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December 22, 2016
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September 21, 2009
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This is UNEVALUAT Approved For Release 2009/09/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA00050004001 1 -0 1. Intro6uetion 2, The >> IT 380 ( N T A U C E T T O G ISL ;DCVi~TYELSi'IY INSTITUT = Scientific Research in titutu) in LL''dhGRAD. General Location ~r54I'i~e~. pilot Plant attached to the 11II 380 production in the pilot plant Supply of ,accessories and parts Technical qualifte&tions of the Soviet engineers crrnloyed at the "?II 330. h Technical literature 4zages, State Loan, anc. disputes Civil Defence in.the NII 330. 3. Gonditiohs as a:ffeoting the Gerrj;ana (a) Documentation, and restrictions in raovements (b} MG:~3 c)) ::'o3:ltica 1 Observations i ade chile inn contact with Russians a) Complaints ,rIthor-, goneral impressions d~ Poverty among certain sectiofN of 5. Listeni;:ig, to foreign broadcasts 6. Television 1. Introduction: ;evict officer responsible for the ac h 6 e t In r 4 nel t Colonel. SL'LEZ jNV, requested Vila. Cer an; technical ?ersari o sign oncycar 'eentracte to v or.i in I.,?'7T-_'7Ten similar rose x~h, and he offered comparatively good sala.r ies. 'ith the exception of very Pea, 1,:-jho aisaineared rather than enter into any contract, ther z:'ith t;ieir families nd to d ge a the C,err.n+:;tochl.biass accepte left. ~' II 36~ for L?`T GRAD mid Apr 4a.. The r jrere employed with the (TTY"CITh1O ISL~'T~D(?V~T`ITTSTLIY fTOTIIUT = Scientific Research Institute). - )EGR:'T? Approved For Release 2009/09/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA00050004001 1 -0 Approved For Release 2009/09/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA00050004001 1 -0 'in spite of their contracts being for one ;rear only, the Gerrnans hero not repatriated until Dec. 50. They- were told that the contracts vivre not legally. binding on the Soviet Government, as they not drawn up. on proper. Goveri ont paper by Gol S=I21 7T who had, offcxed tneia on his mm initiative! The NII 380 '~UC_t~."t I$LY' 7::trl r 5 :1`~ IN TITU T = Scientific Research InstX t in L7 GRAD: (a) Gt;neral The 1 II 3h0 in Z:: NICGRAD is subordini to to the 1,47?SS (hinisterstvo ?=ro sishlye. osti r;r4duty ; vya+:zi = Ministry for the Production ')f T~;lecoru_ranicn tion quipricnt). :t first it oxi_I.ted as a branch (f hivl) of an institute (of the saran design "ion A' in ')t7t sor,x;tiriQ in 1`-AL.'I both equipr,cxt and (-Russian as well as German - the latter having been taken to shortly after the war from T.ti1 1,1;D in Dzuchoslava kia, where the Pern.seh of 1 EJDi had been Evacuated durin ti 1% war) were tre.aisfurred to Iu 3'?fl'Gl`AD. no Institute of that designtign exists now in (b) Loa_,.tion The ?"?II 380 (for the lotion Of :which sec sketch (a) of Aenexe I to this A >pcndix) is coriccrncai with esc rch. on television oqui .:..nzt, in all its asix cts. (c} 'crsonr1e1. Institute u riployc a staff of UGL to 1, CC0 engi~ieers, 1=:,',)Oratory :assistents, techn ciaas ':L n:'- irfe c !7nl cs. list of t.lr. leading .`7ovi 1'. p rso~a? ztics is givenn in Arnexc 2 to this report, aa7,.d's Annexe 3 names the German technicians employee at the Institute h the ~cx zod from 19)4-#; to and .195:.'. a ,-rox half of the staff were female, and that as rzany as 15 - 2C::; .of the staff were tc nporary, being students gamin, so,- aufture OTy a 3iz Cs,;i:'~; PnAd H.,SCI?'~ i 1 ,.r 1 :SDI it sild so were resistances (t factory in T: 'i TO :'1 t?.l?cl^rd: siglal gci rator3, frog the Dion instru:.ents for dcci:zetr. c t ch-nics e..:?a and precision s as vrolclin d p tin ~rore of 1 Sac such 4 i t< r; G ,m rn ox~_gifl. (g) l clinical CtLaiifi atiofe Of the. ,~ov t n~1no s c;c loycd_at th_II 3C the general a a ~tznr 2n ere *'~ ~ his fact, run of so-; i ot enginc `with s h a which justifiable failure is dealt, notV!ithstanlr; A. _-P _t..l'' e irZ Y]t-i.'?Z. oooncorno.d.. (soon 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2009/09/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA00050004001 1 -0 Approved For Release 2009/09/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA00050004001 1 -0 A4- seen "vcc u cl;y'r (l eading)c.nginecrs rc;liov?d of their positions !: ithout further ado r---hen they had to ace pit failure in certain task,' even 'their desks. being removed fro the laboratory cerxeerned. Under these cireuristances (i.e. the 1 a ck of opportunit-.r to learn from r.~3?stalccs) it is understa? blo tit:_t lie; ~r j ors Concerned nre:cer to conduct rese-aroh on. lines 1. i~J.ai. axe bo:1.nd t-, bring them oertaili, though limited success," that is in co , ring chat has been achi, ved lic fore.,. perhaps adding slight unproven r nts. i'his is bound to kv,;p tli,c zi in Ca,;ir positions, On taking over . tas'; of sohie ii.iportancc, against his si nature, an engineer beooi.ies the "veeiusohy; (leading) engineer and ' thus the ::-holly and pea sonally responsib1 e for fulfilling th ; task, All those essistizic-, him in the to slc concemed, even thot'. ;h ti~; y rX t y ordinarily be his equals or Qv on superiors, become subordinated to him fox the time being. It is he who i-,rites the report on th prooe::di~~gs of the researoh in a ?pool; sy~ecially provided for the pur -pose; the more. detail ci these re ort arc the more they are appro-dated by the po+7ers that be. On completion of the task the report. is handed to t;-i archives (Dpt 1) for safe keeping. It ~*las, at a l .tex date, made available only to those ~-nga ed on the sane task. r.'ven th.; writer of the r- >art hiinsalf, ncc he as engaged on a different task, could no longer obtain the, report from tL.e archives. (!1) TTt ch-Iia a l literature ''h tech= is al st?tf of t,-tu i, IT oxcellcnt? l;tbrary. 80 had the use o f an Ge r: zs: ere; concern~u, an -nom _rr techni acccssi'ale to thou.,. Foreign. technical liter2.ture ava-i_la al ~.S th i OlloFw'1 :. 1 Icotronias Proceedings r3:irv (Frequency odulatio:Z i~-:lo7lisicn) RC, t vier, B-11 Telephone 'fireless et gineeri 6 Electronic A;;~liad 7hysics :Philips Research Reports, etc. as far as the. (Uli) (Great Britain) it to 25X1 25X1 25X1 (J) ":l~e:~~ta..ta,~I,oa~ .nci 4is~n.;te~. rhilo the (-c:nma.n moch4i.ies, technicians and eridnecrs ~~re com aratiuclir 11 (fron. 2, C,00 to 7,r 0 rouzil:~s -),r mon.t'zl, the wages/sc:laries of the Sovle% staff as folio -s:- G leonors Unskilled labourers iii-?ski11od labourers SI i1J.ed iporkers Technici s Tool t; eicc rs 250 rouble 5c" - 350 40u - 500 600 - 800 *1, 000 1,000 - 3,200 per mo"ith i1 to /ri' ginoers Approved For Release 2009/09/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA00050004001 1 -0 Approved For Release 2009/09/21 : CIA-RDP80-0081 OA00050004001 1 -0 -S .aORwT-- -A5- ginoexs with Uiix.vcrsity dkiSru e lfrads of l boratorios x.,200 roubles ?pop month 2., 000 tl tl N 1V11 ile the Germans wore? not asked to aontxibuto, the. Soviet staff was c~Zpuctod to buy State- Loan bonds for the qt;ivajant of on month I's yr .gus/salaries, to' b4 pt id in. instrLllnonts, ''As long 6s-the re gime .,%s .such ,?1.mc not 'attn.cked, it ins certainly passible for the Workers to shout, at,. and. cvfln.'insult their' supt:xiors, This iv s t'regtxciitly the, case on y d.:ys. when d : crepanoias in the pa paoket of 100 a.-nd.. even more. roubles caused the workers to give vent they were. taking notes of t e. and wOi ght of the various installations, as :~ro_ll as thy; .width of. the; -doors through ' a AA' GE TECKVICIA' S E1TL0 D '; H THE 111 380 - SIG R.. "''?"'tS ADT ( T_E1lIItiTS at5t1 AR~TSF,H C. ) ~ a~.rd 1. SIEWMA`'N, fnu, Dipl.Ing. Reoatri D o $C; Z. MALY, fnu, Dipl.Ing. ZI.LTZ r frs'., Trey_ 4, LL