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December 14, 2016
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April 4, 2001
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March 19, 1953
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0..', QP., PAGES' THE SOURCE 'EVALUATIONS IN THIS . REPORT ARE DEFINITIVE. % -`,THE,. AAPRA1SA4 OF $QNTENp .IS TENTATIVE. This report. ec tains ? info'mition 'on Soviet troops and supply installations in' the Rel?ri714ii An IM 14' +.w..1- ri X4...,4.. Approved For Release 2001/11/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000300010011-5 ~,tF RMATION _--_... ..,-......p.~.. ...... ,,,y?vn. ,nq,cago or --E--1 Held Distribution a ". - - _-- ~ Approved For Release 200171 2~1 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000300010011-5 COUNTRY.: USSR (Belorua elan S~SR~ t t t ~i ..,'REPORT,. NO. 25X1A Sovi et'Tropps...an4 :Suppljr' liia't~illati'or . DATE, DISTR. 19, Niax~~h 1953 in thy. Helmru si xi, I(iLi.t ry, D .ai{ ct ~1s l5gqument contalns'intoXlnation affecting the Na- tlpnai tiefense Of the Visited States, Within the mean- ifig of Title 18, Sections 763, and 704, of the T7,8. Code, as lu4iende.d, Its tr*n'smissioii or revelation of its contegts to or receipt by" an unauthorised person ie prohibited ? ' law. The reproduction' of, this form is prohibited. Brest- Litovsk (N52-07, E23-42): Approved For Release fOgWflfl gA-RDP80-00810A000300010011-5 Soviet Troop Units and Military Installations in the Belorussian 1D installation Location Occupation Troop camp. Remarks 25X1X obliquely in excavations, were observed east of the railroad line. Crews of soldiers were seen pitching tents and doing excavation work. Pilsudiskiy Barracks-of light stuccoed brick buildings. Old barracks in- stallation of se- veral white and red brick build- ings, is an area grown over by trees and con- taining a water tower. Two to three km southeast of the city, on both sides of the Kovel- (N51-13,E2444) Brest-Litovsk railroad line. Wooded area about three km southeast of the city and west of the Brost- Litovsk-Koval rail- road line. North of the main railroad station. The camp was still under con struction 15 July 1951. Not less than 500 round tents, each for about 20 men and surrounded by a one-meter earth wall, were observed in an area ex ending along the west side of the rail- road line for more than one km. Only a few tents, but a large number of tanks and artillery pieces standing Occupied by a major tank unit up to July 1951, Occupied. to capacity since 1948 by aunit of soldiers wearing red bordered black epaulets with an undetermined number. Light AT guns were seen stand- ing in the barracks yard. Troops received training with rifles and mortars of various calibers. Approved F 1/11/21: CIA-RDP80-00810A000300010011-5 Approved For Release IA-RDP80-00810A000300010011-5 Military quarters in the former citadel. West-southwest of the city. Occupied by-several thousand troops prior to July 1951. Tanks, AT guns, rocket launchers, ar- tillery pieces of from 100 to 150 mm, and heavy prime movers were seen parked in the open. Military quarters in a large private building. Military- installa-tion of several low brick buildings. Officers' house, a yellow four-story structure, and other installations. Southwestern sec- tor of the city, on the west side of Karl Marx Street and north of Moscow Street. Just east of the railroad bridge across the Bug River. Just south of the main railroad station, at the south end of an iron footbridge across the rail- road tracks. Occupied by a signal unit. About 50 soldiers were seen practicing in the yard. An antenna system of two masts, about ten meters high, was located next to the building. A unit of soldiers was seen there at the end of 1949, old fortifications were notic- ed south of the city,. in the area east of the Bug River. The fortifications were dilapidated. No new bunkers were seen. - apparently unoccupied. Other nearby concrete bunkers were Also referred to as officers, club and mess. Officers, billets were located north of the cita- del. Military personnel were also quartered in private houses and earth shelters. Several gen- erals were noticed in the city. W labor units-were replaced by Soviet labor battalions in the summer of 1949. Approved FaRel as 01/11/21 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000300010011-5 Minsk (N53-5o, E27-35) 25X1X Approved For ReIeaa@ : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000300010011-5 -h- Military school of one six-story main building, with a portico in front, and three wings; com- pleted in 1947 and surrounded by a wire fence. MD headquarters, a five-story brick _ building completed in 19147. Old four-story barracks building. Barracks installa- tion of several two-story and three-story brick buildings. Former FN camp. Three five-story apartment houses containing offi- corsI billets. Northern sector of the city, near the opera house. Northern sector of the city near the aforementioned military schooll. Northeastern eat of . the city,- on_ .the north side of the highway to Moscow. In the woods about six km northeast of the city, just south of the high- way to Moscow. Northeastern at of. the city, south of the highway to Moscow. Northeast of the city an the north side of - the high- way to Moscow. Called an Army Officer Candidate School by the PWs and occupied by more than 1,000 officer can- didates from. all branches of ser- vice. The. trainees were estimat- ed at 20 or 21 years of age.. The office of a three-star general was located on the ground floor. According to a signboard on the ground floor, the building hous- ed the headquarters of the Be- lorussian MD and a corps head- quarters to which one Major Budiovakiy (phonetic spelling) (fnu) belonged. Occupied by a unit of 200 men who wore red epaulets and who mere armed only with rifles. The soldiers performed guard duty at the officer candidate school. and other military installations. Several 76.2 mm AT guns and AA guns were noticed in the billet- ing area at the and of 19148. Occupied by a penal battalion of about 400 officers and men. The unit was employed primarily in construction work. Occupied by more than 2,000 persons. Approved For Re WM21 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000300010011-5 Rechitsa (N52-22, E30-23) Borisov (N 54-13, E28-30) Approved For Relea W i ??: CIA-RDP80-0081OA000300010011-5 Ordnance depot con- sisting of several open and-closed storage buildings and other brick an area of about tjOOx 250 motors, over- grown with trees and surrounded by a high board fence with watch towers. About six km south- east of the main railroad station, supply base for an artillery en the south side division allegedly stationed of the highway to in the Minsk area. He added Mogilev and north- that the depot contained au- West of a large merous now artillery pieces motor vehicle of various calibers, rocket plant, launchers, AT and AA guns, and heavy mortars. Source observed rocket launchers and some artillery pieces of 122 and about 150 mm on an open square. Prior te-duly-19!L8, pff camp No 189/8 in Rechitsa was guarded by soldiers who were No 127 an their epaulets. One Major Kunichov (phonetic spelling) (fuu) was camp commandant. Veterinary equip- ment depot of se- veral brick and wooden buildings, surrounded by a barbed-wire fence. On top of a wooded hill -about two and a half km south- west of the city and southeast of we Source was the railroad line unable to determine the items to Minsk. stored in the depot buildings be- Approved F j 01/11/21: CIA-RDP80-0081OA000300010011-5