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December 22, 2016
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January 11, 2010
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April 6, 1953
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/15: CIA-RDP80-0081OA000700660007-5 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT INFORMATION REPORT CD NO, 'DIET/CO1NTR0L - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY CLASSIFICATION SFC'tTtiTrr'SC :rlT'MU?1Ernii COUNTRY East Germany SUBJECT Statistics on Rail-road Freight Cars PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. OF THS YPFITFD STATES. WITHIN THE OF-ANWO OF TITLO W. JUCTIOHB 799 AMR 79A, Of TWE U. S. CODE. As A0oWDED.. ITS T&F.gSmf9S1O psvei Rn on - { ~E54ci}7406~~br~~~~~:~r'R the following numbers of empty freight cars were dispatched a oa n January 1953s ti.S.F. .Brest Litovsk) ungary from foreign countries operated in East Germany in January 1953: DATE DISTR. 6 April 1953 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO, OF ENCLS. MSTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFO:MATION 5,047 boxcars (grain shuttle ' ari ) 1,973 gondola cars (for ore) X64 flatcars (of all types) 405 refrigerator cars (for butter and canned food) 34 Gs-type cars (for butter) 3 30 refrigerator cars (far me.t) 15 " (for meat and 2 the following numbers of freight cart i,339 boxcars (for potash) 3 388 gondola cars (for coal) Go-type cars are 15-ton, two-axle freight, cars capal_ or a r imam speed cf 90 /h.. During the winter season they are useet for the transportation of goods normally shipped In refrigerator card. 20 iomzTn>;. As compared with December 1952, the number of empty 25 YEAR RE-REVIEW and ore increased by 300 and 200 percent respectively, while the :t:.'. of i* r,T_,erator or Gs-type cars increased by 400 percent? . t?e:ig.zt cars dispatched to the U.S.S.R. for the importation of grain. __ CL-;\I SSlFrCATIOf1 STATE NAVY M ` N5RI1 _ LJ_ _IX ARt 11 _ AIR } F~77 orm, ent Si 3R: T/CONTROL U. S. OFFICXALS ONLY DISTRIBUTION _ - -- ~__ -25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/15: CIA-RDP80-0081OA000700660007-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/15: CIA-RDP80-00810A000700660007-5 SECRET/CONTROL - U.", t; { F IC IAL OtJLY r, This increase reflects on the critical food sJt:uat:`?-;n in 'past, The number of empty freight cars dis atche.? to ;iungary and Czechoslovakia remained about constant. , 3. Corment, The shortage of s r ht, care necessitated tLe enployrent of foreign equipment for season. (-x . rt shi rents such as fertilizer shipments to Poland? the Directorate General, ft? .rc,ads, Berlin, requested the Polish State Railroads that it make availatL three trains of erinty gondola cars daily. SE:CRLTT/CONTFOL - U.S. CFFICIAIS ONLY 25X1 25X1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/01/15: CIA-RDP80-00810A000700660007-5