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December 22, 2016
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September 11, 2009
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January 15, 1953
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- ~i l~'~Z'.61- {~wR 1 {nN "~1LEi 2 /~.ri ?`s.S~:~l~.:- ew Q~?b' ZL.f i~. -'rZL7L Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA000200380011-6 COUNTRY_.__ topic EVALUA ION_ DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED[ REFERENCES- PAGES REMARKS., Soviet Supply Shipments by Rail 28 N -l3 rocket launcher This is UNEVALUATED Information 1. On 19 December 19f;2, a train of I coach 1 boxcar and 2S flatcars with at the Oranienburg railroad station e The train came was bound for freest Litovsk.1 '- =. .s oboerved The following m1lita shipments passed through the Seddin railroad station between 9 and 17 December Shit-rent An undetermined number of cars with Prixne merver~ and Date Altengrabow to Fuerstenwalde 9 December An unndeternined number h trucks An undetermined number of care 'itb about eight assault boats M,agdeburg- Drueckfel.d to Koenigswusterhausen 11 December Brandenburg to Fuerstenwalde 15 December CLASSIF;CATION SECT ET/CONTROL--U aS AOFFICIALS ONLY ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE)-.. _ Approved For Release 2009/09/11: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA000200380011-6 Approved For Release 2009/09/11: CIA-RDP80-00810A000200380011-6 S RET/CONTROL -- U.S, M7 An. undetermined number of cars with prime movers Brandenburg to Fuersttenwalde 17 December 25X1 1 ilita. z art nts between 13 an ?hjument, 1 flatcar with one tank 2 boxcars with military goods 7 boxcars with military goods 2 boxcars with military goods 2 boxcars with military goods 1 boxcar with military goods Comment the LX IX its Rifle Corps in Stenchl had received 2 jL^ -31 roc a auncners on 5 December 1952 o The information in paragraph 1 of the present. report definitely rdicates 25X1 that the i-13 rocket launchers cf the regiment mentioned in the reference report were replaced by rocket launchers of the M-31 type. It is not-worthy that the shii rent from Stendal to Brest*Iltovsk included 28 rocket launchers only, contrarily to the assumption that 32 or 36 rocket launchers belong to the equipment of a rocket launcher regiment of a rifle corps,, It is possible, however, that several r'-31 rocket launchers had previously been exchanged? StCPET/C0NTROL_u.S0OFFICIALS ONLY From-To aid Date to Frankfurt/Oder 13 December Fuerstenwalde to Frankfurt/Oder 13 December Frankfurt/Odor to Wuensdorf 17 December 'Fuerstenberg to Frankfurt/Oder 13 December Frankfurt/Oder to }Sarbach 19 December Eberswalcle to Frankfurt/Oder 19 December Approved For Release 2009/09/11: CIA-RDP80-00810A000200380011-6