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December 21, 2016
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January 26, 2009
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March 30, 1953
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Approved For Release 2009/01/26: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA000100100005-7 CLASSIFICATION G0I FIDIWTJAL SECUR17 INFORMATION CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT O FATK REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY utSSiR ;t. I3JECT Railroad Oevelopme&s in Various Areas of the USSR VLACE CQUIRED O ATE. O INFO, O THT UNITED STATES. VOTLIA THE T1EANl!G OF TITLE I6. 'TECTIOt:5 799 AIM, 794. OF T"AF U. 5, CO75. AS AVERDEA. TTS TRANSMISSION 09 MEL- AMOII OF ;T5 CO%TTENTA 1,0 ON REC37PT ET AN UNAUTHORIZED PER3O''F 7.._.1?117^0 II7 LAV r12 TiEP117ODUCTlON O.'? TOtS FORS 15 P11CH:87':EO. K-A DATE DISTR. 30 Mark 1953 NO. OF PACES 2 NO. OF ENCLS.. ,13STEO BELOW) SUPPLEMENT REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION in 190, rails we being laid between `olyanka and, Chuburriki on a new railroad line parailelint the Vol - a' Jon Cana? about 150 meters north of it. the line was try: extend from the Volga to the Don liver and that a seconc line was to be built on the out.h side of the canal, Between the railroad line and the canal there was a highway, which was to connec c Brest with be Crimea via Moscow and :"talinf!rad. in early 1Qh0 R, work cu the construction of the Folyanka freight station was si artc--d. in the fall of 1?1.P freight trains coming from Stalingrad could operate t rourh the station, which Sias nrovided with eight tracks and three storare sheds, each 50 x 2D meters and equipped with a loa9inr ramp, l The Kiev-Foerrio-Kove1 railroad line is double-track Q 2 A large railroad 25X1 bridge was under construction near ko~;e1.,3 The Kov?el-Brest line is oi ngle?etrack> The Ta:shken ?Al;na Ata-Ili railroad line is operated single-track0 Three railroad stations are in operation in Alma Ata? 1,e,, a shunting station with 5 tracks Out without loading facilities or ramps; passenger station II; and station 1, which has 10 to 15 tracks and is on the line to Ili, The latter station is mainly used as a Ir.eight stations fit. I vestkcvy} on the Tra ?s-Fiberian trunk line, a single-track railroad ]in.e branches off to ":1st Tyr ma and Lrral via Kuldur , throuVh the valley of the Tyma River, Passing sidings were available every 8 to 10 km. Another new ro.ilro:.id line extending from Urgal to the northwest was nearin; completion, A 1~ rVw ' ilroad uunal was under een..truction about 11 km northwest of Urgal0 :ork or the line from Urgal to the nortlnaest was done by 20 datails of convicts, eacrL detail numbering about 600 rien.. In January 1950, the line was completed to about 70 km n r 1hwert of Ur ;al its construction was difficult. There are 7a nv steep l'vades on the route W mart viaducts, bridge., and nir-h embankments had to be built:. The ballast required was obtained from quarries on both sides of the line. h`~? ante ra is placed on cr--ec:=ated wo.x en ties were used, mother line section 30 kmC"'.. ICA.WN C F DE AL two U`bs.tt3U 1C3fd I t 25X1 Approved For Release 2009/01/26: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA000100100005-7 Approved For Release 2009/01/26: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA000100100005-7 lorar g at the end of which war a lonr tuna 1, tiaa unc?er constructior3., It ecnircd three yearn to cor7r'letc the con: raze tion of the 70-In r tr0ch, .hich rci lec t4 the dif iculties cause' h the ter; ain, and ;0o o .refOctc s hortanp of technical equinr7cnt,nnd inehicien.t labor- 6 Co1umi 7t: olyanka and Ch burni''i err an the ra1iroa a line ]:ror1 : t"1in:'rad n-nijT7 t , 9,; 1', rc +h of Chubur?nildi is ..i entic al with Ch;:curni`i, The informatian Dssibly re.f.'ers; to the elimination of war Ham :,"c ' or the coaetructi on of a ' rcond track, beaus the line sector mcntionel is Part of We I;talln rid-,.` , ask-Yrasnodar railroad line, which has been in cxistcnce for a lon;- tirle, The f oi,; _cn1'n reilrond : tation coals' not be foun4 in the e ovict ra'ilro :'; ruide, an! thus nay be a ', ew construction project, The rf .: fit rtat:i.on nention& wav no ib ' built in conae t:Lon with the Vol: --Ion Canal, Coiia ento The clout?le-trac't' rtatue Of this line war known nreviou:?1y orlraent.> .i'robably a brid, c over the. Tura Liver., 25X1 25X1 An eVter ioa of this lint a3 far as Ust imnrZ wolal WHOM .in?" between the Iran'- ih rian. railroad linc and ti e Bay 3.~, ",1? r railronH liner which . ,ull ,iaeer Con' Auction, ; 1rent., Avestkovyy it on the Trnnr-j iberiaai railroad .line, a nizt 250 ii Khel? 3ro\e k. Approved For Release 2009/01/26: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA000100100005-7