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December 21, 2016
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February 27, 2009
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March 20, 1953
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Approved For Release 2009/02/27: CIA-RDP80-00810A001000750005-3 ('0,l~, N'TR t c""3car~:~Ar~ .... A w.~~.._ .... , , ~. m ~w ___REPCR t TOPIC_ .,~.:..m, 'now ii-infield N_ REFERENCES 2 PAGES . ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) This is UNEVALUATED Information 1. The following observations were made at Finow airfield between 10 and 18 February 1953a ~?C1 F~bx?~zsa ? 1 air activity was observed at the field., There was heavy snowfal25X1 almost throughout the day. Air :.vtivity was performed every day between about 9 a.m. and 3A30 p.m. At 2x40 porn. on 13 Februazye 12 MiG.-l5 and type-29 planes were parked in one line in the southern section of the short ru nw4r. Several, starting carriages, tank trucks and a mobile flight control station were observed e the, raft co Take-offs were made bar a swept-back jet fighter and four 25X1 ItG-15 a ad type-29 Planes. The following aircraft were observed at the field at 3.320 p 0m0 a 31 11UG-15 and type-29 planes on the northern edge the alert flight,Qf 4 swept-back jet fighters.. including 2 3 adQ. iona25X1 swept-back jet fighters, including; 2 a ut 60 meters south of the alert flights ann about en e p Ones on the northern edge of the field. At the same, four 34iG--15e, including two 25X1 landed at the field. .. Between 8 ,,,45 and 9 am.., individual planes took off. 25X1 11 Fe X. Xa There was no air activity.' xebaatr,& After 9 Mama, swept-back jot fighters took off. One 25X1 dingle-englxfe low wing monoplane landed at e field. Between 10:45 aomo and 2 p,m0v there was air activity bccause of snowfall After 2 p;m0, individual token-offs were made by 5 and type-29 planese Between noon and 12:30 p.m, L___120 MIG-15s were parked on the eastern edge of the runway, 21 MG-15 an type-29 planes of the northern ed a 1. 1NIG-15s of the alert fli -ht. and about 12 MG-15 anl type-29 planes on the northern a ge of the e d. tank tru..14fl 2 starting carriages and 2 trucks were 25X1 parked near the 20 MG-15s on the eastern edge of the runw'ay0 LtkT My,q Between 8 and 106-30 a.m. and between 1 and 4:15 h there was air- activity by MG-150.1 2. Up to 18 February, the A. gun emplacement, in the southeastern corner of the field was occ;p:Eted by six 37-=i . guns. On 13 February, only one gun was covered with taxpauJ..~Axa, chile the barrels of the other guns pointed upward0 Two guns were fitted with gun shields. About 10 soldiers who stood around an uncovered gun were probably given instruction. One or two sentries wearing., red-bordered black epaulets and armed with submachine guns were observed in the gun emplacementss.2 ARCHIVAL RECORD RETURN TO AGENCY ARCHIVES Approved For Release 2009/02/27: CIA-RDP80-00810A001000750005-3 ~~'~Q~ Approved For Release 2009/02/27: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001000750005-3 in piles about 1 meter high in the ammunition die p near the field. High ranking air force officers and generals were repeatedly observed entering and leaving the restricted area northeae,,t of the field. From this observation, a headquarters was located there. The 25X1 eitrauces to the restricted area were guarded by soldiers who wore black- bordered blue epauylets.l 1Po p Fixow airfield is occupied by the headquarters of a fighter 25X1 on and two fighter regirneents. It has been previously believed that 48 STREW During the first half of February,, four piles of bombs were observed in the northeastern corner of the field.. The bob dump was guarded by a sentry wearing red-bordered black epaulets and armed with a submachine g a3 4m On 13 February, a barbed wire fence, about I met or high, was observed in the gap of the fence along the eastern edge of the field. Two diagonal wires and 4 or 5 horizontal wires were strung between poles, whia b were 2 to 3 meters apart. 5. During the morning of 5 February, a radio installation 25X1 consisting of two masts each 8 to 10 meters high and braced with four guy wires, just southeast of the garage. IM antei.ina of three wires was' strung 'between the two masts and attached to cross bars, about I meter long and about 1 meter from the mast. Two van-like trucks :mare 25X1 parked near the masts. On 11 and 12 Februarys they radio installation was no longer observed. On 11 February, from the Finow-5choepf-. 25X1 forth road two mast antennas, about 6 meters lone;, projecting above a bunker which could not be identified. 6. Between 1/+ and 20 February,-.air activity was performed at the field during 25X1 the mornings and afternoons of weekdays. Most of the aircraft took off in elements of two. wring the air activity, four alert planes were always parked at the eastern end of the runway. 7. Crated a miunition with an estimated dimension of 80 x 25 x 25 cm was stored to 50 MiGGl5s were stationed at the field. It remains to be seen whether the increased number of 58 planes mentioned. in the present re )art is only tanporary. Aircraft are reported for the first 25X1 time, were previously obserwa-d in Neuri pin0 25X1 C ; ~e The AA, battery of six 37-Mm AA guns has been stationed at 25X1 the fieidfar some r onths. It was not observed. thc.t protection at the field was increased. Approved For Release 2009/02/27: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001000750005-3