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December 22, 2016
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September 8, 2011
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August 29, 1952
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 COUNTRY S '13JEcT , Pi~9~SS3iE6 DATE PUSILISH, ED LANGUUAGE " - ~, aaacaoa ROM Zero in Good=, .X7 x m' .19i tk 20 is Pinsk, 23 ia I it e: ?cillex THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATI014 rua r acgrees; it Ime 1Z Egg. tai~~ f~.) , ? . PUSP, i/ssAF iatbft With tkuMe atorma ma obi,ry in b ........... _.... _. ms - r 6 v ..... . s . -Ixx= : zra3 SMID94W mw; ni~sE's Ipq,ast , ga r is 1 o 'w -m .12 @agrc; it ,v ]Aa d R Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 WISSIFICATION C' L cENTRA( 1iE lPr 41" CCTCfMENTS OR RADIO BROADCASTS. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 kk& fl n-ing the past 24 hmare,? a tress of cold air reached Belorussia from the Uarth W. At- bwcam cool !r the republic. Temperatures at 1500 Louis earn 8 8egreee in 3 ahe a 1 Viv-eaak, 11 in Mogilev, Wi.nek, en& Borisovj 12 in Vii t r Q'cdno, MA Brat, 13 in Earano^ich; asd Bcorijsk, and 14 in Mozyr'.(2) Tk,''a stores 73ater ay morning were -16 degrees on Dikcson Island, 12 in hat? , -5 ;n sversilorar and .~r sc, pro in Rizzi ^s;..-a2,eu1'uk, 3 de roe above zero inrTallin, 4 in itig!s, 5 in MiL-t, 12 it $oacor and Sochi, 13 n K3ae, 4desua, Rostov -on Oon, end Yalta, 15 in Ashkhabad, and 16 in Tumhknn . Yesterday's t ratures in Leningcn& rrnrc 6 dngrc,;s dnrieg the norain8, 3 dogresa dnrizig the dzy. (3) Tawrpscatu"a at 0900 Lours this morning warn -9 degrees in Vorkrta, -8 in V -br 1in lnak, 1 dagnae afore zero iv,_d-rrii 2 degrees in yktyvkar, 4 in Kirov, 6 in Ufa, 7 in Molotov, 9 in Sl3ain, 10 in Gor'kiy and Sara , U in Kazan', 12 in Sign, Smolensk, avd. jab" 13 In Minsk, 14-in Zl:ibey, Kiev, emd Sochi, 15 in Rostov and Yalta, 1 in L'voy, ' , oiingrxd, t ra no r, 17 in Astrakhan', end 18 in Xi=hirsv. I t.night's loeent teaaperature in kSaacav vas 1 degree; it Vas 13 degrees act noon :today. (1) QtarbXr ? ? v, ~? ... asraslasv aau uroaaw, = in Vi1e9ka, M1.nak, y and 23 In ano'ich3, Pinsk, and. $027r', 25 in 7,hitkavichi.(2 Lest night's lamest to erature in Moscow was 3 dsgrece; it was 14 deg ees at noon tomb. (1). 1:a t.x ay 8vrin,g the day, shavers foal locally in the western portion of UICM aain. Tea eraturma at 15'LJ ho urn vets 1Q do a r 4? 'p..7 M.. ...,.a via. ,...,. TU%eature yesterday morning were -13 4r,. a on Die I won l d 0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 a sa - Igexk n -1 in k4aznaawk, l degree above zero in Arkchang ei' at, 4 degrees in k?i,:-ov, 9 in T&lin, 10 in t4osew aM Syer4lovsk, 12 to Riga, 14 in. Kiev, 1,5 in T bent,. eta, ae Sochi, 16 in Stalingrad, 17 in Minsk, 18 In CUssa, and 20 lnAsh h- a - tx81eoean', return IIlxuine; earl cen northern Volga Rion. Onga fell 1o: Li8, theta vas overcast weatbe:' U d rain ft11 in the -,+u- ll degPaes at aocm toddy, (1) - __ - --- ??? `~ ..' t. 'r" Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 Rain fell during tin past 2. horre in Belorussia, Th! heaviest rains, rang- ing rr~ Zi to 22 ei l ieeters, fell in l4inak; Molodechno, Baranovicl i., 'and 1o- ca11y is Qrcdo, Brost, Polee'ye, Bobruysk, and Mogilev oblaate. Temperatures at 1900 a $4re13 dehjrees in Polotsk, 14 in Vileyka 15 in Minsk 17 in 94ogt- lev, 18 In Q- A" 19 in Baranarichi ani Slute;s, end 21 in bozyr', Pinsk, Orodn *eat .(8- and Ieet?rdayre teaeperrativires in Zcntiaarad rart*e 7 de;eresc above zrxu during rangy, ..1 der-cez ~'nr1Z the day.(3) ?~ - o. jv enteroa the tube stage; in or- 'chards, trat treat are$ ., uura,ng tore period vies Daly 10 nniUjmtC1rs leas than that V-bich fe 1 dva Ing the entire oath of ' 1. The dovapour vas acc=paniedby a severe thunderstorm, and a heavy fall of bail occurred I- a n_rrofaam 15 de gcees abate zakw in .c?. -. i-.w-. ~..,. --W, ,.o., 4w ;Ln raiv'Git, 21 in 4ildykp.eM 23 iA arsst ari381utsk, Sod. 24 in`,.e]lIchitsy.(2). Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 50X1-HUM Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 Yesterday'3 temperetr~res in Leningrad ire 11 dogmas above zero during the rAM-Ding,' 19 degreaa the del. (3) 1 Yesterday* daring ths' day, .verse, dry weather prevailed in neat- of Delorueslu. 8r?JVraa -14 hw' a$ began to, fall locally during fha ease d hilt-of the day Vet. s p(3rrvares at 150 moors sore 10 dog oes in CrodLo, 17 in cast, Vitebsk, and Mogilev, 23 in Polotak, end. 24 in Bar n- MUM 6M ? in L(2) Ycatardmy'e teaneraturc3 in Leningrad en 'e 12 degree, above zero during the w"i3rning, 22 dar=e. during the day.(3) The sunny, dry weather prevailing in Estonia during the loot 10 doyye has Ycxvored the soving of spring crops and the planting of potatoes. The 3oil'baa' ftlrezgy vakn to 12-15 degrees; in nest fioltls, it is wall moistened. This facilitaitss rapid:geimination of the Heed and devulopsent of the sprouts. t;oose- berries and currants have begun to flower in the central portion, and cherries and ,soma in the southern'portioa.(4) - Wing the sprung of this year, an unusually large c+mount of precipitation has b%en obse_rve& in Tadzhik;atan; thte has caused a consida,_rublc rise of'. enter in several rivero. Vokkov, head of the-Fnrecaj3t 8ervieN Branch, gave the following explanation of thin phenomenon: Spring 1952 has bean distiagnished by the fact that cold air.meesee from .the Arctic regions have Often penatr&tad into Central'Asia. The.cdld air enter- &st2n displaees:warm; moist air in the upper stratum of theatmos,- ei. this woaeae is' 8180 frcilitated by mountain ranges. Fore d up asd, the the ? ma, aple+t air;.coolti and the moisture in it condenses rapidly. As a reeplt, there are traqueat rains, often dovnpaurs. During April 1952, precipitation 'vas 1.5 times and in gorse siegioas. almost three tie?s greater than An April 1951. In acne regions, luecigitation in the first 10 dais of Div uas twlea se Meat as in the same ,pries in 1951, ems more rhea 1:5 ties then ora ] IQriy precipitation occur ed these during these 10 days. All this caused the overflow of several. mountain rivers. With the active help of the population, the banks have been and are being atrengthened.(F) Last night's lowest teamerature in Hoscov was 12 degrees above zero; it was also 12 degrees'at noon today.(1) Yesterday during the day, rain fell in the eastern half of Delorns'eis. Teeglerstures at 1500 hoiws were 11 degrees above zero in Grodno,?12 in >aolotek, Ditxbsk and S1utsk 13 ".n Lel'chitsy, 14 in ( Zi,.Vitabsk, Pinsk, and Brget, And. 15 in 1 ogilac.(2) , reapsratures yesterday mavairg va 'e -1 1 oa Dil ea I . r n sland, -9 in Rna (aver and ]tar ~n4ar, 1 degree above zero in Ilerusnak, 3 in Arkban4el'sk q in 8verdlassk3 6in Tallin, 9 in Novosibirsk,, 10 in Rigs, 11 in Minsk, lb in Stalingrad, 16 in Xiev and Odessa, 17 in Ashkhabad, 18 in Rostov-on-Don, 19 in Ltoiicov and Chlailov, 20 in Sochi, and 21 in Yalta. -5- CONEIIUs1i'PSAL Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 Yesteri,ay's vemperatur?es in Leningrad. were 8 deLmcrs during the nornin3, 6 degrees during t"'- day (3) MUL-Z 7L="-hi prcciy?a.tsttion in the Form of rain and snow Yell in the Kacolo- and iUxov and Arkbaagal'sk oblasts. Overcast; retry srath,r ur re- corded in t~ sr1t.''haeetr~rn Vi-rain:, cstaL-.xn. I3rloz'u~ eiu, tact the cent'tFil l;urupran 'nSt- Rain Y&11 in the. northern aul eastern Ukraine, (:ri:tlua, nort Lz and northern Cau- c.SSt;s. It Vas very harem in the eastern Euroc-an USSR, except for the crtrem ,, Laat night's 1owa:st temperature in tloscua wzo 6 deo?ee.e cbo ?e ;,.,:o; T'rieg retka at noon today. (-) 'L .'30 Yesterday during the gar, cloudy weather rags ob erved aaui rain tell locally in BelOru's ia. T-perntures at 1500 hot,:' were 10 degrees in Lida and Barano- VIChi, 11 in 3$innsk and Polvtsk, 12 in Mogilev, 13 in Bob ); , ?4 in Brut, and 15 In Pinsk(2) jporning ands ? day (3at sea In Leningrad v ore 4 degrees above z iro during both ~(3) 151s r *'So1d heather pativailad in the northern European USSR, and ooptinnt vtmth- ,t a. in, grescipitation in the central European UWR. Wertq weather tlgi Crieaea, Caucasus; 7o19a Region, aid eastern European . istures at Q900 hours this morning were -6 degrees in Nar'yan-[+h:,?, 1 D ssl. 3 aslReee abov e zero in Lvov, 4 in Vo1ogda and Swlensk, 5 in Taitiaa; +xilt"Ta, and riev, 6 in Riga, 10 in Kirov and Kishinev, U in Voronezh and Odessa, 13 in 8har'kov and Poltava, 14 to 71ta) 15 in Tambov, 16 is Rostov and Socaai, 17 iaatzor'kiy and Saratov, 19' in Stalingrad, 20 In B yby- shsv, 22 in rszau', Molotov and Ufa, and 25 in Chkuloz. Lent niabt'e lest t~'-'rat>e in i'5cscov was 1 degree above zero; it veu .5 degrees above taro at noon today.(i) Li Xsty during the day, variable cloudiness was observed in Belorussia. Sht rains vue recorded in the southeastern portion. haure ware rj d+sgre~ss above zero in Mogilev, h in Pobr k, 9 k, 9 in Mins in AUnsk a a nd 1$00 Brest, 10 in P010'-.a 12 in 1, Bra gin.. Gce~2 and 13 in Bragia.(2) Yesterday during the day, cloudy, cold veather prevailed in Belorussia. 21ati eratnrme at 1500 hours were 6 degrees above 8 is ? 1Ortak, Vitebek~ Brest, and Zbitkovi zero in Bolrrn3sk, 7 in Minsk, chi, 9 in Qrodno and Lel'chitsy, and :LO in Qm*1'. Cold wea:,her with local frosta'is expected to contianr during the next 24 htaiare. (2) ILM&Z it vas ie m they soolvld vaaethez prevail.- in most of the European Woo although "eastern portion. Rain vas reported in th.. eastern Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 Haeogaj MM, B, cad 1oca2].y in the Ukraine, Crita: a, Nortth.rn Caucasus, and Sta1in- I'm blast. Sam m4xea with rain- fell in eac`~.u Latvian SSR, ee,tern T.ithnan- and nor't'n:..rn Boloruss:.a. at .091 hours this LOrninS.sere -2 in Murmansk, -1 in Syktyvkar, pro in Arkb ngelrsi, 1 deat?as ahoves Toro is Our'kiy and Kirov, 2 dey~rces in aiinit ad and Tb,7.1in, 3 in Riga and Minsk, Sin Pskov, 5 in bsningra3.. lra.zan' &ai Odessa, o ii 3arek, Kiev, anG Vologia, 7 in k,'vov .and Orel., 8 in Fro] n:,l:, taliWrad, h, nn Saratin, 12in Ra5to7 ana aalta, 13 in Kubysh--v GM Sochi, 1~ 19 in In AbtrcL , Od 20 in Ufa. Last n13ht's 1a: rt ta"aperature Yen Moscow Fes 1 degree baler zo'ro; it vuo 9 dogxeea above zero at noon todsy.(1) 'Phis mQrning, VOry V= M, dry weather continued in the a :treme southeastern P opeatn USSR- Cloudy, cold weather prevailed in the rest of the Snropear.USSR. Snow ;ell inArh-gel'sic Oblast and Komi ASSR. Rain fell in the Ukraine, Belo- russia, Baltic rdpubliea, and most .,.Y the central regions of the European USSR. f'r6cip1tation in the form of rain ax-1 snow vas recorded in Smolensk and Moscow oblasts. u LeOug winds were observed in. the Baltic republics, contrsl regions of the Thz oAaen UDR, and 1arthern Caucasus. TenyOr.atures at 0900 hours this morning were zero in Lvov, 2 degrees above zero in bituiansk and Smolensk, 3 in Kiev, 4 in Leningrad, Kirov, and K l nin?r d, -6 iti 6b&4'kov an8 Odessa, 8 in Riga and Orel, 11 in Rostov and Yalta, 121n. Sochi, 13 in Krasnodar, 15 in Ufa, 17 inStalingrad; 22 in 1lstrakhac. , and 26 in Last night''' lowest t mi retire in Moscov was 2 degrees above zero; it vac 3 degree at norA today.(1) lesterday, cold veathar with precipitation in the form of rain an3 snow was recce in Belorussia.' Te;z*ratures at 1500 hours Siere zero in Baranovichi, 1 dggr a above zero in Brest, 5 in Grodno, 8 in Polotsk, 10 in Orel 11 in Be- bT s. 12 In Gomel', and 13 in Mozyr'.(2 s :Yesterday's temlaeratures in Leningrad were 5 degrees during the morning, 7 -OA&e*o at noon.(3) Both . 8t.ni8ht'a loyeat texpcrature aul-today's noon temperature in Moscov were 8rees above zero.(1 fihin ? ng, warm weather prevailed in the southeastern european U8 and , Cloudy, cold weather in the rest of the European USSR. R'nmWOratnres at 0900 hours were 1 degree b:law zero in har'yan-Mar, 1 da- g1ee 1111 a rero in Yalega and Lvov, .2 in S;3rtyv'Snr and Minsk, 3 in Smolensk, 4 ; in 5 in 83sltinet, 6 in Kiev and Or~ei, 7 in Kalinin, Kazaa', Poltasm, __t .Oor?ffiy M1 Talta, 12 in Ka~/oyshav, 13 in Tambov, Saratov. and aoBCCVa,_IN I tZ&1ULX az, 15 171 bona, and 26 in ChAalov. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 In eastern half o? mid-Eay, cyclonic activity continued for a yericd of 5-6 days over the the gurogPan USSR. This ied to intensive circulation of cold the Ea Mean diurnal ssae, criginat!ng in the Arctic, over the Belorvseian SM. As a result, ' tt4=W, ure in the republic dropped genorally by 10 de- ? during the store dropped to freezing; especially heavy frosts Ries of 17 and 10 May, sfhen both atmospheric and of ~ toacatvras drn~d to 2-6 degrees belay zero in the northern 3e3Orusaian SSR and to 1-3 degree, belay zero in the southern portiaa. D rrirt the day, the tern,:ratua -ined above zero. It 'beo+~'Za still coOla- - .?npult of the entrance into the Palo-msslae SSR of a newly Formed eycaone from Lcninr, ai Oblast. m;asama in the n vmt5 SS of this cye1one aver the north?.resterz, and Circulation of oontral. the cold air reglone of layers thz of thEsic elan prot3SR caused the t-Ter?ature over thesa reGlons thro iiett all the ,el,he to drop baba zero. Therefore, the precipitation in the form of snow which began on 19 May in MO-10d.echnO and Polotak oblasta spread during the day to Grodno, Brest, Baraao- corded vvchi, Minsk, Bobnaysk, and Pinsk oblasta. Rspecially heavy snowfalls were re-ralotak on the moral n nrd?p ss`o and r Minsk ob?aste and locally in Bobr; k Oblast ver , ceatimaters in Radoahk_rieAe), cc, of 3-10 centimeters was recorded (13 Snowfall in mid-ki_y hFa been oh-cl-.u in t ouch contin e?iO1 in previous &t years. roue, heavy snowfall has not been recorded. in the last 50 years. ars. Of lasts, y d.. lug the day, overcast weather vith precipitation in the form Of rate, recorded in Belorussia except in Vitebzk, Bobruyek, and Bea enovichi vere 2 a Vdegreeiirecipitstion ~e above ze oein Bthe form of snow. Temperatures at 1500 an& I6ogilev, 5 in Mozyr', 7 in Gcee1I and Pinsk, and 8 & in B n re 4 in alrodno at. (2 (2) Yesrdtte deay'st temperatures s Leningrad were 4 d~uGreee above zero during the mmmin, degrees during the 8y.(3) This morning, cold weather continued in most of the European USSR. Showers were recorded locally in the Baltic republics, Belorussia, and western Ukraine. O re"t weather with rain vas observed in the eastern Ukraine and in Voronezh, YUZOW, f' ad, Pskov, azA Wovgorod oblasta. Warm, slightly cloudy eeathmr preroailed in the Volga Region and in the Northern Caucasus. aturea at 0900 hours this morning were 3 degrees above zero in 8da?- Imsaek end Kink, 4 in Smolensk, 4 in Smolensk, 5 in Lvov and Ri 6 in S+$t .v rr, Leningrad, and Kiev, 8 in Arkhangel.?ek,9 in Kalinin SPs y Kirov, 11 in Gor?kiy, 13 in nh are 10 nn` aa, in Roston, Sochi, and Astrakhanb' i ? n Saratov, 17 in ad, and 18 10 8et Alghtss beset temperature in Koecov was 4 degrees above zero; it was LO 8r4iem at nofn today.(1) nbr DWI M9 the say of 20 Ma&,the night. of .1 .._ 't in ~- z?rm ar Y,ain fi" in Belorussia. During ] the nibs h , precipita Itbe'fora of light snow fell, locally in fiusk, Palotsk, Vitabk, Bobruytion k, zIno , Polereyon~ Bsftn ~cbi oblasta. No snow cover over was formed except i(t tbol' Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 Yesterday during the day, rain continued. At noon, temteraturea in Ealo- rusaia rangeg between 3 and. 8 degrees above zero.(2) ma-mina, rennernturas in Loni:.grad were 6 degrees alcove zero during the i!a, 9 degraea during the day.(3) The weather this iday is very unstable. Rare warns days alternate vin cold, windy, and miry days. A late en 20 Peal, it has boon paaaikla to observe anon Ylakcr fluttering in tna air in the morning, The Centres. Parsegating Institute reports that the cold May weather in the 1hrop,sr USSR was Caused by invasions of Barents woa regions. cold air uaoaes Iron the Kara and . _.a invasion of cold air from the Kra Sea took place around. 10 nnay. It caused a drop in temperatures and resulting night frosts in the northern, rarth- western, central, and locally in the eoathern regions of the European-'USSR. The cool weather which net in around 20 May wan the result of an invasion of cold air from the Barents Sea. It spread to the north;, stem teens partly to the southern regions of the European USSR. At night, the ten reratnrv+ dropped to 34 degrees bolo;; zero in many loc2l- itie.s in the Pe ; l C = t N .x one winds were observed almost everywhere in these regions. In the first 20 days of May, rain fell often in the southern ba'lf of the httropean USSR. f -r0" cool weather In May is a.c paratively rare phenomenon. Row~:ver, frost and sum sometimes occur in Moscow at the beginning of Jima. For exan lo, on 4 June 1947, snow fall and the temperature waa i degree above zero. (7)' 23 ~~r 1'k La aoriaing, overcast weather with rain wan observe' in Belorussia, Latvia Velikiye Ln1L;, end aeo].eeak oblaets, and also in soutbern Arkhangelsk Oblast. Variable elornflincte tl w p mos y ithout precipitation prevailed in the cen- tral regions of the Ttiaopaan U$SR, and slightly cloudy, dry weather in the YSkrSins, Volga Region, and Northern Caucasus. aturaa at (00 hours were 3 degrees above taro in Ear'en-Mar, 4 in ftt,r6ZSVOdek, 5 in Iiinek, 6 in Smolensk, 7 in Riga and Tallin 8 and 'V~&&, 9 in Voronezh, Oral , and ~y11i ? , , and LBaiagrad; 10 in $yaran' and PskoP,.31 in a?-s kiy, Arkbange1 ek, an$ Surak{ 12 in Odessa, 14 'in Lby'byshev.,.15 in UlLtai 16 in Saratov and Sochi, 17 in .irbv, lain Syktyvkar, 19 in Rostov"and Astrakhan', and 21 in Stalimgrad. Last night?a? lowest temperature in Moscow was 5 degrees rbove zero; it was 13 at noon today (1) , . _ Teeter'day. Variable cloudinaaa .with ahnvora wn. ranterdnel in_ llnl{ e t* ee at 1%d hours ware 6 eg ee a r . r e bove ze o in Vitebsk, 8 Minsk, pola*ak and Bcranovichi, 9 in Grodno, Brest, and Pinsk, and 10 in Mozyr' and 001iml t. (2) Tessteraay'e teiaperaturrs in Leningrad, were 4 degrees in the morning, 6 de- grees during the day..(3) EC IO rAL Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 1SSR?This morning, It -8 very Vann in the extreme southern and eouthcastern :001 vaath- geevailod in the rest of the BB?~c~;ecn Rain fell in UYUaine, in Kursk, and Bryansk obla~ts, and locally in-Latvian SSA u nsk Oblast. x rat yes at 0900 hours wars b deer; se above San-, 6 in Th trozavc;irsk. 7 in L'vo7, 8 in I:alininLero gead ~ 15 in n Hiaak, 5 in ?rs' l'ane3 Odessa, 10 in Lenin ed, 32 in ICicv and ilrkBang in, o and Yalta I m n7 'sk, 15 in Vlo~rz 17 in Voronc;ah., 18 in Kirov, Stalingrad, and Bse:,nodar, 20 in Rostov, 23 in Kuyfryshcy, and 26 in C.bkalov. Last night In Ines t teanerature in Moscow war- 6 degrees above zero; !t vas IT degrsns at noon ?today.(.) During the day of 222 Flay and night of 23 May, heavy rains foil in all see-- tions of Belorussia. Rower, the largest amount of precipitation (5-32 mtili. Patera) fell in the central section of the republic. Yesterday daring the day, showere eontL=ed locally. Temperatures at 1500 hours 'were in !jt- ,b k, 9 in Grodno, Brest, Beranoviehi, tliuak, and C; nsel7 degres above zero "inn Pcl.otsk, Vileytal Pinsk, Bobruyak, and Mogilev, eM 32 in hiozyr'.(2) Yesterday's temperatures in Leninprv o 1 ire c _s c: u i w ~"i;, le. cia8rr~s awning the ti-y.(3) K. I. Saahin, Doctor of Geogre hl?c :cienccs aus' illrP-tor of the Central Forecasting Institute, explains the cold spell I)-, May as follows: While warm wuatber sae, observed In the Europeaa USSR at the end of April, it best cold and vindy in the first 10 days of Hay. After a short period of Vavtvleatber, a second cold spell began approximately on 15 May. Both cold spills'af cted a large part of the European USSR. On 6 May, a cyclone began to develop ove the Baltic republics. It moved across the cenbral ckaernozim regions toward the Southern Urals. Thus, the centeer, of the cvelone mnaed in more southerly latitudes than chat XAS'i may, asn In 5'3 degrees north latitude. On 7 May, the center of the cyclone was in the"t1roi area; oa..8 May it vas' in the Ufa area. By this tim, cold air occupied tha-hce',i ern European USSR. The northern air currents, which bast cams from the Barents sea and had a very low tesrature, grew stronger as they the. Vast: ?Beeaase of its swift moos ent toward the south, this air did not - ce?s bested. The cold air currents were strong and occupied a considerable layer of the atzosphmv. While the cyelcne was in the Ufa area on 8 May, it caused enrnrfall with strong viade in the southern Urals. 31'hile May frosts have been observed in past yesars, they era a ec peratiwly rare phenomenon, (8) .0 Max Testerday, cloudy weather vas recorded in Belorussia. Rains fell locally in cv, 'n tk, sad (keel' oblaats. Temperatures at 1500 banrc tere acra in eronno, 12 in Gomel' and Minsk, 13 in Bobruyak, 14 in' Meg-. Pollotsk, and 15 in Drisea.(2) me" in e'y?ssterday morning were zero. on Dikson Island, IS degrees above ftraaek, 8 in Ta173n and Riga, 9 in Odessa, 12 in Kiev and Arrhangel'ak, 1k'in Ifascob, 15 is Ys3ta, 18 in Kirov, 20 in Rostov-on Don, 25 in Svacdia6k and /lahffisbad, and 29 in Tashkent. -10- CO1P M_ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 l 7eatsaday's temyeratures in Le;Ungrad werf. 10 degreeo during the morning, S deg---' during tk-- d-Y-(3) 1&-'> rllLni. ornrcagt nfaathn,..atb _ -__._.. _. _ _ ain --a--. Buro Harm weatner continzud in the eastern U 8R, eastern vvlge Etegi-, and southorn Ura.Lo. Td-1 tufes at 0900 'hours, this norring were 3 degree, above zero in tdlr- II'' k, f in yd m% nwi L 'ves 8 in Xi 9 i L B , n Mcv, 12 iu Leningrad, vvroncts, and Rostov, 13 in l1:kbangrl'ak end 0&eeea, 1k in Yalta, 18 in (ldr'ki,y, lain ntovs 20 in Kirov,. 24 in Aatro - an', 26 In Molotov; 27 in Kttyb.-eh?y, e d 28 in X109. Laat ni.ght's lowest twgarature in 'rioscov Mar 12 degrees above zero, it was aiao 12 degrees at noon today-(I) a morning, k degrees during the daY? (3) ire dagreas above zero during the Yesterday's temeratures in Leas d xn the yest.2k.hore, overcast; rainy weather was observed in Uelorursia. ~'? -e- `.L- as nc 1 00 hours sere 9 degrees above in -Byt. b Gaire1' , I! In Ninek, Zhlobin, and Barenovithi, 12 in Pinsk, 13 "in Brest, and lk in 1rodno.(2) Last night's lowest taapcrature in Moscow was 7 degrees-above 18 demob at nn- tm.b fl t zero; it teas -- ..,. ..,.J wmcyt ...n. ary In DiOLOLO' and OE:tplyv oblecta, 9as t , and slso in western $azakhetan. Cool weather yrevailsl in the rest me thn'4Mr:nrw... nvan tion vea.baaviest in Idsgareloye?..`_ "'""'? t$ an belarussia; P e1i.pit&-. and slutak-(i1-13 mtUimetere.). 'yesterday's res were 8 degzBea:dbare zero in Polotsk and Vileyksp 10 ins3linak;.11 is !lr03ao, 12 id Bar4UOVIchi, U in r st,' 15 in Pinsk and Mogilev 16 in Bo- 1cY sAd Moz r.', and 17 in Gc e1'..(2) ' . Testerdey's tejeratuzae in Le aingrad were 8 degrees above zero dti during the morc.Emt 12 demwea a>,,.a,,,. ?i?_ A." !"'grail na?war& 11 degrees ova zero tea Mogilev, pk in Bract 15 lk; lrodno,: and otak; 16 in d?el', and 17 in Kozyr'.(2 rnesiat tityvs Pell ; Ho , ~ -ma "ea reccraea in Bela- . Sotr-tye$ "and Pinsk ]sets. Tmgmmtw ai at 1500 h ?a" o Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080157-8 , - c ev, to in Brest, 18 in 3?Linok, 19 in Polotek 20 in? Bobru"k, and a Sm tiozyr,. (P) , n a n 1. in 3yktyvkar, VOIo, Snratov, and dad; 20? its Mov, 21 in. Cory, 22 in Satiybyshav, 24 in Astrakhan,; 27 and 29 in Chkolov. Lnnt night's lowest twmperatzo in Moscow was 10 degrees ab~vo zero; it way dograc~s at noon today. (I) Yecterday dw,ring the day, warn e-,ather was observed in Belorusoia. Shower" site thuaLura+tormt fell locally. Te ,erator above zero Gr-Ine 15 Is oa at 1500 hours were 14 =?greee llmx -u r,-, ;yore y ae&ees abotra zero in Riga, Li it k, 12. in Lvov and Minsk, 13 in Liey, 14 in Sochi, 15 in Leningrad and 7altsi 17, in Rostov 18 in 8ai l y xr ?uicY' y Spate' , J , -1 sail Yalta, 18 in V0109 ft and 19 fn Ocr M:Qy and 8arat6v, 20 in EazRan, and Astrakhan,, 22 in x'irov end mjftv v. sYifi an 4.. ttp.: This '10aratnaq, Cool v t 2r train recorded in the western Eli-*'nn,9an R. In f MernBMa opaan ii , it was very warm. Rains fell locally in the northern. Retrayea'e if.I, Ukraine, No thcin Caaca-,vq az Valge, R men. at 00'O I::; r this uarnin? were 8 degrees above zero in Te,;.lin and Ner'yan4 er, 10 in Biqa, Pakov, Leningrad, and Smolensk, 3.1 in Ee2iningeed and L'va , '12 in Minsk and Npreenak, 13 in Sochi, 14 in Kievi. am Arkbanpl,ak 17 its S , Stalingrad, 16 in fees, , kt vl afttnai 19 degrees wring the da m ??`? y7 wsgrees anom zero during the y(3) --- - ---_ ~??~?? u...,ca,:,.vvuxsY. d to-4L m ?Umt*rs) Yesterday artg- the day, teMperaturas were 12 degrees above zero In P.olotak, 14 in.I[itiek; Brant, Tttebek, Baranovichi, and. Grodno, 15 in Pinak and Iiogi.lev, 16 in Rozyr,,. and 2.1 in (ks+el'.(2) l6 ,u LWECOW was t1 da es above zero; it was SrA9? of boon today. (1) S0URCBS 1. IMoecov, Vechernynsya Moskva 2. Minsk, Sovet^1&ya Beloruasiya 3? Leningradelraya Pravda 4. Tallin, Sovetakaya Eatoniya 5. Aehkbabed, Tnrkaenaiaya Iskra o. Stab1.nabad, I unigt T-adzhiklet- 7? JIoeeov, SrmosioVakaya Pravda, Moscow, Igyeetiya END - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14: CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080