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December 22, 2016
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September 9, 2011
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September 2, 1952
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080218-0 I SUBvECT ~ INFORMATIO(d 1952 Eeononi~ P1 r-- CLASSIFICdtilg~ RtSinICir.O CURITY `.L*iFG1itllTIC2! CFPlTR.41. INT.r-LUGENCE ASENC;' REPORT flw 1'v~a..eB~B~VG~, YY{lJM IFOM'i:CldPi DU+CUl4iEPdY9 e7R F2E?DIt~ BRUAF~C.4~TS CD N0. COUNTRY ~,~ OATt OF i.~;NGUAGE ~ATG PUf3LISNEO - an fut .Anent. Hi11~1 FilP.f I~~IFfI L.ai., ,. VJNERE - PUSLISHEC tlahkLab~J, ?',?rl:en SSH DATE DISI'. ~, X1552" N0. Or PAGES :~ SUPPLEMENT 'f0 REPORT N0. TIil5 IS UNEVALUATED INFOP,M,ATlON Iti'_FSi(~$ flBR 'SOFS ErlRSm-@UGATER ]952. Pd.AI3 2 PffitCAGl' The Statistics Jldm3.nistration Tarlrmen 59R reperte tbst Turlmsn industry 2nlfillcd `he first-guerter 1992 grcas-prodtacticn plan 102 percent, iaclnding 105 percent by union ir~iuatry and 101 percent by republic industry. z The industry of A,ohki+abad Oblast fulfilled the plan 104 percent, 3nclnding IO_ percent for Ashkhabad City, iO8 percent for Mares Oblast. 95 sateen:: 4n,. ~_ -~_-=-_ __~:?, ~~ 7i percetzti roar Chardzbau Oblast. - Industrisl enterprises of Ashkhabad and Mary ablaats, xhile exceeding +.hs f:ret~gertpr 1992 grass-production plan, failed to rre2t ti~ plan for Frodue- tian of moat i8portant products. 6roae production in the first gars-:er J.952 increased ~ perca~nt in ec~- pariQOa with the first c~usrter of 1991, inciudiag 32 percent for union 13duetry snd 17 percent for republ3~ induntay. Miniatriee sad depextznents fulfilled the Pirst-cisarter 1y52 moose-pxodartion plan ae Polloars: Percent Ministry of Light Iaduatry O33R 103 Including: IInion enterprisses 100.2 Republic enterprises M ,,,~ - inistry of Cp:ietructioa Materia2.s fadnstry I~SR 93 Including: IInion enterprises iZ3 dtepufllia enterprises M ~ inistry of Cohan Groxing III{ 103 Iubindiag: IInion enterprises ~ .)3eanbl.ic enterprises 104 Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A0007000802 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080218-0 l STAT Book Trace, Council of Hipistera Rtn?k'rea ESR 1CO.7 Turkmen Council of Induatr121 Cooperatives 1~?3 Includi:xa: Ashkhabad City 100 Aohkhsbrd Oblast ld2 Nary Oblast ~ Tashau2 ffilest 1~?3 Charda~,ou C~lzst 1C,2 Union oP Invalids' Cooperatives Including: Aehkhaba3 City 86 Ashkhabad Oblast 17~+ Mary n'olast 123 Ta9bFlY:L Oblast 100.5 Chardzhnu voiast ~ The following ministries of the Turkmen SSR, xhile ear_eeding the firat- ~saxter ly5r^^. gross-product?.on plea, failed to asst the plan for production of i:he me?t important nroducta: Ministry of Liitht iadusfry, Ministry of Cotton Growing, Tnr7aaen Councl.l of Industrial Cooperatives, and IInion of Invaxias~ Coopgra+.ivoa. The following enterprises, chile fulfilling the first-quarter 1952 grosa- prodnotion plan, failed to meet the plan far output of moat important prodacts: Ashkhabad Bevigg Factory, Aahkhnba& Bnitvear Factory, Ashkhabad Meat Ccmbino, "Hnulisol'" Salt Hine, Bayram??Ali Bread Combine, ?h niturn Factory, Bsyram-Ali Construction Platerials Plant, lSary 8ewiog Factory, and Chsrdzhon Constriction Materials Plant. The following enterprises failed to meet the first-gnartar 1952 ~'oss- production plan: Ashkhabad Construction Materlals Plant Ao 2, AshkLa'hecl Poly- graghic Ccmbine, grganovodsk Construction Materials plants Ho 1 and So 4, "9hrl~enneft'" Association, "Karabogazeul'fat" Cosibine, Mary Leather Punt, Tashanz Coustruction Materiels Plant Ho 7, Taehaus Cotton-t3lnning,Plaat, CLarIIzhon IIriving-belt Factory, Chardzhou gnitz~ear Baetory, Chardzhou Cotton- vi~i;~-- my 4 "n~a~-" a.,1 fi... M7n_a lla~?v vshi nle_.?s.uir ~el~nL: AgVrm-~11 lPnteiand O11s~COmbine, (}lavkhleb, and Ashkhabad Houeil.coholic Beveragoa Plant. The first-quarter 1952 plea for production of the meat important tyFes of industrial goods were fulfilled es follows: - R~TtICTBD Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A0007000802 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/0 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080218-0 Fcrcent 1'etroleiza t~aeoli*.~ 98 fiozosene 1L Ric~dc+x olea;a '? 7 Cunt 110 YireB brick ~!6 . T.irmn. . 81 aypar~ G;yn;a}as wilding nat,eria~ 83 ,52 Cast-iron prcduct 69 A1Tminraeuare 106 Ironware '108 ~.tsfnT },e?~ S f Carta vnn other vehiclen 100?~~ Rhit u .derxear ~7 KaAt oiatervear 90 IIasiery 92 Rsw Wilk 99 Catton bastting ''-03 Cotton fiber 10' Washed wool 93 Cattoz yarn 100.6 Cotton fabric lCb ai]k fabric s cital ~ Ar2lfi O1 CerQots 107 ~`ootTraer 91 Har9 leather goods ~ .'xather ontorwear Rsa~aia leather and sauifinishe3 Rresis leather ( t ~ 71 moa ov ye) Tawed loather 100.1 Bread sad belmlttjry products 103 Confectionery products 95 "IdOQr ~ j ~ Butter 103 Yegetsble afi ~ Salt mining 9Q.8 !deaf 112 Yee erema 97 seer 56 Grape wise 109 iGsc:aroni products lC7 zansalry soap 76 . Bottles 101 130 The first-gnarter 1952 pian for retail cam~sodity trade woe co~ploted $h percent? inclnding g3 percent is the retail trade netvork snd 99.3 percent in pnbl-ic eating enterprisao. Individual trading organi~ation,3 11iifillPd the firat_q~ter 19;2 plan far retail corseodity trade as fellows: anitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700080218-0 ~~ tl8ioistrt~ o; Trade B iania"~ra?~ion 'apt ~(uiixi ACmluietration oY 8 a nt Stores Rmilr~~ rect::uranta Esc-sl Fcod Storer ups ar3 paod atrgply o:?~{anizatioan Iaclu~ing: bSlniLatry oY Fetralleum Industry ~iniatry u# Railways ~inietry of Ch^.mical InGuu::ry Mir-i ast+.+, .. 31;eciallzed network oY :nZt?,etria:. and nonlu3uatrlal rlinis?riea Yacluding: X[1aie;-~ oY ri>eat end Dairy Ta3uatry N3)Sna~o" of 4~00~ Industry ~ Farr _==utlcal A~aafniatratiou Snyrtxpec~t t ~iniatry nP Fish Influc3t:,~ Ministry oY Lecel. 7::3:.s`ry Tnrkmeubirlcahilc (Turkmen Cons>nraera' Union) Piohexmen's Conauveera' Anion 2R~a`kmen Council cI lnz.iatria7. Cooger.:tivea 21uk?an IInion o2 Invalids' Cooperatives Cooperative Trade Including: 102 100 101 77 ?1 S9 11$ 103 8? 61 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A0007000802 STAT