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December 21, 2016
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March 4, 2009
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April 28, 1953
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Approved For Release 2009/03/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001000890009-4 S CENTRAL. INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT IDES" : GeY?Ttll' /us n Ureinium Ors Shipmepts to the USSR SEC .ET/C0NTROL . U. S, OFFICIALS ONLY SECURITY INFORMATION SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED er-'ot' Load December. Boxoars 28 April 1953 the following uranium ft e (raw) 690 000 escort 'personnel 22 are (raw) 311"870 Aue 45 EJre (packed) 676.0000 Ave escort personnel 45 Ore (packed This Document contains information affecting the No- tional Defense of the United States, within the mean- ing of Title 18, Sections 793,and'794, of the U.S. Code, as amended. Its transmission or revelation of its contents to or receipt by an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. The reproduction of this form Is prohibited. DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES REQUIREMENT NO. RD REFERENCES THE SOURCE EVALUATIONS IN THIS REPORT ARE DEFINITIVE. THE APPRAISAL OF CONTENT IS TENTATIVE. (FOR KEY SEE REVERSE) .4 were dispatched to Brest Litovsk December 1952i Ore (raw,' oust . Diipes h.d Kilogrime from 675k 000 Aue esoor^ personnel hd 45 -Ore (p eked) 8908000 45 Ore (raw) 876,000 1 escort personnel ore shipments 25X1 Breitenbruaa Au* SECRET/C011TROL m U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY STATE ARMY I X1 NAVY ~x IAIR F81 AEC 25 YEAR RE-Rr-:`iir-: IA11 escort personnel Ore (packed) 8768000 Aue oO Approved For Release 2009/03/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001000890009-4 Approved For Release 2009/03/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001000890009-4 SECRET/CONTROL Ua8 OFFICIALS ONLY 7&te in fiber of Lovtd dui in Dia~afcihed De Ce bex? Boxcars Kilograms from 17 45 1 19 45 1 20 45 1 46 1 . 2S 46 1 26 46 26 46 1 27 46 l 29 44 1 81 66 tie 1 Bro (poked) 675,000 Aue eeoort personnel -Or* (packed) $750000 Aue escort personnel escort persoeel are (raw) 5780590 Bad Blankenburs escort personnel Ore (rr) 6600 000 Bsreiteubrun escort personnel Qr'e (packed) 6800 000 Axuaberg...Buohhols Ore (raw) 6240980 Tsiohwolframsdorf esoort personnel tiro coked) ...... 6766 000 Awe escort personnel Ore ao]~sd) 675+000 nk escort personnel lee (packed) Ore raw) .escort personnel 860'000 Annabex6-Bwohhol s 6300000 Breitenbrun 25X1 25X1 i 2? _ Gt er~te 'T i present report fwrnish*s data on the amount of uranium 25X1 ore w pp e A rough evaluation-of arailabl? information indicates that, the amount of uranium ore shipped"'in"Uii sr?l9 -Ii o`i"i6d "0,er th ,t reported for NovSmbpr 2.952. This rising tendency is proba' ly connected with efforts to fulfill the fixed annual quota of uraniur ore delireries B! r/OO OL - Use. MPFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2009/03/04: CIA-RDP80-0081 OA001000890009-4