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May 3, 1952
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/06: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700060252-4 CLASSIFICATION RESTRICTED 'e" SECURITY INFORMATION 1 C-NTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INCUFiMATION FROM FOREIGN DOCUMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY SUBJECT HOW China Trans portation - Land, highway construction, bus operation DATE OF DATE DIST. 3 May 1952 PUBLISHED Daily newspapers WHERE PUBLISHED Shanghai; Canton; Hong Kong NO. OF PAGES 4 DATE PUBLISHED 17 Sep 1951 - 9 Jan 1952 LANGUAGE Chinese SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. IN A OOCYY[UT CONTAINS INIONNATION ArrICTIN ION MAnoN4 OVENS[ 01 TN[ Y.ITEO STAINS NITMU THE Y[A NINN 01 NN rIONAN[ ACT AN Y. I. C., it AND AN, N AN[NO[O. ITL , I$".. ON IN, Or Ili CONTENTS IN ANT ^ASSAN TO AN YNAYTHOAI[NO PIIION IS Flo. SINIINN NT LATI. INSOOYCTION Or THIN FONN II FNONINITEO. NOTES PROGRESS OF HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION IN TIBET, SOUTH, AND SOUTHWEST CHINA For Chinese Communist troops working on the Sikarq.Tibet Highway, hundreds of rooms have been carved out of a large bli_ in Tibet. Anti-Communist guerrillas have destroyed highway facilities in North Kwangtung. Canton and Macao have been connected by an improved motor highway since 1 October 1951. Motorbus service is being inaugurated during January and February 1952 on 13 routes in North Anhwei, Tient- sin factory builds two Jeeps and is working on a touring car. DIG CAVES FOR SIKANG-TIBET HIGHWAY WORKERS -- Shanghai, Hain-wen Jih-pao, 2 Dec 5' Peiping, 1 December ;Hain-hua) -- To shelter the PLA troops engaged in the construction of the Sikar-g-Tibet highway, hundreds of rooms or caves have been hollowed out on the slopes of a large hill. These are ranged side by side on eight levels from the bottom to the top of the hill, with stairways, passages, doors, and windows for light and ventilation. Sleeping rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and recreation rooms are included. The inside walls are whitewashed and decorated with drawings and patriotic inscriptions. It is said that the men are very proud of the home they have made for themselves on the Tibetan plateau. With seeds brought from China proper, they planted gardens and have raised abun- dant crops of such vegetables as potatoes weighing 2 catties, spinach, one plant of which weighs catties, and turnips that weigh 12 catties. The men fraternize with the Tibetans, teaching and lcirning games, musical instruments, songs, ,rd dances such as the Construction Dance, the Pick and Hoe Dance, the Red Flag Dance, and the Resist America, Aid Korea Dance. The PLA troops are full of faith in the ultimate success of the cooperative efforts of the Chinese and Tibetan peoples to make the border regions of the country into a paradise. STATE ARNY NSRB FBI DISTRIBUTION Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/06: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700060252-4 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/06: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700060252-4 From such quarters and pleasant associations, the troops go out in all sorts of weather to their work on highway construction. At one point in a steep mountain gorge, a steel truss-type bridge, weighing 30 tons, was drawn by block and tackle into position on its stone abutments. Lrom the photograph accompanying the text, the truss to be 50-60 feet long, and probably 12 feet wide., COMMUNISTS BUILDING HIGHWAY FROM YUNNAN TO TIBET AND SINKIANG -- Hong Kong, Hsing-tao Jih-pao, 23 Sep 51 T'ai-pei, 22 September (AP) -- News from the Highway Society indicates that the Chinese Communists are building a highway from Yunnan through Tibet into Sinkiang. STRUGGLE OVER ITE KWANGTUNG HIGHWAYS -- Hong Kong, Hsing-tao Jih-pao, 3 Oct 51 Ch'u-chiang, 2 October -- For the past 2 months anti-Communist armed par- tisans have been very active in destroying roads and bridges in northern Kwang- tung. The road between Ch'u-chiang and Hsing-nine has been cut many times. More than ten bridges on the roads connecting Ch'u-chiang with Lien-hsien, Jen- hue, Ju-yuan, Ta-yd, and Ping-shih have been burned. To clear out the guerrillas and restore these roads, the military authori- ties have i:sted troops to patrol and guard them and have mobilized thousands of rural laborers to repair them. The Ch'u-chiang -- Lien-hsien road and the Ch'u-chiang -- Hsing-ning road have been reconditioned and are now open to traffic. CANTON-MACAO MOTOR HIGHWAY OPENED 1 OCTOBER -- Hong Kong, Hsing-tao Jih-pao, 4 Oct 51 Canton, 3 October -- The construction of the.central Kwangturg highway, which rune from Canton through Nan-hai, Fan-yu, Shun-te, and Chung-Shan hsiens to Macao, wi_ase completion has been delayed for 2 months by rains and ferry landing construction, is now finished and formal ceremonies opening it to traf- fic took place on 1 October 1951. The route followed from Canton is through Pai-hao-tung, Ping-chou, Chen- ts'un, San-hung-ch'i, Ta-liang, Jung-ch'i, Hsiao-lan, and Shih-ch'i to Macao. There are 36 stations, including the two terminals. The fare is 1,000 yuan for the trip between any two consecutive stations not separated by a ferry crossing. The cost for a through ticket from Canton to Macao, or vice vers-, is 35,000 yuan plus 3,000 yuan for the ferry crossing, or a total of 38,000 yuan. The whole trip covers a distance of a little over 76 kilometers, and requires about 4 hours. The Canton terminal station is situated at No 184 New Bund, beside the Ai- ch'un Hotel. Passengers change busses at Shih-ch'i an' use the busses of the Ch'i-Kuan Company for the remainder of the journey to Macao. The Macao term- inal station is situated at Chung-Shan Chang-chou. There are also branch line services, in both directions, from both Canton and Macao to Fo-shan, using the same route as above to Ping-chou and then branching off to Fo-shan. The 7-kilometer distance between Fo-shan and P'ing- chou is divided by three intermediate stations into four sections with the fare 1,000 yuan for each section, or 4,000 yuan for the whole. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/06: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700060252-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/06: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700060252-4 There are four trips daily in each direction between Canton and Macao, de- parting simultaneously from both terminals at 0730, 1030, 1330, and 1630 hours, respectively. IMPROVEMENTS IN SOUTHWEST TRANSPORT SYSTEM -- Hong Kong, Hsing-tao Jih-pao, 17 Sep 51 Chugking, 16 September (Hein-hua) -- The Southwest regional government is promoting the reorganization and expansion of the transport system which has already begun to produce substantial economic improvement. One phase of this is the elimination of objectionable practices which are a hang-over from the oppressive feudalistic era, and of the personnel who have hitherto operated un- der the old system. New transportation companies and labor unions of transport workers have come into existence which have led to greater efficiency in the movement of goods. For instance tL.: removal of salt from a certain warehouse in Ye-an, in the past required 3Z days; under the new system only one day was needed and furthermore there was a 10 percent reduction in wastage. Besides improving some 5,000 kilometers of roads during 1951, attention is also being given to promoting the use of new channels of transportation, such as the greater use of rafts instead of carts or porterage to bring the local products of Sikang down river to Chungking. In this way, a saving of about 1,800,000 yuan per ton of goods has been effected. Another gain in efficiency has been realized through the general adoption of improved methods of packing and uniformity in size or weight of packages. For example, a reduction of one third in the size and weight of packages of nutgalls has resulted in much greater convenience in handling. 1.XTEND MOTOR HIC!BJAYS IN NORTH ANHWEI -- Shanghai, Hsin-wen Jih-paq 9 Jan 52 Ho-fei -- In January, the North Anhwei Motor Transportation Company is to begin the operation of motor vehicles on 13 highways as follows: Terminal Points Service T o Begin 1. Ho -ei -- An-ch'ing (Through service in new covered busses, which make the one-way trip in one day.) 10 Jan 2. Ku-chen -- Ling-pi 3 Jan 3. Su-hsien -- Meng-ch'eng 12 Jan 4. Ch'u-hsien -- Ko-ho 15 Jan 5. Ku-ho -- P'u-k'ou 15 Jan 6. Liu-an -- Shu-ch'eng 18 Jan 7. Fes,:-yang -- Po-hsien 20 Jan 8. Hsu-chou -- Yung-ch'eng 27 Jan 9. An-ch'ing -- T'ai-hu 1 Feb 10. Liu-an -- Ho-ch'iu after 15 Jan -3- RESTRICTED STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/06: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700060252-4 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/06: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700060252-4 Terminal. Points 11 LS Ch u- i sr -- n-chai after 15 Jan 12. Shou-hsien -- Cheng-yang-kuan after 15 Jan 13. Su-hsien -- Sui-chi after 15 Jan TIENTSIN SHOP BUILDS JEEP -- Canton, Nan-fang Jih-pao, 22 Sep 51 Peiping, 21 September (Hsin-hua) -- Two Jeeps, the first to be built in any Chinese factory, were completed a few days ago in the shops of the Tient- sin Motorcar Factory. The deeps have successfully passed the necessary tests and will be shipped to Peiping as presents to Mao Tse-tung on the occa?.ion of the national festival, 1 October 1951. This factory has also almost codpleted a touring car .ai:h will be exhibited in the North China Urban-Rural Goods Ex- change Exhibition soon to be held in Peiping. 4 - RESTRICTED Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/06: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700060252-4