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December 22, 2016
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September 8, 2011
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August 29, 1952
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080142-4 C[i1SSIFICATIOTi FIBF,rx CT3a 83U3?IY'Y S75FOs'd+.A IOi1 CE":T?v,L I.V'iELLIGE~lCE AGENCY ? F~JRE33A! DaCU~UE?dl'.^ G~^v 7,'dD1O . .%>ADC:li5TS CUL'NT~Y .w7.bnnizs SuUr)B~~JECT ~coaiological - Pstenclard oP 1lvieg YIVYr PUBLISkiED 3emimontYil.y aexspaper WHERc' PUSL151iEE~ Foy,: DATL' ~ V t, '?"?faSFiEO 31 ~ 19j2. LANGUAGE A'Tlynninn DtSTRlBUT10q STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080142-4 71R, ~OC'10[C} QiL1AN, I6cDA4ip,A) YltMY liil YAOWII,>V[~Y 01 TfiY ~Illff/ Y1Mfi 'tAY! 1n6 ICAC~Iq Pf L?~oY(, Act W Y. 0. L,1 Y, OL Y Ay6~,gt. Sif IBATRItT4a M ^.!.! w..n ?T4p a, ~n wmn a An aAaoc ? Y cYSruo,~e rauas a rs> nAass n uw. a~rcvww n, rsa now u+ wo>a,rn,. SOURCE ORg?per~a,.. CSI'tICIf?~ tfl~' EQCTAT. DI6PARI~~ii ID AL&A11IA Diacenteat s].th thR Coasata9~t eystan is gnoating not Dal b y eaeaaea at the :uasnrmn npplled by gorer~ent orhuaicatioae amf tho lack of i~ividn:: a33:ty t+ut beeause of the ~eonoanic treatment of the blue-colitr ,end the vhite-collar sorTCea. o i , rm a pr vileged elms fx?ca evarp aPievpoiat. asd coaetitutei~ the aristaczacy of the Ttedl ra~ginee. SRtey rreaiee su absoeSeare of the prodncte handleQ by eooperatives, agricsitnrai px'o8ace seteh oa Duuttar, oil, asad hoary, shish aTe dal3verral tu' their bosses.' i'heir Q811draa are taacen to kindergarten in eat~biles and have govrraearea. On1A ntintsters affi nesebera of the Politburo of the Central Ca~ittse ?have tine . right to kesp aerwti3te. a n t ~ -~.Q fOOVi eai other haws which'tha Soviets aad~members of the Cc~nwist goverment have at that= Ain- pa!Ra).. 1EListsrs, ganeraia aau3 a fQV others f fit presoat, the fnllcwing sagas are being paid to Alaaniaa.sorkers:,:.3-- co2dis$ to hie ?~atego-y, a naasal scrker receives 72, ~, ~r , ~' 1~J lelca~ per ~7, chile apocialista receivE 1i7, 1~1, 171, or eg to 292~1e?a pax daty Tote last lies ie the pap of a top tochuician. Tha pay of a s3a,~or ie b,5oo leS;a pe= month, :..ila r, ~eTiB.cdl Tun ao fazed ~y ~ the general zeeeivea Free of ahax ttit D >~ one adds to these disparities 3otaeen workers rod tha sppar, hierareig . tba`~arat that the vorloro"a. are arbitrarily a^eiamwei +,. i +,,. ~.,w a.uw ~_.,...-_ abian eAmsimLisg o.* fi7e oeebera ev~oasnt to 8 167?`.9 36: s. T~nthi `'f21ce eatployee . + t ~ eosas tm., ~,20a ~, leaving n AeYieit cf 4,g57.9D leka, To nest this 6aficit, as eageloyee'. 7es$ tall sAatevar ha posaessea to es?.ape starvation. ??ibtsl stonthlj esTprnditarea !or the fa~ii oz an ?ib :2EPGft' CD ~:0. DATE OF DATE DIST. ~ tTug 19;2 s'?fU. GF PJ;GES 1 SUPPLENiEPtr TG REPG?T pdO. THIS PS UNEVALUATED ICdFGRFtATtON