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December 14, 2016
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July 16, 2002
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April 30, 1953
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Approved For Release 2002/07/23 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000800260008-7 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT SECURITY INFORMATION COUNTRY USSR (Ukrainian SSR) Resistance Activities in the Area of Rava.Russkaya, Ukrainian SSR 25X1 C This Document contains information affecting the Na- tional Defense of the United States, within the mean- ing of Title 18, Sections 793 and 794, of the U.S. Code, as amended. Its transmission or revelation of its contents to or receipt by an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. The reproduction of this form is prohibited. REPORT NO. DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES REQUIREMENT NO. REFERENCES THE SOURCE EVALUATIONS IN THIS REPORT ARE DEFINITIVE. THE APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATIVE. (FOR KEY SEE REVERSE) 25X1A 30 April 1953 0 25X1X 25X1 1. Rava Russkaya (N50-l4, E23 37) is a small town in the western Ukrainian SSR, about one or two kilometers east of the Polish-Soviet border. Since I passed through the town only once, and then in military formation, I can give very little information on it. There were several main streetswhich were paved, but in the outskirts there were dirt roads. I cannot estimate the size of the town or guess at its population. It had a small railroad station and, I think,, a double- track railroad. I know of no industry, located there; the entire area seemed to be agricultural. A small river, about ten meters wide, was located about two kilometers northwest of Rava-Russkaya. A hilly forest area began about two kilometers south of the town. 25X1 2. was located just south of Rava-Russkaya0 There were two regiments o recruits, one artillery regiment which trained with 57 mm guns, and one infantry regiment to which I was assigned. I underwent the usual infantry basic training course; the training seemed quite.rigorous to me. The food was extremely poor and many recruits either could not eat the food or became ill after eating. 3. The population in and around Rava-Russkaya was quite hostile toward Soviet soldiers, whether they were Russian or Ukrainian. I heard that the entire area was covered with Bandera bands which terrorized and preyed on Soviet soldiers and Soviet sympathizers. 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/07/23 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000800260008-7 Approved For Release 2002/07/23 : CIA-RDP80-0081OA000800260008-7 -- 25X1A SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION These loeal bands .were allegedly composed of people 11' i, the area. who "worked '.their fields by ' day aid took up arms at night o. Any local resident known to, be cooperating with the' Soviet xUthariti6's was ire danger of :."losing his life and having 'his home deetz Oyed . these bands . Particul rly _ bitter ',,And. violent opp?sitio t cc~