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December 14, 2016
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November 6, 2000
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February 18, 1953
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Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-0081OA000200510006-7 NTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This Document eontaine lnt.rms lea ateotlas the $a-- tional Defense of the United Statea, within the mean- Ins of Title 18, Sections 7q and 7H. of the VA. Code. w INFORMATION REPORT amended. its tra==Z== of its eenteap td or receipt to prohibited by law. The rprodnetion of this farm to prohibited. CONFIDENTIAL SECURITY INPORMAT1ON 25X1 A =COUNTRY Chile REPORT NO. Preparations in Chile for CTAL Congress DATE DISTR. 18 February 1953 Scheduled to Take Place in Late March 1953 25X1 A NO. OF PAGES 2 DAIS OF INFO. REQUIREMENT NO. RD 25X1 A PLACE ACWJRW REFERENCES 25X1X THE SOURCE EVALUATIONS IN THIS REPORT AN OEPINIflW. THE AMRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATNE. (FOR KEY SEE REVERSE) 1. Copies of a five-page mimeographed document have been mailed out by the South Pacific Sub-Secretariat of the Confederacton de Trabajadores do America Latina (CTAL-SP'), prior to the Fourth Congress of the CTRL, scheduled for late March 1953 in Santiago, Chile. The document is entitled "Per la Unidad Continental de Todos loll Trabajadcres - Llarnamibnto del Comite Regional Sur-Paoifioo de la CTAL" and contains an outline of matters discussed at the GTAL-SP meeting of 29-31 December 1952. It requests representation of all Latin American union organizations, including delegates from the Organizaoion Regional Interamerioana de Trabajadores (OBIT) and the Agrupacidn de Trabajadores Latino Americans Sindioalistae (ATUS). 2. Listed as represented at the OTAI1-SP meeting in December 1952 were the 0onfederaoion de Trabajadoree del Ecuador, the Comite de Coordinaoion Sindioal del Sur de Peru, and Confederaoion de Trabajadores de,Ohile (CTCh). A Bolivian observer, Guillermo TORRELIO Ayorea, was also present, but it is not believed that he represented any particular union organization. The CTAL-SP document contained a brief analysis of the current labor picture in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. It followed the usual Communist line and criticized "imperialist-diotatorial" regimes in Ecuador and Peru, claiming great victories for the working masses of Bolivia and 0hile, and stressing throughout the need for unity of action. The last paragraphs were devoted to a reiteration of the blanket invitation to all Latin American union orlanillations to attend the Fourth OTAL Congress# therein listed as scheduled for 27-30 March 1953, All other information received to date indicates that the Congress will take place from 22-29 March 1953. ' Parts of the document were published in the Ohilean Oommunist newspaper 21 Siala during mid-January, Various other OTAL-3P bulletins related to the projeo e OTAL Congress have also been publicised. Beyond the-=extension of invitations and the preparation of the agenda, there hoe been little positive action taken with respect to preparations for the meeting in March 1953? The Santiago organizing committee has as yet no oonfis+mation of delegates expected to attend, but is taking for granted the participation of Vicente LCMBA= Tolsdano (NBaxLoo), OONB'IDBNTIAL ItAYC AMIV MAW AIR FS1 ALC IiNMow W o Nw obldb lhi " .1 Approved For Release 2001/03/0 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA000200510006-7 Ui Q 0 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-0081OA000200510006-7 CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A Pedro SAAR (Ecuador), Blas ROCA (Cuba), Victor CODOVILIA (Argentina), and Lazaro PENH (Cuba), among others. It is believed likely that.WFTU Secretary General . Luis SAILLANT will also attend, and efforts are being made to assure the partici- pation of Bolivia's Juan LECFIIN or an official LECHIN representative. Although not specifically included in the agenda, nationalization of Latin American raw materials industries and increased Latin American commercial interchange will constitute the two principal issues of the Congress. With respect to the CTAL-SP, it has been learned that it will not operate continuously, nor will its members be required to reside in Santiago,, as had earlier been considered likely. Rather they will be subject to call whenever there is a need for joint union action of the member organizations, or support of strikes. The committee will meet at regular intervals to exchange views and submit information. 5. The make-up of the CTAL-SP is as follows: Chiles Be ardo AR YA Zuleta - Well-known Communist labor leader, Secretary General of the PCCh, and a former Communist deputy. Age - 42 years. Chilean prontuario No. 2189374 Santiago. Residence - Calle Toro Mazzotte 88, Santiago. AAJyAdoE CgA Pastenos - Communist Senator and labor lender, Age - 50 years. Chilean prontuario No. 24456 Santiago, Resideiaoe - Avda. Bernardo O'Higgins 151, Santiago. Juan VARGAS Puebla,- Labor leader and former Communist deputy. Age - 45 years. Residence - Celle Herrera 541, Santiago, Rouadort igggE lgiRDO Maria - Secretary Osneral.of Ecuadoran Railroad Workers Union and Director of the Confederaoion is Trabajadorsn del Ecuador. Arrived in Chile on 25 December 1952 from Tacna, Pore, Bearer of Ecuadoran Passport No. 980. ____ - Secretary of Chauffeurs' Federation of Piohinoha, Ecuador. Arrived Chile together with LSTUARDO, Bearer of Ecuadoran Passport No, 6398, Perot 3UTTI Va11a1a1 Director of Peruvian Telephone Workers syndicate and representative of Comite Ooordinador Sindioal del Sur de Peru. No record of entry into Chile. Boliviat ills=s - Representing nio known Bolivian union. Arrived Chile on 20 December 19"x2 From Bolivia, TORRBLIO'a name was previously reported an Julian BARRIA, apparintly a pseudonym used by him, GUTI!RABZ does not intend to return to Peru until after the OTAL March 1953p and he fears he will be arrested upon his return. OUTIRRflZ' trip to Chile and participation in the CTAL-SP:maeting were financed by the Comito Ooordinador Sindioal del Sur is Pena, He io-coliciting financial.atd from`the OTOh to enable him to stay in Chile until the Oon;grooe. GUTIBZ is described as young and inexperienced in both political and union matters and.gonorally unimpressive.. 7. In relating to the:aotivities and plane of the OTAL-SP,'a now anti-U.S. propaganda line is to be initiated in the near future. Peruvian,army expansion would be presented as "a new U.S. maneuver to cause unromt in Poru and neighboring coun- tries and divert the attention of the masses ofthoso countries from labor and political matters in which they would be opposing imperialiot interocti,N O0N'7IDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP80-0081OA000200510006-7