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April 15, 1953
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Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT ? SECRET SECURITY INFORMATION This Document contains information affecting the Na- tional Defense of the United States, within the mean- ing of Title 18, Sections '793 and 794, of the U.S. Code, as amended. Its transmission or revelation of its contents to or receipt by an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. The reproduction of this form is prohibited. COUNTRY East Germany/USSR SUBJECT Soviet Army Supply DATE OF INFO. PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1C REPORT NO. DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES REQUIREMENT NO. REFERENCES RD 25X1A 15 April 1953 8 25X1X 1. Lknow of the regimental supply poipts of. the 17th Gds. Macz. Regt.' in.Eberswaide Lee Items 8, 19. and 22 of Encl. A/2 but have no knowledge as to the plans for displacement of supply dumps Prior to hostile action or of the contemplated level of supplies on hand prior to combat action. 2. I do not know the ammunition unit of fire, and have never heard of special combat rations. . Guards carried two magazines of 71 rounds each for their PPShs Ss. Each company had a store room where gas masks for all EM were stored. 3. I never received any first aid or other medical trainin . Two men in each company, however, received special training in first aid. the 17th Gds. Nbcz. Regt., had a medical detachment consisting of a major an wo eutenants, two non- commissioned officers and several privates. The Fourth Gds, Nbcz. Army had a hospital in Eberswalde to which 100 to 200 Soviet female uniLormed civ4ians were assigned. There was also a hospital for the GOFG in Belitz L5214N-1254/; I escorted an insane soldier there for treatment I heard 25X1 from other soldiers that this hospital had large stocks of medical supplies, but cannot give any details. This hospital was about four kilometers from Belitz and had fortherly been a German hopsital. 4. Until March 1952 the military compound in Eberswalde had an HO (Handels Organization - a German store selling toys, food, clothing, leather articles, etc.). The HO was 25X1 closed in March 1952. lin Eberswalde there was a PX which sold the following items: 25X1 SECRET STATE ARMY NAVY AIR #x FBI AEC (Note: WasNinelton Distribution indinnted By "X"; Ftsrl4 Diftribution By "i*" Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/07/12 :.CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 ' SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION -2- Item Toothbrush Toothpaste Soap Cigarettes Shoes Origin German German Price unknown 75 pfennigs German and Soviet marks a bar Soviet unknown German 200 marks and up Shirts German unknown Women's clothing German unknown Radios German 170-500 marks Cameras German 10-120 marks Watched German unknown Cookies German 3 marks per box Chocolate bars German Unknown Fountain pens German 3.40 'marks , Officers' uniforms German Collar bands -(worn under German : collar) 5, A ZIS.,5 three-ton truck held about 60 liters of gasoline and had . a cruising range of 200 km. at an average cruising speed of 30-35-*. per hour. 6. In the area of a guard battalion Zt74.7 in Bernau 40N-13357 ee item 6 of Encl. 47 I saw iponton*-2gUch as those sown in4;g4rp, 8 on page 36 of the Technical Intelligence Report #90.$oviet.-- River Crossing Equipment, dated March 1952/, At -various times ' these poll.omv were transported Out of:the-area and returned pr. .$tudebaker trucks. ,I also noticed two motor boats loaded .on trailers ffimilar or identical to those shown in figure #2; page 620 of the above-mentioned publicatiog. T. 1 heard. that, ammunition And heavy equipment? were sent to the Soviet. =Zone of Germany by rail from the TISSR. 'I assumed that food far. , Soviet troops in the Soviet Zone of Germany was provided by the German Government., since all containers had German lettering, how.- ever, I del not know the method of reqUisitioning,or purchasing. Clothing and shoes for Soviet troops 'Stationed in Germany were'Germany? but the origitiof the raw materials is unknown. to me, 8. The regiment picked up supplies by means of its organic transportation, utilizing two or three ZIS-5, three-ton, and two or three Ford, ton, trucks The battalion had no supplies. The company ? received supplies from the regimentby means of regimental trans- portation. The: company had no food supply since the EM of the companies ate in the regiMental messhall.. All supplies on company level, such as isslie of froo underwear once each week after, the bath, issue of replacement for torn clothing or worn-out shoes, and issue of weapons and ammunition to guards going on duty, were handled by the first Qergeant. In some units the CQ issued weapons to guardstthe.j.lrssepptpaph:wa$ VegpPnPj_ble-fOr the issuance of ammunition.' 90 marks per set 10 for 4 mark's 25).(1A SECRET Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION -3- 25),S1A 9. Railroad crews in the USSR wore a distinctive dark gray uniform. do not know if the Army had specially trained railroad transport, repair and construction units, 10: I believe that the transfer of supplies from the 'USSR to Germany was not accomplished at border points, but at large railroad junctions inside the USSR, such as those near-BreSt 27207N-2342g and in Kaliningrad machinery at 25445N-203Cg7. border points. I did not observe any loading 11. I was taught that motor convoys could consist of as many as 100 vehicles, which travelled at speeds of 25-35 km. per hour. The distances between individual trucks were proportionate to the speeds at which the trucks moved, i.e., if the convoy travelled at 35 km. per hour, the distance between any two trucks was 35 m,, and if the speed was 25 km, per hour, the distance was 25 m. The distance between serials was approximately 100 m.; this was arbitrary and was decided by the convoy, CO. Men selected by the regimental transportation officer as traffic regulators were briefed in advance. They were placed at crossings by the first truck and picked up by the last truck in the convoy 12. The typical ration for EM in my unit was as follows: Breakfast: Borshch or kasha, tea and sugar Dinner: soup with meat, maccaroni or potatoes; or, plain soup, potatoes or maccaroni with meat or fish Supper: Kasha, potatoes or vegetables, tea and sugar During the summer EM were given 700 gm. and in the winter 800 gin" of bread daily. There was no special holiday ration. The portions of food were large, and those who so desired could obtain second helpings. I was better, fed in the Soviet Zone of Germany than while in the military service in the USSR. 13. The clothing allowance for EM in my unit was as follows: Amount Item Length of Issue Remarks 2 uniforms 6 months one dress and one worv (gimnastyorka uniform; both uniforms and breeches) were of the same type cotton cloth overcoat 2 years wool short overcoat 1 year 1 pr boots 1 winter cap 2 2 pr 2 pr 1 summer caps winter foot wraps ,summer foot wraps canvas belt 1 year 1 winter 1 summer 1 year 1 year entire service period SECRET cotton; issued as an extra item only to soldiers in their third year of service had to be exchanged for summer caps had to be eXchanged for winter cap usUally too worn to be turned in usually too worn to be turned in Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 -8ECRETYSTiC1TRITY INFORMATION -4- :Amount Item Length of Issue . leather belt entire service ? period' Rem4Vks 25X1A 3 pr underwear entire service one set was worn by' the BM period and two sets were kept in the supply room; exchanged for a fresh set once weekly The EM also receivedmonthly one cake of 'soap, 12 packs of 'makhorka, and three boxes of 'matches. l4 The following organization equipment was issued to EM: 1 wool blanket .2 cotton bed sheets (changed weekly) 1 pillow 1 pillow case (changed weekly) 1 towel (changed weekly) 1 mattress Gas mask Small shovel Ammunition belt with two pouches Mess gear Aluminum flask Weapon cleaning equipment kit Weapon - carbine for training, SMG for guard duty The weapons were stored in a* gun room, and the CQ or first sergeant was charged with their issue. Old clothes, with the !93c.oeption of 'foot wraps, had to be turned in'before a,new issue could be made. In the event boots or clothing were torn, the first sergeant issued a tempOraryjusedyissUe until the item ould be repaired. When an item was stolen or lost, which :happened very rarely, the first sergeant issued some used re- placements. 15. POL in my regiment Was Stored in underground tanks in what had formerly been German service stations. Gattoline was brought 'to the regiment in ZIS-5 trucks which had been converted into fuel carriers. These had two-ton capacities and I believe that they were organic regimental trucks. Oil was brought it 200.1iter barrels, each weighing 160 kg. I did not know the unit to.which these barrels belonged. SECRET Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION -5- 25X1A .16, the Auto Platbon, 1St Mtz, Rifie.Bn6 17th Gds, Mecz. 25X1 Regt., had the,folloWing foreign-made equipment: ? 3.4 (exact number unknown to me) *ton Ford trucks ? 3 (exact number Unknown to me) 3-ton Studebaker trucks 1 .Willys Jeep (number unknown to me) US armored oars ? (number unknown tome) German field telephones There was also an unknown nUmber of "Ford69: , Studebakers and Willys jeeps in all other units of the 17th Gds. Mecz, Regt, I never-saw horse-drawn transportation. 17. The 6th Gds, Mecz. Div. had repair shops for Weapons and vehicles 5ee? item 5 or Encl. A-7, but T do not know their T/O &E, Each company had a shoemaker and some had a tailor for the repair of 'uniforms ? . 25X1 25X1 25X1X 19, 25X1X chauffeurs' school, operated by the 6th Gds. Mecz,Div. /or all its subunits I The school conducted an eight-month course for mechanics and a five- month course for drivers. About 200 students, all EM of the 6th Gds. Mecz. Div., attended the school. They were divided into aix platoons; four platoons of about 30 men each attending the drivers' course and two platoons of 'about 35 men each attending tbe mechanics' course. The platoon leaders were also instructors. Classes for driver students were conducted between 0930 and 1530 hours daily on the engine, lubrication, electrical system, chassis and all other parts of jeeps and trucks, The rest of the day was scheduled for regUlar military and political training, Each student-driver received about 30 hours of actual driving 'instruction during the course', A test was given at the end of the course. About 10-15 men of the 130 men attending the drivers' course did not pass the test and were returned to their original 25X1 units. The School had one jeep, three Studebaker three-ton trucks and nine ZIS-5, three-ton trucks for instruotion'purposes. I was given an induction pixysicals which .was very superficial. fl I just prior'to being sent to the Soviet Zone of Germany, I received a thorough medical examination in Ohernyakovsk 25439N-2250 $ which included blood and urine tests and X-rays* I had a t4rd routine medical examination, which was very cursory, in Eberswaide. . Enclosure At Location of Units of 6th Gds. Meoz. Div. in Bernau ;$ECRET Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 25X1X Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIAkbP80-00810A000800270001 3 Enc1osura2A SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION Location of Units of 6th Gds Meoz Division 25X1A wow wow fan* SECRET Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800 70001- Appr9ved For Release 2002/07/1.2 : CIA-RDP80-00810A090800270001-3 Enclosur A (Cont d) SECRET/SECURITY INFORMATION la Location of Units Of the 6th Gds Mecz Div in Berns measure en s are approx Legnd .14 A. f icn of the drivers' and ta k training schools and the 35th Ode Meez Regt uto repair base and engineer and rocket launehers battalions. (The area was triangulars one x one x 14 kms and was surrounded by a wooden fence some three m high. I heard that the area had formerly been used by the German ArMyc) 1. Two high barbed wire fence between the officers; billets and the EM area. . Three i high wooden fence. ? Wooden huts thre x three - control points manned by one NCO ? and two EM. o Wooden huts three x three m - vehicle control point. One officer and one NCO were on constant duty che0king-all incoming and outgoing vehicles and their contents. o One-story brick buildings 60 x 15 m. 5a. Weapon repair shop. 5b. Vehicle repair shop. 5c. Completely destroyed and not used. Two-story brick buildings 4o x 15 m - billets for EM 0f C En Bn(u/i) and of the auto obile repair section. Open air are 9 100 x 50 xs containing trucks and pentoon equip ent of the engineer unit. 0 e-st ry brick buildings 40 x 15 m - club for EM of the 35th Ode Mecz Regts for erly a garage. One-story brick buildings 10 x 10 m - quarters for guard deti hments. Four one-story brick buildi gss 30 x 15 m - garages. 10a. 35th Gds Mee= Regt garage 27ource did not know what units used the other three garagekg 11. Three two-story brick buildingss 40 x 15 m - billets for EK of the 35th Gds Mecz Regt, 12.? Two-story brick buildings 40 x 15 m - billets fOr the 414W Rkt Bn 1A 13. Vario s sized two-story brick buildings - ouIrtor& for ?Moen" of-various units of the 6th Ods Mrcz Div, Incrftrther 25X1 details on officers' quarters. 14. One-story brick buildings 20 x 10 m - be & dePOt. No further details SECAET Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 ved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3 Enelosure Ant 'd) SECRET/SECURITY IIIFORMATION 15. Open air parking area, 100 x 50 m vehicle's and guns Of u/i Ode How Regt parked in area. 16. Football field, 150 x 75 m. 17. One-story brick building, 50 x 15 m. 17a. Messhall for EM of the 35th Gds.Meoz Regt. 17b. Messhall for students of the tank traisting and drilla school*. 18. Roads leading into the compound for vehicles. 19. Two-story brick. building, 40 x 15 Firsk.floor contained classrooms for the drivers sciool. Second floor contained billets for about 200 students attending the school. 2Q Two-story brick building, 43 x 15 m . classrooms and quarters for students of the tank training school. One-story brick building, 25 x 15 m., mock-up tanks for twit trei?ning school instructional purposes kept in building. 1 ..?Twotwo*story brick buildings, 40 x 15 m billets for BM Of the,101 Gds How Rest0 brick garages, 6o x 15 I. C Garage's' for vehicles of the tank training tehool b. Otrages for vehiclep of the drivers' schools Garages for vehiclee of the Ode Rkt Dm (u/s.)' 25X1A itgource did not know what units used the other gerageg SollAillieliived, but' was not '6th Gds Mecz Div was located fe ced ,off rea He had inside the :hitit quarterk ' sure,,thet Y4 h in the deStgpat /0 by the area ,6th Ode Mecz Div. SECRET the on it'tityr Approved For Release 2002/07/12 : CIA-RDP80-00810A000800270001-3