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December 14, 2016
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April 2, 2001
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February 18, 1953
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Approved For Release 2001/11/07 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000200670003-3 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT SECRLT SCURRY INFO MATION COMMI Chile RPORT W AM Meeting of the Chilean Partisans of DATE DISTR. 18 February 1953 Peace to Welcome the Returning Delegates 25X1A to the Peiping and Vienna Peace NO. OF PAGES 2 Congresses ft" or om aWR MENT NO. RD ~wae THE SOURCE (VALUATIONS IN TNIS WON ARE E+E-INSTWL THE APPRAISAL Or CONTENT IS. TENTATIW. (/0R KEy SEE REVERSE) a 1 .0 On 25 January 1953 a meeting sponsored by the Partisans of Peace for the purpose of welcoming the returning delegates to the Peiping and Vienna Peace Congresses took place at the Teatro Coliseo. The meeting, which took place in the morning, was attended by'approximately including some 100 children. Scheduled to begin at 9, it 1500 persons , did not get underway until 10 a.m., with the playing of a record of the Chinese National Anthem and the showing of a film on the Warsaw Peace Congress, The film lasted one hour, and the next hour and a half was devoted to hearing the reports and the statments of the ten delegates. During that hour between the time the theater opened and the time the program started, the majority in attendance at the meeting had an opportunity to see the exhibit on bacteriological warfare which was on-display in the lobby.- This consisted of some six large cardboards on which were mounted photographs taken at a similar exhibit held during the Peiping Conference, Photos showed the ravages of the germ warfare on civilians and soldiers, the grasshoppers and other insects used as germ carriers, U.S. planes and germ-carrying bombs, and pictures of Korean and U.S. soldiers who, supposedly had admitted participating in this type of warfare. Also on display were posters bearing inscriptions such as "We are Conquering Peace for our Children's Happiness," "Investigation Cont'irmed h International Scientists." "War Used to be against Soldiers, but I&M s? MM MAIN AIR FS1 AEC __I 2V CH [TURN TO AR 9RCRRT m, im E U11 AF'fEt~ IiSE BOYS to Korea it is Waged Primarily against Civilians and Children," "3900 Scientists planned Germ Warfare in the U.S. in 1951," which was accompanied by a photo- graph of an unnamed U.S. newspaper. 4,e T`he following speakers took place in the programs Col. Alfredo de AM TI, who repro.sented "Union For 1a Patria" and whose statements regarding the bacterio- logical warfare had been widely publicised by the Communist press upon his retrain= Jaime CLSTILW, representative of the Falange Party, who had made statements not altogether favorable to the Congress or to the Commlanist cause; Juan L. AR-4A; Piblo NSRRUAi, who reported on the Vienna Congress and whose presence and participation continue to lend prestige and glom ~p t~rS i~4uR 'TES This aosumes$ eosaw. lnfoemaae slot the as* tlonal notoaoo of the Unltsd Cube. within the wean lne of 710* /e, ?ectlcns N3 and IN. of the VA. Cods. as amended. ttf tranooafsbn or ro~Wstlosaftaeostaipo prohibited to or receipt by an umathoelsed Person to by law.: The r wodnet$en of this fcne- a problbilsi. MWOON 100 No Approved For Release 2001/11/07 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000200670003-3 SECRET -2- 25X1A Communist-sponsored activities; Graciela.URI$E, youth leader who married David BORIZON, also Chilean student leader, in Peiping, while both were attending the Peiping Congress; Isabel JORQUERA, representative of the textile workers; Christian CASANOVA, officer of the "Union For la Patria", who attended as a businessman; Dr. Constartino CHUAJUI, physician and one of the signers of the statement on the evidence of the germ warfare; Alfredo MOLINA Lavin, Socialist; and Volodia TEITELBOIM, considered by many the leading figure in the Chilean Communist Party. g. All but CASTILLO echoed the statements previously made to the press and at meetings after their return to the city. They conformed to the usual Communist line about the peace movement and the rapid strides of progress and achievement being reached in the Popular Democracies under the inspiration and the guidance of the Great Socialist Republic. The line also included the usual tirade against the imperialist countries, the bacteriological war being waged by the U.S. in Korea, and the stalemate in the peace talks caused by the U.S. They called on Chile and all of Latin America to demand the cessation of hostilities through a meeting of the Big Five (U.S., Great Britain, U.S.S.R., China, and France), the recall of all occupation forces, and the renewal of diplomatic,. commercial, and cultural exchange with the Popular Democracies. They also asked that Fascist Spain not be allowed to enter the U.N. but that Nationalist China be expelled to allow-Popular China to be seated. Bringing their line closer to home, they again voiced the well-known cry against military pacts between the Latin American countries and the U.S., called on President IBANEZ to abrogate the pact at once, and harangued at length on the need for national political and economic liberation. Specifically, they accused the U.S. of exploiting the resources of the country, and of maintaining large numbers of military personnel who enjoyed diplomatic immunity, in the country. They demanded the nationaliza- tion of their mines and complete independence from imperialist tutelage. 6. Jaime CASTILLO, the Falangist, made the only pro-western statements heard from the platform. He lamented the fact that the "peiping Congress had'been unilater- al, representing only the Communist or Soviet-oriented world. He asked that a real peace congress be called uniting both the western and the Soviet blocs. CASTILLO also decried the charges against the U.S. regarding the bacteriological war and emphatically denounced such tactics. Although booed somewhat by the public and outnumbered among the speakers, he was allowed to express himself freely and was invited to work as a Falangist in the Peace Movement. 7. Money was raised by means of a raffle at which prize-winning numbers received gifts brought back from Communist China by the delegates. All contributors of more than 1000 pesos, however, received a gift. The audience was invited to place contributions in envelopes that were handed out as they entered the theater. On the envelope was printed "Keep this envelope - it may give you a pleasant surprise." A few pieces of Communist propaganda were distributed or sold. These included copies of the newspaper Union og la Pa , the same issue that had appeared days earlier with Colonel de AMESTI's statements on germ warfare; the pamphlet , written by Cesar GODOY Urrutia; a song sheet of international and Chilean Communist songs; a small handbill calling for the defense of Gregorio LOPEZ Raimundo and other Spanish political prisoners; and, of course, copies of the Communist Party organ, 31 S g? Approved For Release 2001/11/07 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000200670003-3 C,