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December 22, 2016
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September 6, 2011
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May 17, 1954
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700180270-1 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700180270-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/09/14 :CIA-RDP80-00809A000700180270-1 i~0:id,;'~;Y C;ALY., IN V,iitlC?J i i1CVi::Cs: ur' CuIi;ri iy' j ~:hwr : ?l:uo Lin-??e}1 China I?'orestry , I;; :eipin~, Jul i ~ T" -95., ~:r'rn,r'arY: d ichool o_' ;~',r~_ct~.; 1:as been established in the Inner t:Dngolia 6utonomu~;:; Regio,. L: t!r., section. tLc Greater i:rlingar. R?s,:ge forests of A c~r..,~? ~.itnber prcdl:rt:ion .~oai. for 1:i3 ~: t~?ice that of 1952. ara flotr ,;' ?.caber co;.z s .ru::.r::an~si ''>ovir:cc? In SwrElciang 1 rovince the ; o,joct for _r:~ ; ; -,f)G0,c22 trcrr. Forest yo ''L'"~'t 3;5.j l:octares of land xith _arr.:c:?s a^~. ,':,. rr,tection .u t!:is province; sorlt? ;ncliff(?r?^at? .. :?ot_(?L'..7; ti ., ..._~ . - z.ile ethers arc .aovira:r :~~tectiv: forest belts have been;i? L. ii.- _ cL', ~ cf f:irin ,?~:ncc :!?y,~ square rrters of rq!,ar act r ;? ~ ` '1 ~s luf d1 '_ reforest 1,000 ai'fuc..tatio? .,. ,~d F11 i_.. ..~.1;;c~s imoortnrt ~'o meet t.i:c cccc Cur t:?ai:;.;n forest:c:?r, th_ L.ner !?i;,agolian Autonot;:ous lcv.,lc'c C:vo:? The ? ti.e _, ,ri.t~ ,:.. ~, ,... - .;cho~l i,ar +1, ~, .tabli:.hed c..;c!;~ol of Forestry. instrcctors and tud,. 1 , any forest sarvey? Thore are 70 buildin ~ ur rani gtn the center was planted will: asr, and tf;c .,th,-r two .:ith willow wands. The two outside rows were the i,urr,lc bud;iad;t. Tl,c _cngrh of tl:e belt is 200 meters. The trees are one-hali meCcr apart wit:. ti:c rows one meter apart. eightlotherestripsrol'pforeed w~mhI fViuSJl+10Ce~~? wer-_udua ~Cc,i wlthh160,000ttrees. T1;e purpose was to protect tl,e village aE,ai?st the ,.??-,1;;+~st winds and to hold back the drifting sand. Four hurn9reci and eig},ty-twu r?en were engaged in this tack. In Fai-tao-an, iu tl.e tn:ru ch',: of Lai-~uan H:,!_,,, ti,e Forest Survey Com- n,ittee decided that with _n *l:e next 2 dears a belt of willows :;houid be planted along the banks of the vi'_Lage river. The v_ilagcrs,, su~'gested that ti;e hills above should fist b?~ cede a ior?st reserve for a fex years to hold back the water or the r;ewly planted willows ,could be cashed away, as had haF- pened before. Tne better ^iau ut L..: vlllagerc was ad,pted. Sl:arisi Province L: Chian-clr'eng flsien tt.e :;raring afforestation work has been completed with 20,000 mou of treeless hills planted. Seedling ?urseries cover vl mou of land. Success has been due to the proclaimed I:olic;; 01' equal ;;r.;ohasi:; on farming, ar;i- tnal t:usbandry, and forestry. - Cacires emphasized t,hc "fivo committees," good or;anlzatiat ui' ti,c rt;asses," GOOds good forestry good surveys," and " Sono ir,s*,ruction in tecluriques," good preparation cf seed:; and tools." The work itself had three stages, the ?reparatory perio,i cf propaganua, the sf,ock performance of af- foreetatior., and ti,e appraisal any ctm;,~arizirg c:f the w:rk. Nor Wtwes t The Fo:?estry 0;'1'ice of f.he ik;rthwest Bureau of Forestry i.n April 1y53 organ- iud a team to surrey Brest ianu. i5;ls Lean, .Dined with aimi.lar teams from Shensi and iCansu provinces, By lirct, ut,kin;~ a su?vcy of trees un land that was comparatively level Lhev le~rrred m.~th.~,i;; ,. ,~ cu.ft situations ir. the forests of ~~t.,, `?' to b'= aopiicd in more diffi- .. _I'L}.we ;t. Sinkiang Province -- ~ In t::e "'urfan Basin of Sinki: