. 14 October 1949. It names fou.? lessons learned from the student movement in the past 31 years. The reactionary rule vanished when Canton was liberated on 14 Octo- ber 1949. Under the leadership of the Communist Party and the Central Peo- ple's Government, the student movement became open and active, aiding in the liberation of all of China and the establishment of a new people's democra- tic order. After the liberation, youth from all social circles made themselves available to the government and became its indispensable aid and the pio- neer corps in various phases of government work and the political movement. Under the unified command of the Canton Student League, the 34,000 students of the city helped the government overthrow the old regime and enforce the government's financial and security regulations. About 20,000 students took Part in the propaganda drive for 3 consecutive days; 27,000 students joined the parade in celebration of the liberation of canton; 1,000 students joined the grain-collection teams organized by the government and then became cad- res. In addition, more than 2,000 students entered various revolutionary cadre schools. All these students played important roles in entertaining the troops, in political propaganda drives, in recreational activities, in government bond drives, in study movements during the winter school recess, and in the parade celebrating the liberation of Hainan Island. Through participation in all these movements, members of the youth corps received fundamental ideological training, thus creating a new philosophy of life. They also formed a new conception of the meaning of labor. As a result, 15,000 stu- dents took part in the construction of a playground in Kuan-yin-shat. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/23: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700050427-1 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/23: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700050427-1 organized, The corps ll exercised great influence iro various Youth movements, was as the study movement, the Peace Appeal movement, and the Resist America, Aid Korea Movement. The youth corps has extended its organizations not only to schools, but also to factories and rural areas. The youth corps has becown-r- I corrppsein fa toriesware leading the workers endeavor tom save taaterial,yre-h duce costs, and improve techniques. Members in schools are studying dili- gently while those in government organizations help complete the government's objectives. Members in rural areas assume a leading role in the liquidation of landlords and subversive elements, the rent and interest rate reduction movement, the summer grain collection and other preparatory work for land reform. In short, members of the New Democracy Youth Corps are valuable helping hands in all lines of work and a reserve army of the party. The youth move- ment in Canton achieved unprecedented progress in having t*, youth corps as the moving force which constantly teaches the new generation Marxism-Leninism. We should continue the reconstruction work in our free and prosperous land and struggle for a promising future. The student movement of Kwangtung, in the past 31 years, has taught us the following lessons: 1. The splendid achievement in Kwangtung's student movement came not as an accident but as a result of a long and resolute struggle with the reaction- ary regime under a general revolutionary strategy. 2. The student movement must be conducted in close coordination with workers' and peasants' movements. The student movement can enlarge its sphere of influence only by obtain-ng support from the broad mass of workers and peasants. Nothing will be accomplished if it deviates from the workers' and peasants' movements. 3. The progress in KVangtung's student movement has been due to the fact that the principal form of revolutionary struggle (armed revolt) was employed. Armed revolt, as a major tactic of struggle, was first organized in the city, then carried into the rural areas where bases were built to encircle the enemy in the city. In this manner, armed revolt was able to smash the enemy's at- tacks and finally to overthrow his rule. Since the liberation, the youth have been directed to increase production. Consequently, the youth movement em- phasizes education of the workers and boosting the workers' enthusiasm to raise the living standard of the people and to eliminate the backwardness resulting from the semifeudalistic and semicolonial regime which has existed for thous- ands of years. 4. Due to the Communist Party's care and leadership, the student move- mLnt in Kwangtuag and Canton is so successful. It is expected that the youth movement will continue to be helpful in rebuilding China under the leadership of Mao Tee-tung and the Communist Party. Since Canton has been liberated, the youth there should gain more objec- tive knowledge from the Soviet Union and other new People's Democracies of ad- vanced experience in reconstruction work and scientific technique. Since we have won the victory over semifeudalism and semicolonialism, we should show more concern for our young friends who are struggling in semicolonial or ca- pitalist regimes, and give them our support. With a zealous feeling of friend- ship for the democratic youth of the world, under the flag of the World Fe- deration of Democratic youth, the youth of Canton will carry on the struggle for world peace for the people's democracies and independence. E N D - - 2 - RESTRICTED Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/23: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700050427-1